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How To Sell Used Books Online?

How To Sell Used Books Online?

There are many websites where you can offer your used books. There are many places that will compensate you for your old textbooks and other genres mentioned below.


BookScouter focuses on textbooks, so you may use their ISBN search feature to see whether any of the other fiction or nonfiction books are eligible for discounts. (In high school or university classes, classic novels or books that aren’t called textbooks are often mandatory reading.)

BookScouter will inform you how much different websites will pay for your used books, so it’s a good place to start if you’re curious about how much your books are worth.

Half Price Books

Although online/mail-in trades are not permitted, there are over 120 Half Price Books locations throughout the United States where you can drop off your books, music, videos, collectibles, electronics, and other products.

Simply carry your books to the shop, and a bookseller can evaluate them and give you a deal. Appraisals are dependent on the state of your goods as well as supply and demand for that particular commodity.


Used book retailers have some choices on Amazon. The first choice is to take advantage of their trade-in scheme. All you have to do is look up your book’s ISBN, see how much Amazon can pay, and answer a few questions regarding its condition.

Amazon will give you a mailing sticker, and you will be billed in the form of an Amazon credit after they accept the book. (Not in currency, but is there something on Amazon that you can’t get?)

You can even create a vendor account to list the books yourself, but this will require a little more time because you’ll need to create a new product listing for each book you choose to sell. Still, it’s a viable choice, particularly if you’re serious about selling a large number of high-demand books.

Powell’s Books 

Powell’s can appraise the books if you carry them in to one of their physical locations. You should, however, sell to them digitally, unlike Half Price Books. They like to purchase books in good shape, so if you enter your ISBN, they’ll give you a pricing estimate as well as a shipping sticker. You have the option of being charged by PayPal or receiving store credit.

Every book lover faces a moment where their shelves are about to bust and they must make a decisive decision: how can they make space for all the fresh books they want to buy?

It will be a shame to throw out your old books (gasp!) (and definitely not a good option for the environment). As a result, you have three options: offer, donate, or reuse your books.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of excellent websites and retailers who will gladly pay cash for your used books. Here, we’ll go through the ins and outs of the best sites to sell your used books, as well as a few donation opportunities.

Recommendations For Selling Used Books

If you’re searching for a spot to sell used books and have noticed a few options online or nearby, keep these suggestions in mind. It can assist you in avoiding any charges or complaints while selling books.


Buyers would be unhappy if you misrepresented the condition of the book, and they will report you to the website where you sell it. If the book has some shelf wear, mention it.


If you plan on doing a lot of bookselling, you can get some mailing envelopes and other packaging supplies. Be sure you’re using a water-resistant material, and if it’s a book that can display bumps and dings, such as a good hardcover, wrap it carefully.

Don’t neglect to write down the tracking numbers as well. You may get a mailing mark from the bookselling platform, so you will be liable for ensuring that the book arrives at its location, and you may need the tracking number to connect with the post office or shipping business.


Know that you can still donate your books if you feel that selling your books is too much hassle, whether you don’t believe you’re making enough money back to merit the time, or if you have a book that just won’t sell.

Many organisations are still in need of books, or you may donate a book to a nearby Little Free Library. Alternatively, you should contribute your books to prisoners. If none of these options appeal to you, we have a few suggestions for repurposing your old books.

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How To Sell Used Books Online?

How To Sell Used Books Online?