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Coventry University Fees: Scholarships, Average Salary, And Other Expenses

coventry university fees

The university, founded in 1835 as the Coventry School of Design, has grown over the years into a recognised and contemporary institution noted for its dedication to providing exceptional education. Coventry University has received multiple honours for its emphasis on employability and real-world application of education, including being selected ‘Modern University of the Year’ by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide.   
Students at Coventry University have access to a wide range of academic programmes in a variety of fields. The institution provides students with a wide range of interests and objectives, from business and engineering to health and humanities. Strong industry contacts, partnerships, and a devoted staff recognised for their expertise all contribute to the emphasis on practical learning. Understanding the financial landscape of higher education is an essential phase in the academic journey, where knowing and planning for Coventry University Fees is the key.

Coventry University Courses And Fees

Coventry University offers nearly 600 courses in a range of topics. For international students, the university offers over 260 undergraduate programmes and 120 graduate programmes leading to numerous master’s and doctoral degrees in liberal arts and sciences, design and arts, engineering, journalism, education, business, law, nursing, public policy, technology, and sustainability.  

Coventry Tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are an average of INR 13.5L per year. The price varies depending on the degree and might surpass INR 24L per year for some master’s programmes. Coventry University offers three-year bachelor’s degrees and one-year master’s degrees. This table consists of Coventry University’s courses and fees 

Top programmesTotal fees/year
MIMPound 14.7 K – 18.9 K
MBA/PGDMPound 18.9 K – 20.5 K
LLMPound 14.7 K – 18.2 K
BBAPound 13.9 K – 17.7 K
M. AgriPound 16.6 K

Other Expenses Of Studying At Coventry University 

Coventry has a lower cost of living than several bigger UK cities, making it an appealing option for students. Accommodation costs, which account for a considerable amount of the cost of living, might vary based on personal preferences. On-campus housing and private rooms are available to accommodate a variety of budgets.

Coventry’s dynamic student community offers a wide range of extracurricular activities. The great cultural past of the city is reflected in its museums, theatres, and events, many of which provide student discounts.

If you want to eat out, Cathedral Lane, a minute’s walk from campus, is a must-see. There is a long queue of independent eateries serving baked, vegan and cosmopolitan cuisine at moderate pricing.

Along with Coventry University Fees, here are some of the most common expenses you will have to look after. 

Accommodation ₹31.53K – ₹81.26K
Basic Utilities₹24.79K
Bus Transport₹4.90K

Average Salary and ROI of studying at Coventry University

Graduates of Coventry University may anticipate competitive average incomes in their subjects of study. The university’s emphasis on employability, practical learning, and industry involvement improves graduates’ employment prospects and adds to a good return on investment throughout the course of their careers. The Salary you will get will determine Coventry University Fees 

MBA programmes give a 3x return on investment, and earnings only rise as you acquire experience. Coventry University has a good employment rate, with 95% of graduates finding work or furthering their education within six months of graduation.

According to the salary information provided, the average base pay for Coventry University graduates is roughly €28,978. 

Tata Technologies, Ikea, BBC, The Theatre of Rome, Havelock, Ford, Herbert Art Gallery, Heat Magazine, and Tata Technologies hire graduates from this university.

Degree Avg salary/yearROI/year
MBA₹63.70 Lakhs3.6x
Masters of Science₹23.52 Lakhs1.3x
LLM₹47.04 Lakhs2.7x
Masters(Other degree)₹38.22 Lakhs2.2x
Master of Finance₹49.00 Lakhs2.8x

Can you work while studying at Coventry University?

Check that your tier 4 (general) visa status enables you to work in the UK before starting any part-time employment, work placement, internship, unpaid or voluntary work. Working too many hours might leave you exhausted and worried, which will have a negative impact on your education. Students may work both on and off campus. 

On-campus occupations include library assistant, bookstore help, university health centre trainer, tutor, and so on. Off-campus occupations include data entry, delivery services, and receptionist positions, among others. In the United Kingdom, the minimum hourly salary ranges from £534 to £1,055.

The limits on working part-time while on a UK student visa are as follows:

  • For individuals pursuing a degree or higher, a maximum of 20 hours per week of paid/unpaid labour is permitted. This implies you can’t work more than 4 hours each day and can’t work on weekends.
  • For language centre students, a maximum of 10 hours per week of paid/unpaid labour is permitted throughout the course term.
  • Authorities do not let part-time students work in the United Kingdom.
  • You cannot work full-time unless you have obtained a Tier 2 work permit.
  • Self-employment, freelance work, and contract labour are prohibited.

No of Permitted Hours: 20 Hours

Average Salary: ₹1.95 Lakh

Scholarship Grants

Coventry University is constantly investing in different scholarships and financial prizes to assist students with their tuition payments. The overseas Pathways grant is intended to encourage overseas students to attend university. This award provided you with £3,000 in additional financial support to aid with tuition, living expenses, and housing. Chevening Scholarships are also available for master’s degrees at Coventry University in the United Kingdom.

Other scholarships available in the UK include Commonwealth and Chevening scholarships, which completely support chosen students’ study, travel, and living expenses.

1. K.C. Mahindra Scholarships For Post-Graduate Studies Abroad

Amount: ₹8 L

Scholarship type


No. of Awardees: VariesMerit Based

2. Loughborough University Alumni Bursary School Of Business

Amount: ₹2.40L

No. of Awardees: VariesMerit Based

3. Media Communication Head Of School Masters Scholarship

Amount: 9.31L

No. of Awardees: VariesMerit Based

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1. How much is the Coventry University application fee UK?

The total application fee for students is 22 GBP (2,164 INR).

2. What is the procedure for Coventry University fees for international students?

You can use GlobalPay for all the fee transactions. For more information, visit the official website of the university

3. Can I study at Coventry University without taking the IELTS?

For entrance into an undergraduate study, we suggest an IELTS score of 5.0 on all components or 5.5 on all components for entry into a postgraduate course.

4. How long will it take to receive an offer letter from Coventry University?

Coventry University typically takes 3-4 weeks to make an application decision.

5. How many students are enrolled at Coventry University?

For research degrees, there are three intakes, so you may begin your studies with us in September, January, or May.

6. Is there a Coventry University interview?

The Home Office authorises Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) to interview students to ensure that the student’s intentions to study in the UK are genuine.

7. What is the most generous package available at Coventry University?

With a yearly income of around 104,467 GBP (INR 1.05 Crores), the PhD degree is the highest-earning degree available to Coventry alumni.

8. How is a degree calculated at Coventry University?

Merit: An average of at least 60% but less than 70% in the 150 credits worth of level M modules with the highest ratings.

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coventry university fees

Coventry University Fees: Scholarships, Average Salary, And Other Expenses