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How To Track HDFC Credila Education Loan Status? Explained

How to Track HDFC Credila Education Loan Status


HDFC Credila is India’s first dedicated education loan company. HDFC Credila has over seven years of experience in education financing, and has offered 168,000+ education loans till date! As HDFC Credila is an NBFC, you can track your loan application online without having to physically visit their branch. This blog will help you know how to track HDFC Credila loan status in detail. 


Key Features Of HDFC Credila Education Loan  


If you are planning to take an education loan from HDFC Credila, you must know what it offers. Being a leading NBFC in India, Credila offers competitive interest rates and repayment terms. Go through the table below to understand this in detail: 


Key featuresDescription
Loan amountUp to INR 1.5 Cr. 
Rate of InterestFloating rate of interest according to Credila’s Benchmark Lending Rate
Repayment TenureMax 12 years
HDFC Credila Moratorium PeriodEducation course duration + 1 year grace period 
Collateral OptionResidential Flat, Residential House, Non-Agricultural Land, A Fixed Deposit, assigned in favour of Credila
Processing Fees 0.5 – 1% of the loan amount
Co-borrower optionYes
Tax benefitsSection 80E
Courses coveredHigher education in India, USA, and abroad


How To Track HDFC Credila Loan Status? 


Keeping track of your education loan can be hard, but HDFC Credila makes it easy. Keep track of your loan status with this simple guide:

1) Visit the loan status tracker webpage to access the loan status tracker. Your loan details can be found on this page.

2) You will be asked for specific information on the loan tracker page to identify your loan application. There are two options you can choose from:

  • Applicant name: Make sure your name is entered exactly how it appears on your loan application form.
  • Reference/proposal number: You can also use your unique reference or proposal number from your loan application.
  • Date of birth: You can also authenticate your request with your date of birth.
  • Mobile number: You can check your loan status quickly by registering a mobile number with your loan application.
  • You’ll need to solve the Captcha challenge to prove you’re not a robot. This step ensures the security of your personal information.

3) Submit and track: After completing the necessary information and solving the captcha, click ‘Submit’. Your loan status, including your loan disbursement, outstanding balance, and interest rate, should be displayed in real-time.

You can contact HDFC Credila’s customer support if you have questions about the tracker or your loan.


How To Apply For HDFC Credila Education Loan? 


Tracking education loans is the latter part. But to avoid any hindrances while doing a HDFC Credila education loan status check, you need to apply for the loan properly and submit certain documents along with the loan application. The HDFC Credila education loan application through UniCreds is given below. We help you apply for an education loan, submit documents and track your loan status in one place! Just follow these steps: 

  • Step 1: Visit UniCreds, and fill out your basic details in the form on our website.  
  • Step 2: Our loan counsellor will contact you soon to discuss your loan requirements in detail. 
  • Step 3: We will negotiate your loan interest rates, processing fees, and repayment terms with HDFC Credila and offer you the best deal possible.  
  • Step 4: Next, you will receive a customised list of documents according to your eligibility criteria.  
  • Step 5: Lastly, you just have to submit the documents and the filled HDFC Credila loan application form and wait for your loan to be approved quickly!

HDFC Credila Loan Disbursement Process 


Get your education started with HDFC Credila’s streamlined loan disbursement process. HDFC Credila makes it easy to get your money, from deciding the amount to receiving it. Look at the image below to understand the disbursement process.  



Post the disbursement process, you’ll be able to track HDFC Credila application status. 


Eligibility Criteria For HDFC Credila Education Loan Application


The eligibility criteria for an HDFC Credila education loan are pretty quite straightforward. Go through the points mentioned below: 

  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen above 18 years of age
  • They should have an excellent academic track record
  • The applicant should have a co-applicant (father, mother, sibling, or legal guardian)
  • The co-applicant should have good CIBIL score 

Well, now you know the features, application and disbursement process of the HDFC Credila education loan. These steps will help you easily track the HDFC Credila loan status. If you need help with the HDFC Credila education loan, visit UniCreds. 




Q1. What information do I need to track my HDFC Credila Education Loan status?

You need to know your unique reference or proposal number from your loan application, but your name and birthdate will do just fine for tracking your HDFC Credila education loan status. 

Q2. How can I track the status of my HDFC Credila Education Loan application?

Visit the loan status tracker webpage to access the loan status tracker if you have registered on the HDFC Credila website. Your loan details can be found on this page.

Q3. Is there an online portal to check the status of my HDFC Credila Education Loan?

You can contact UniCreds or check your loan application on HDFC Credila’s loan status tracker web page. 

Q4. What should I do if the status update of my HDFC Credila Education Loan is delayed?

If you encounter any difficulties tracking your loan status, you can contact UniCreds or HDFC Credila’s customer support. 

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How to Track HDFC Credila Education Loan Status

How To Track HDFC Credila Education Loan Status? Explained

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