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California Institute Of Technology Scholarships List 2024!

California Institute of Technology scholarships

The high costs of pursuing higher education in the US have often posed a barrier for many international students. To address this, generous scholarships are available to cover education costs. The California Institute of Technology university ranks #15 in the QS World University Rankings. 33% of the population comprises international students.

Key Facts About California Institute of Technology Scholarships
PatreonInstitutionEndowed funds
EligibilityExemplary academic performance Demonstrate financial need
AmountVaries depending on financial needMay fluctuate depending on various circumstances


Caltech scholarships are awarded to cover cost of studying in the US for Indian students for full-time exemplary students who demonstrate financial need. However, recipients of named scholarships who are also beneficiaries of California Institute of Technology undergraduate scholarships will have their Caltech scholarship amounts revised accordingly.

In other words, the named or endowed scholarships will act as a replacement for your Caltech scholarship. The international scholar can still renew the scholarship in the next academic year.

The table below summarises the California Institute of Technology scholarship requirements and types for undergraduate courses. Be sure to visit the Financial Aid Office through the website for more course-specific scholarship information.

Asian Pacific Community Fund (State Bank of India)Grants of up to $10,000Four yearMinimum GPA of 2.8
American Chemical Society (ACS)Up to $5,000One yearMust pursue and have exemplary performance in chemistry courses
AES EngineeringGrants Up to $500One yearEngineering courses must submit an essay expressing the need for financial aid
Cal Grant AUp to $9,3581 Year (renewable)Valid financial need.
Maintain good academic standing
Cal Grant BUp to $9,358 for tuition fee assistanceUp to $1,648 for books and living expenses1 Year (renewable)No need to resubmit your grade-point averages for renewalBased on high cumulative points and high financial need
Federal Pell Grant$750-$7,3951 Year (renewable)Offered by the federal govt to high-performing full-time students.
Part-time students receive lower amounts
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity GrantUp to $4,000 Full-time students with good academic standing. 
Priority is given to full-time Pell Grant awardees.

California Institute Of Technology Postgraduate Scholarships

Some institutions primarily focus on supporting undergraduates, with the assumption that those pursuing Masters or PhD have jobs and can cater for themselves. However, the cost of pursuing Master’s and postgraduate studies in developed countries can put a significant dent in your account even when employed in jobs with the highest pay in USA. That’s why Caltech steps in with the best Masters scholarships to support graduates. 

ScholarshipAward AmountScholarship TenureKey Requirements
Novus BiologicalsUp to $1,5001 YearA pursuant of a postgraduate degree in medical sciences, life sciences, or health sciences
American Council of Engineering CompaniesRanges from $1,000 to $7,5003 Years of work experience pursuing a postgraduate degree in engineering
BMO Financial Group/Lime ConnectUp to $1,0004 YearsPursuing a postgraduate degree in physics or mathematics
J. Yang Scholarship/FellowshipTuition, Student fees, plus a living stipend1 YearTaiwanese graduate student.
Applicable for both PhD and Master’s
Taiwan-Caltech Scholarship/FellowshipLiving stipend, tuition, and student feesDemonstrate high academic performance and financial need.
Applicable to Taiwanese graduates

Options For Financial Aid To Supplement California Institute Of Technology Scholarships

If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarships mentioned or aren’t selected, don’t let that stop your educational journey at Caltech. Numerous funding opportunities are available to support international students during USA university intakes. They include:

  • Low-interest educational loans include Federal Direct Stafford Loans and Caltech/Institute loans.
  • Research and Teaching Assistantships: This could be ideal to complement your California Institute of Technology PhD scholarships. You’ll need to work at least 20 hours a week with an extension allowance of 40 hours during winter.
  • WorkStudy: A need-based programme that allows you to work and earn while studying. Students typically get $2,500 per year. If you are on a Federal Work-Study programme, the government will pay 75% of your wage, and the hiring department pay the rest.

Other outside funding opportunities available for international students are summarised in the table below:

ScholarshipRangePayment TypeParticulars
Young Women in Public Affairs AwardUp to $5,000One-time paymentYoung women coming from a Zonta country.
Be committed to volunteerism and show knowledge of Zonta International
BeArt Presets-Academic ScholarshipUp to %=$5,000Excellent academic scores
Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationVariesHigh-potentia.
Low-income student leaders
Prodigy Finance-GranDhan Scholarship$2,500California Institute of Technology scholarships for Indian students, specifically
Young Professionals ProgrammeNot specifiedRenewable for five yearsMinimum three years of professional work experience.
Only for graduates and postgraduates
FormSwift$1,000One-time PaymentUndergraduates/high school graduates with high potential. Submit an infographic for a business plan in startup, non-profit, clothing, transport, or restaurant industries
Galvanize the Future$2,600Majors pursuing UG and PG studies, majoring in civil engineering, structural engineering, architecture, material science, or construction management
Next Genius ScholarshipVariesOne-time paymentRenewable based on performance in the previous academic cycleIndian high school graduate.
Exemplify vision for community development

Additional Benefits Of Caltech Scholarships

Eligible international and U.S.-based students stand to gain much more than the financial aid in scholarship applications at the California Institute of Technology. Extra support may come in the form of stipends, support to purchase books, living accommodations, and access to networks and internship opportunities. The application process for U.S.-based students and eligible noncitizens differs slightly. 


Does California Institute Of Technology Offer Scholarships For International Students?

The university offers funding opportunities for both eligible U.S.A.-based students and international students through the Caltech Scholarships programme.

What Types Of Scholarships Does California Institute of Technology Offer?

Caltech offers its students two main types of scholarships. Merit-based scholarships, which are awarded based on academic achievement and other factors and need-based scholarships, which are designed to assist students based on their financial needs.

What Is The Maximum Scholarship Amount Offered By California Institute Of Technology?

The scholarships vary depending on the type of scholarship, programme enrolled in, and other considerations. While some eligible students get up to $9,000 of funding, don’t expect a standard package for your Caltech scholarships.

What Is The Application Deadline For California Institute Of Technology Scholarships?

Always apply before the California Institute of Technology admission deadlines.

Can Current Students At California Institute Of Technology Apply For Scholarships For The Next Academic Year?

New and continuing students can access different scholarship packages depending on their programme and financial need.

Are There Any Merit-Based Scholarships Available At California Institute Of Technology?

The university offers most of its Caltech Scholarships merit-based. You must maintain a specified academic score to access and renew the scholarships.

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California Institute of Technology scholarships

California Institute Of Technology Scholarships List 2024!

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