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Online Learning – The Newest Trend In Education

Online Learning

The prospect of education in India was established on an archaic model. For over 150 years, students have been attending classical schools, learning the same subjects, and following the same syllabus. As we are aware, most of these establishments are exam-driven and have more of an impractical and theoretical approach. Edtech and online learning have empowered learners to make the right use of technology to study and gain value in an unconventional way. It has provided individuals with a new way of learning, combined with video content, interactive content, and online learning.

Fortunately, we are seeing a change. As online learning has empowered learners to make the right use of technology to study and gain value in an altogether unconventional way. With the onset of technology and the need for extraordinary education, we have been able to identify a huge number of Edtech startups establishing and growing. 

These startups are making use of progressive technology such as augmented reality, mixed reality, and even virtual reality to help students secure access to dynamic teaching strategies in the 21st century. Through the most prevalent video content, interactive content, and online courses, Edtech is providing students with a new and better way to learn. It’s now more evident than ever in the past few months the current digital transformation is the rising future of the education sector. 

online learning

Benefits Of Online learning 

There is a part of the population in rural sectors with minimal access to excellent teachers or efficient learning resources. We can also consider that the Quality of education provided is always not up to the mark – students either pursue their studies at government schools or in the private English medium schools which are affordable for them. Discussing these Budget Private Schools, the language of communication between the educators and the students is barely in English and every person prefers to converse in their local or regional language.

Over the past years, we have witnessed a mushrooming of Edtech, offering online courses, video tutorials, soft-skills training, and even on-demand live lectures. This aims to bridge the growing skills gap.

One of the most important factors that negatively impact education is the lack of access to high-quality education for a certain set of students. Evolving Edtech has found an outstanding way to bridge this gap by providing productive online tutoring, online test-preparation support, and much more. A huge thanks to these valuable services that are granting students residing in tier-II and tier-III cities an opportunity to learn from exceptional institutes, professionals as well as skillful tutors.

It is crucial that students gain exposure that empowers them to give their best. This is possible only if they can access quality education.

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Opportunities For Online Learning

Initially, students had to strengthen their knowledge with tuition and coaching classes to score good grades on exams. Now, there are more children logging on to e-learning platforms with the desire to learn, grow and stay ahead rather than just doing well in their exams.

The arrival of the internet and technology-based learning tools has facilitated millions of underserved students to upgrade not just their cognitive and analytical capabilities, but also their communication skills.

Besides convenience, accessibility is possibly the preeminent factor propelling the popularity of several emerging EdTech platforms. Digital learning has granted round-the-clock accessibility to learning resources, tutorials, and experienced educators. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can learn new skills & revamp the existing ones from their home.

online learning

The personalized approach administered by the modern ways of online learning favors students to determine their strengths & weaknesses. This is to keep a tab on their progress which wasn’t possible without the use of technology. Students can sign up for parallel courses while continuing their full-time education. For instance: students can pursue their graduation and can sign up for a parallel online course of their interest. This can be done on some of the best online learning platforms such as BYJUs, Unacademy, Udemy, Coursera, etc. 

The ongoing pandemic has introduced myriad opportunities for Edtech as well as students.

Reading stacks of papers and highlighting the important points with markers are now pretty much things of the past. The future is online and no wonder the world of online learning, education, and training is so dynamic. The coming days are exciting, and the opportunities for learners will only continue to grow.

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Online Learning

Online Learning – The Newest Trend In Education

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