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Most Commonly Asked Questions in a University Interviews 2022

University Interviews

So once you have been through the screening process, there is one more hurdle that needs to be crossed. You’re probably curious about what questions in a university interview you’re likely to answer when you have a university entrance interview coming up.

What type of questions are asked in a university interview? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here is an outline of the most common college interview questions that will help you in preparing for a university interview. 

Why are you interested in attending this university?

Most Commonly Asked Questions in a University Interview

Smart questions to ask in a university interview? This question tests the university experience and helps the interviewers to work out what motivates you. Like a higher education love match, you should think about what makes you and the university right for each other. Don’t just speak about the nice place or the ‘good sounding’ course. Try to offer detailed, insightful explanations. Don’t mention stuff like the nightlife or spending, and don’t say something that implies that you didn’t even care anything about your decision.

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Why are you interested in studying this topic? | Example university interview questions

What questions to ask in a university interview? This topic is truly significant because the interviewers want to know that you are truly interested in your subject and to pursue it. Explain what attracted you in the first place to the subject-maybe you liked learning this subject, or maybe it piqued your curiosity in one of your undergraduate modules while you are applying for your postgraduate degree. Show how your career ambitions or other priorities fit in with the subject, but without mentioning how much you plan to earn.

What are you reading at present?

This question will ideally spark a debate between you and the interviewers. It would benefit here if you have selected any reading material that is applicable in any way to the course you are applying for. These questions in a university interview not only encourage interviewers to see whether you are a keen reader but also give them some insight into your attitude, as well as how deeply interested you are in your chosen topic and other fields. 

How are you described by your friends? | College interview questions

Most Commonly Asked Questions in a University Interview

Again, this topic gives you a chance to display your attitude and is worth thinking about. While it’s nice to be ‘friendly, caring and a good listener,’ try to tell something more positive such as that you are very determined or motivated; that you are a natural leader or a successful partner; or that as problems happen, you are still keen to have a go. Be frank, but reflect on the strengths being highlighted. Try to use references to back up whatever you say.

What is your most prized achievement?

Try to mention a success that is very recent and how it influenced you positively. You might speak about a prize that you received during your research, an exam that you did especially well, or a coursework assignment that you were extremely proud of. This may also be a non-academic achievement, something you did that earned attention in your free time. Not only can this practice display determination, but the fact that you have done this while still finishing your studies reflects strong time management. This is one of the most common college interview questions that you will come across.

What do you like doing in your free time? | University interview questions

Here you can talk about a proactive hobby, such as playing a sport, that you always do. Explain what you enjoy about this hobby and try to list the skills you have acquired from it that you are going to use at work. For instance, you will want the sport to continually challenge you to better yourself or to enjoy collaborating in a team to reach a shared goal. Stop divisive hobbies or something that may make you seem lazy or easily distracted (such as browsing online or watching Netflix).

What would be your contribution to college?

This question in the admission interview asks you to market yourself, and it may be tempting to overdo it, but try not to go over the top! Back up what you mean with examples, you could list high school events that demonstrate your commitment to the culture of the school, such as a debating society. In this scenario, summarise all the important points for the course and for the broader university community that make you a perfect student. This is one of the most common examples of university interview questions.

What is your biggest weakness and strength?

The interviewer can ask for more than one strength or weakness in questions in a university interview. It’s tempting to offer a cliché yet secure response for the strengths section, such as “I’m a hard worker.” But again, there is something more thoughtful that admission interviewers are searching for, which is confirmed by examples. The weakest part of the problem can be tough, so if you’re truthful and talk about a weakness that you’ve actually taken action to strengthen yourself, then your self-awareness can inspire interviewers.

Final Takeaway!

The biggest thing an interviewer needs to see is that you can give responses that are insightful and considerate, so take them into your thinking process as you plan out the answer. Don’t be afraid to ask them a question to repeat or explain an argument, and try not to get sidetracked with unexpected questions in a university interview. Only take a deep breath and take the time to comment.

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University Interviews

Most Commonly Asked Questions in a University Interviews 2022

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