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Cost Of Living In Leeds For Students 2023-24

Cost Of Living In Leeds

If you’re considering studying or living in Leeds, you might be curious about the expenses you’ll encounter. In this blog, we’ll explore the average cost of living in Leeds for the year 2024, covering various aspects that will help you plan your budget effectively. We’ll cover key aspects like accommodation, transportation, studying costs, top universities, food, healthcare, and part-time jobs. Whether you’re a prospective student or considering a move to Leeds, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start exploring the cost of living in this fantastic city and help you make informed decisions.

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Leeds 2023-24?

The average cost of living in Leeds with off-campus accommodation is £1,057 (109,046 INR) while living on-campus would cost around £1,181 (121,707 INR).

Following is the breakdown of all the essential cost that contributes to the average cost of living in Leeds, UK.

ItemsCost Of Living In Leeds (Monthly)Cost Of Living In Leeds (INR)
Off-Campus Accommodation£31632,631  INR
On-Campus Accommodation£44045,25 INR
Transportation£757,733 INR
Food Cost£29029,909 INR
Utility Cost£18519,051 INR
Entertainment£222,268 INR
Groceries£18519,051 INR
Clothes£596,081 INR
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation£1,057109,046 INR
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation£1,181121,707 INR
Annual Cost of Living£ 12, 6841,308,259 INR

Accommodation Costs And Options In Leeds

When it comes to managing your budget as a student, one of the most significant factors to consider is accommodation, affecting the cost of living in Leeds. The good news is that living in the north of England, like Leeds, is notably more budget-friendly compared to southern cities in the UK. Here are some options and cost considerations for student accommodation in Leeds:

1. Proximity to the University: If you choose to live close to the university, your weekly expenses, including utilities, will typically range from £150 to £300. However, as you move farther away from the college, the rent tends to decrease significantly.

2. PBSA (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation): Opting for PBSA can help you save money, as it often includes free onsite services like daily meals, laundry, gym access, cleaning, gaming, and internet. The weekly cost of living in Leeds for private renting is around £90. Sharing an apartment with others can further reduce your expenses. To gain a clear insight into accommodation abroad, contact UniAcco. UniAcco is a global student accommodation leader offering premium housing near the top universities in Leeds. With UniAcco, you can easily compare, consult with other students, and select your dream housing, all at affordable prices.

Here are more some student accommodation options with weekly rent in Leeds:

AccommodationLocationStarting Rates (Per Week)
Algernon FirthSt Georges Road£155
Oxley ResidenceWeetwood Court£109
Iconic The EdgeWestfield Road, Woodhouse£164
Pennine House, LeedsRussell Street, LS1 5RN£187
The FoundryCavendish Street, LS3 1BN£168

Cost Of Studying In Leeds

When it comes to studying in Leeds, several aspects shape the overall experience. Let’s break down the key information about the cost of studying in Leeds, the prominent universities, and why Leeds is renowned for its education:

The cost of studying in Leeds varies based on factors like course level, university, and living expenses, affecting the overall cost of living in Leeds, UK. On average, a student in Leeds spends around AU$ 2,392 per month, covering rent, food, transport, and more. However, this can differ according to a student’s lifestyle and choices.

Pre-Arrival Expenses

Preparing to study in Leeds involves costs for visas, health insurance, travel, and accommodation. These expenses can add up to approximately INR 2 lakh, with student visas and health insurance being significant portions of the budget.

Average Tuition Fees

The University of Leeds, fees range from £17,192 to £25,788. Leeds Beckett University charges between £13,000 and £16,500 for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Top Universities In Leeds

Leeds is home to several prestigious universities offering diverse fields of study:

  • University of Leeds: Ranked 75th globally in the QS World University Rankings 2021 and 129th in THE World University Rankings 2021, it offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Leeds Beckett University: Focused on professional and applied learning, it offers a modern education experience.
  • Leeds Arts University: Specializes in art, design, film, music, and performing arts.
  • Leeds Trinity University: Known for teaching excellence and employability.
  • Leeds College of Music: Offers courses in music performance, production, composition, business, and education.
  • University of Law: Recognized as the UK’s leading law school, offering courses in law, business, criminology, and more.

Cost Of Transportation 

Cost Of Living In Leeds

Leeds is a breeze with its extensive public transportation network, operating from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Whether you’re a student or a local, Leeds offers a range of transportation options to suit your budget and preferences, making it easy to explore the city without breaking the bank.

1. Monthly Passes: If you use public transport regularly, consider purchasing a monthly train or bus pass. It’s not only cost-effective but also adds convenience to your daily commute.

2. Smartphone Savings: Smartphone users can take advantage of the West Yorkshire bus app, offering bus tickets for approximately £2.00 per ride. Standard bookings cost around £1.60 for short distances and £2.50 for longer journeys. It’s a convenient and budget-friendly option.

3. Affordable Fares: Leeds boasts an affordable public transport system, which is an important aspect of the cost of living in Leeds. A one-way bus or train ticket is priced at just £2, which is lower than neighbouring cities like Manchester and Sheffield. For frequent commuters, a monthly pass can be a great money-saving choice at £75. Keep an eye out for student discount schemes on travel cards to further cut costs.

4. Go Green with a Bike: For the budget-conscious and health-conscious, consider getting a bike. While there’s an initial cost for the bike and cycling gear, it offers a fast and free mode of transport while keeping you active. Leeds provides plenty of bike lanes, ensuring safe and eco-friendly travel from point A to B.

Food And Grocery Costs

Leeds offers a diverse range of food shopping options for students, affecting the living cost in Leeds, UK. The average cost of food in Leeds is around £230 per month.

Grocery Shopping: Leeds boasts a variety of supermarkets, including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Lidl, Aldi, and smaller independent vendors. Following is the breakdown of common grocery items along with their prices:

Grocery ItemPrice (1L/1kg/12 units)
Milk (1L)£0.97
Bread Loaf£0.99
Rice (1kg)£1.43
Eggs (12)£2.30
Cheese (1kg)£6.03
Chicken fillets (1kg)£6.19
Apples (1kg)£2.09
Potatoes (1kg)£0.88

Discount Apps: To save money and reduce food waste, consider using discount-finding food apps like ‘Too Good To Go,’ initially launched in Leeds and now available worldwide.

Eating Out: Leeds offers a lively social scene for students. Dining at an inexpensive restaurant typically costs around £15, while grabbing some fast food after a night out may set you back about £6. Here are some recommendations:

  • Bibis Italianissimo: An Italian restaurant on Criterion Place, Sovereign Street, known for its delicious cuisine and live entertainment.
  • Fazenda: Located in the Granary Wharf area, Fazenda offers an experience centred on Brazilian cuisine.
  • Time Out’s Guide: Lists places like Bundobust for Indian street food and craft beer, House of Fu for ramen, and Dough Boys for pizza.

Entertainment And Other Expenses

Leeds is not just about academics; it’s a city filled with exciting experiences. The options are endless, from theatres, restaurants, and nightclubs to cosy coffee shops, tourist hotspots, and weekend getaways. 

  • Night Out: Everyone needs a break, and a night out in Leeds costs around £16.56, which is lower than the national average of £17.99. Plus, you can grab NUS special offer cards for additional discounts at leisure spots across the city.
  • Utility Costs: To keep your place comfortable, you’ll spend around £185 on utilities, making sure you have everything you need.
  • Entertainment: The city offers a vibrant entertainment scene, and setting aside £22 per month lets you explore all the exciting options.
  • Clothing: A monthly budget of £59 ensures you have some new additions to your wardrobe, keeping you stylish and comfortable.

Healthcare Cost

Healthcare costs for international students in Leeds depend on various factors, and here’s a breakdown of possible scenarios related to the cost of living in Leeds. 

  • Stays under 6 months require covering some medical services and medication costs. Health insurance before the trip is essential for coverage.
  • Staying over 6 months entails an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) of £470 per year, in addition to the visa fee, granting access to most NHS services, except dental and non-essential care.
  • EU or Swiss students with a valid EHIC card who paid the IHS can request a refund if they don’t engage in paid work in the UK.
  • Nursing or midwifery students may have added costs for occupational health clearance and immunizations tailored to course and individual needs.

Part-Time Job Opportunities For Students

In Leeds, there are various part-time job opportunities well-suited to students, depending on your skills and availability. Here are some fields you can consider, along with average pay rates and working hours:

1. Customer Service: Positions such as customer experience team member, sales assistant, receptionist, cashier, or barista are available in shops, cafes, hotels, and more. Good communication skills, a friendly demeanour, and a willingness to assist customers are essential. The average pay for customer service roles in Leeds is £9.21 per hour. Working hours are typically flexible and can vary by employer and demand.

2. Education: Opportunities exist as a tutor, teaching assistant, peripatetic teacher, or student support worker in schools, colleges, or universities. A strong academic background, a passion for teaching, and a DBS check may be required. The average pay for education jobs in Leeds is £13.87 per hour. These positions are often part-time and term-time only.

3. Creative: Roles like social media intern, graphic designer, photographer, writer, or musician can be found in various organizations and projects. Creative skills, a portfolio of your work, and an online presence may be necessary. The average pay for creative jobs in Leeds is £11.41 per hour. Working hours are usually flexible and project-based.


Leeds offers a fantastic blend of urban vibrancy, cultural diversity, and a relatively affordable cost of living, making it an attractive destination for students. While some expenses, such as rent and transportation, may vary depending on your lifestyle choices, the overall cost of living in Leeds remains lower than in many other major UK cities. Additionally, the city’s thriving job market and abundance of affordable housing options provide ample opportunities to manage expenses while enjoying all that Leeds has to offer. With its rich history, lively atmosphere, and proximity to stunning natural landscapes, Leeds is a city that promises an enriching and affordable living experience.


1. Is living in Leeds expensive?

Living in Leeds is not very expensive compared to other cities in the UK, especially London. Leeds is a student-friendly city with many affordable options for accommodation, transportation, food and entertainment.

2. How much do living expenses in Leeds cost?

The cost of living in Leeds for students is estimated to be around £1,300 per month. This includes rent, utilities, transportation, food, groceries and other expenses.

3. What is the average monthly rent for student accommodation in Leeds?

The average monthly rent for student accommodation in Leeds is £443. This may vary depending on the location, type and facilities of the accommodation. You can choose from student housing, private apartments or shared flats.

4. How much should I budget for groceries and food expenses as a student in Leeds?

You should budget around £475 for groceries and food expenses as a student in Leeds. This includes £185 for groceries and £290 for eating out. You can save money by cooking at home, buying local produce and using student discounts.

5. How does the cost of living in Leeds compare to other cities in the UK?

The cost of living in Leeds is lower than other major cities in the UK, such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh or Bristol. For example, the average rent in London is £823, which is almost double the rent in Leeds. The transportation costs are also higher in London, with a monthly pass costing £142 compared to £75 in Leeds.

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Cost Of Living In Leeds

Cost Of Living In Leeds For Students 2023-24

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