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Top 5 Music That Helps You Study & Concentrate on Goals

Music That Helps You Study

We’re all constantly looking for ways to boost our productivity, especially when it comes to studying or preparing for exams. One way to combat the productivity challenge is through music. But the question is, does music help you study? And, if it does, what is the kind of music that helps you study? On one hand, the music that you listen to on a daily basis may not actually be that effective for exam preps. On the other hand, there is no particular genre of music that works out well for everyone. Fortunately, there are certain genres of music that have helped in increasing concentration and motivation. The best music to listen to while studying still depends a lot on personal preference, but the six genres below are good places to start.

Benefits Of Listening To Music That Helps You Study

Several research studies have proven that listening to music while studying can put your mind in the right study mode. Just like different genres of music exist to enhance your sleeping patterns, you need to figure out the right kind of music that helps you study. Following, are the benefits of listening to such kind of music:

  • Relaxes the mind
  • Increases concentration
  • Lessens distractions
  • Improves focus
  • Improves performance in high-pressure situations, such as mid-terms and finals week

Music Genres To Help You Study

music help you study

#1 Classical

Classical music is that genre that you must’ve already segregated as something that is “not your type”. That does hold true when you’re looking at music from the perspective of enjoying it. But if you’re on the look for the kind of music that helps you study, I’d say classical music should top your list. Let’s talk about the Mozart effect for instance. The Mozart effect refers to the theory that listening to the music of Mozart may temporarily boost scores on one portion of an IQ test.  In fact, the Mozart Effect has little to do with listening to Mozart and more to do with listening to music that activates a certain part of the brain. Even Albert Einstein was a fan of Mozart! Some other classical music genres that could help you would be:

  • Baroque classical music
  • Bach’s classical music
  • Upbeat music by Vivaldi
  • Music by Handel

#2 Nature Sounds

Studying in a noisy environment, not only distracts you but can also get annoying and frustrating after a point in time. How do you cope up at such times? Well, I can guarantee you that the sound of nature is most certainly one of the best ways of listening to music that helps you study. Calming music nature sounds such as waterfalls, rain, and the seashore, for example, can be extremely effective in masking white noise. Here are some benefits of studying while listening to natural sounds:

  • Masks voices and white noise which can be distracting
  • Enhances cognitive functioning
  • Optimizes concentration and boosts your productivity

#3 Ambient Music

This broad genre includes everything from slow, atmospheric music to pulse-pounding electronic dance music (EDM). Electronic music has become very popular among college and university students in recent years and the good news is that much of it is actually great for studying. So, does listening to music help you study? The hint to listening to ambient music is to catch hold of tunes without lyrics. The last thing you need is more words in your head when you’re reading your textbooks or writing a paper. Listening to songs without lyrics is a great way to stay focused without distraction.

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#4 Instrumental Rock

Instrumental rock again falls in the category of music that helps you study, mainly because they have little or no lyrics which makes it less distracting. In fact, there are specific Spotify playlists that consist solely of instrumental or post-rock music made for students who wish to focus on their studies. Some of the popular music bands that have experimented with this kind of music are as follows:

  • Explosions in the Sky
  • Polyphia
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Pink Floyd

You can also check out instrumental rock playlists on YouTube if you wish to find 6 to 7 hour-long tracks to avoid further distractions of having to go to the app and change the music every time a particular track finishes.

music help you study

#5 Creating A Playlist Of Your Own

Creating playlists of your choice seems like the wisest thing to do for enhancing your study experience. The emphasis on listening to music that helps you study is to ensure a productive outcome eventually. But, that’s going to be possible only if you also enjoy what you’re listening to. That is the key. If classical music or instrumental rock may not have worked out well for you, you can create a playlist of the other types of music to listen to while studying. Make sure that you try out and experiment with all the genres a little ahead of time, so that, when you’re preparing for your exams, you can just play your concrete music-study playlist and benefit from it. In that sense, you’re not only listening to music you enjoy, but you’re also listening to music while studying!

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Music That Helps You Study

Top 5 Music That Helps You Study & Concentrate on Goals

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