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Most Common German Slang Words

German Slang Words

Every language has its own set of unique slang words and phrases, even German! Slang is the language used amongst people who belong to the same social circle and who are well aware of each other. Slang is a language that is very casual. If it is used within multiple groups or outside a community of people who understand each other well, it may offend individuals who are not so familiar with each other. In talking, instead of just writing, we typically use slang. Slang usually applies to specific terms and meanings but can contain longer idioms and expressions. Every language, including German, has its own set of novel german slang words or phrases! Here are a few German slang:

Auf dicke Hose machen | german slang words

This German slang is used to define someone who lies, brags or normally pretends to be more than they actually are, particularly when it comes to owning money or power.

Mach’s gut 

When saying goodbye to a friend or someone you are friendly with, you can use these German slang words. If pointed at anyone who has something big coming up, such as a work interview, it may also imply “good luck”.

Alter | common german slang words

This is the analogous German Slang for “dude” and is used to get the attention of someone else, given that all parties are great buddies! “Alter” is the initial form, although “Alta” or even “Alda” is also rendered and has its roots in the world of hip hop.


Indicates to get something. This is one of the group’s most generic German slang words since it has the least effect on who and when. It just simply means that the task is done as compared to “empfangen”.


Moin is one of the shortened slang German phrases for the word, “Guten Morgen” or good morning in the northern parts of Germany. But a number of people, irrespective of what hour it is, have accepted this as a means of saying “Hello!” in German slang.

Genau | german slang words

Ok, I agree; that’s true! This is perfect in discussion to signal your agreement. When a German tells the brown bread is better than white bread, shout the “Genau!”


Of course! This is one of the polite slang German phrases to say “yes” whenever somebody makes a request.

Es tut mir leid

I’m sorry, I can sense your suffering. This is one of the German slang phrases you say to sympathise with somebody when they mention something painful to you.

Viel Spaß! | german slang words

Have a nice time, enjoy! Another cool way to finish a discussion.

Super! | most common german slang words

Great! This is one of those German slang expressions that can be used almost the exact way we use “great” in English. Either sarcastically or seriously.


This is one of the German slang words for “money.” For eg, if a friend suggests you’re going to go shopping, but you happen to be fairly broken, you may be able to respond “Ich hab’ leider keine Kohle” 

Bescheuert | slang word for german

This term means either “stupid” or “nuts” and may be used to define someone or a circumstance. When one of your friends does something dumb, you might tell, “Bist du bescheuert?!” Likewise, if you found out that your regular shop isn’t open on Saturdays, you might say “Das ist doch bescheuert” out of annoyance.

Dicht | german slang words

“Ich bin dicht” is one of the German slang phrases  you might say the night before waking up with a “Kater”. It implies being intoxicated, even though it’s often used to indicate that someone is high or really sleepy. By the way, the actual sense of this adjective is tight, close or thick.

Jemanden aufmischen

A German will not ‘beat someone up’, but instead ‘mixes someone up’.

Den inneren Schweinehund überwinden 

Germans don’t ‘overcome their weaker self, they overcome their ‘inner pig-dog’.

“Das ist mir Wurst” | german slang words

This German slang expression’s translation is, “This is sausage to me”

What does it say, and how is it used? These terms are used whether you are neutral or if you don’t think for anything. The Germans also use this expression as a simple answer – so if anyone asks you, “What do you want to do today?” and you don’t have a choice, you might clearly respond, “Das ist mir Wurst!” Fancy sounding a bit more like a local? Change the term “wurst” to “wurst” – the southern slang for sausage.

“Ich glaub’ ich spinne”

The literal translation is, “I believe I spider”

Germans love their metaphors, particularly if they have animals. However, as the exact root of this idiom is questionable, the term “spinne” may also be extracted from the verb “spinnen” (which means to spin). However, this German slang is commonly used in Germany to convey one’s surprise (both positive and negative) or to display great scepticism in a circumstance. A comparable expression in English would be, “I fear I’m going nuts.”

“Die Nase voll haben” | german slang words and phrases

The literal translation is: “To have the nose full” “Die Nase voll haben”. This expression is yet another, more creative, way of telling “enough is enough”. It’s often used when someone is fed up with a specific situation and no longer wants to discuss it. For e.g., if you are fed up with the loud music your friend is playing you would say “Ich habe die Nase voll von der lauten Musik! ” (I am fed up with the loud music.) You might often hear people say “Ich habe die Schnauze voll! ” – in which they replaced the term “Nase” (nose) with the less polite slang word “Schnauze” (snout).

“Jemandem auf den Keks gehen” 

The literal translation is: “To go on someone’s cookie”. Whether you believe it or not, this German slang has nothing to do with cookies.  In fact, it is used to express that someone is getting on our nerves. You will most commonly hear someone shouting “Du gehst mir auf den Keks!” – which means that they are getting thoroughly furious by someone.

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German Slang Words

Most Common German Slang Words

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