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What Are Digital Wallets? List Of Different Digital Wallets

What Are Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are online payment solutions, usually in the form of an app. You don’t need to input your card data or possess a physical card to make payments because the wallet securely saves virtual versions of debit and credit cards. You may also store digital tickets and e-vouchers there to ensure that you always have the documents you need. Let us understand what are digital wallets more in detail below!

What Are Digital Wallets & How Does It Work?

  • A digital wallet employs software to link your payment information from your linked bank account to the seller with whom you’re transacting.
  • Open wallets (approved at most stores) enable contactless in-store payments, online purchases, and cashback—and may even permit withdrawals at some ATMs—but different apps offer varying levels of access.
  • Semi-closed and closed wallets allow just a limited number of transactions with a limited number of shops, or exclusively with the retailer that issued the wallet.

Now that we have a basic sense of what are digital wallets & how they work, let us see some of the best and different types of digital wallets used by people around the world. 

What Are Virtual Wallets? List Of The Best Digital Wallets.

There are a plethora of digital wallet apps available. It all boils down to your needs, where you live, and what kind of smartphone you have. For iPhone users, Apple Pay is the primary option, whereas, for Android users, Google Pay is the recommended mode of payment. Others choose PayPal, which is widely accepted around the world. Cash App and Venmo are two other options, the latter of which requires a valid US phone number. Here is a list of the top digital wallets available.

Apple Pay 

Apple Pay transactions are validated with Touch or Face ID, ensuring maximum security with minimal effort.

Google Pay

Google Pay makes use of near-field communication (NFC) technology to allow you to pay with a fingerprint or a password, and your credit card information is always protected.

Samsung Pay 

Samsung Pay, a widely accepted electronic payment system utilising MST and NFC technology, is also available to Samsung customers.


Add your virtual N26 Mastercard to PayPal so you may check out everywhere PayPal is accepted with a simple tap.

Benefits Of Digital Wallets

Now that we know what are digital wallets let us see the different benefits of digital wallets down below!

Super Convenient

People utilise their digital wallets for a variety of reasons, one of which is convenience! Your digital wallet saves your information for simple checkout whether you shop online, at a store, or through an app. Most digital wallets also allow you to send and receive money from others, making bill splitting easier than ever.

Better Security | What Are Digital Wallets

Tokenization is one of the most secure payment techniques accessible in digital wallets. Your data is encrypted, and each transaction you make with your digital wallet generates a one-time code that reduces security threats. Unlike digital wallets that need two-factor verification or Face ID, if you drop your physical wallet, your cards and information are easily taken. Meaning, that if you drop or lose your phone, it will be more difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to access it. When making a purchase, the digital wallet’s settings can demand authorisation, which can include a unique passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

More Organized

Have you ever had trouble finding a particular card or coupon in your wallet? By saving loyalty cards, gift cards, coupons, travel passes (plane tickets, hotel bookings, rail passes, etc.) and even your student ID on your phone, you can organise and carry less. By putting everything in one location, you can keep everything organised, accessible, and top of mind.

Contactless Payments | What Are Digital Wallets

Over the last few years, contactless payments have grown in popularity, and many consumers desire to be able to pay without having to use their hands. Even if you don’t have a contactless card, you can use a digital wallet to conduct contactless payments. When it comes to the technology employed, utilising your digital wallet is the same as paying with a contactless card. It’s also faster to pay with a digital wallet than it is to pay with a card. To confirm the payment, simply whip out your phone and utilise touch or Face ID. There’s no need to fumble around for the right card or type in your pin. Your digital wallet ensures a stress-free and contactless checkout experience.

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What Are Digital Wallets

What Are Digital Wallets? List Of Different Digital Wallets