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Apply To The Top University Of Toronto Scholarships 2023

University of Toronto Scholarships

Many students have aspirations of studying overseas. Students frequently seek financial aid in order to make their ambition a reality. The University of Toronto (UToronto or Toronto University) in Canada assists students in obtaining high-quality education by offering a variety of scholarships and awards to students from all over the world. This blog will help you learn more about the numerous University of Toronto Scholarships for international students, the eligibility criteria, IELTS exemption for students and the advantages they offer!

University Of Toronto Scholarships For International Students
Types Of Scholarships-Undergraduate Scholarships (Not for international students) 
-Postgraduate Scholarships (University-funded)
-Externally Funded Scholarships (From Indian Organisations and Trusts)
Eligibility -Academic Achievements 
-Leadership Skills
-Must be an international student undertaking a higher education course. 
IELTS Requirements-Applicants who have completed four years or more of full-time academic study at an accredited English-taught Canadian school in Canada are not required to take IELTS.
-An acceptable Duolingo English Test.
-An IELTS is also recognised with a minimum overall band score of 6.5 and no section that is lower than a score of 6.0.

About The University Of Toronto Scholarships For International Students

More than 250 scholarships are offered by the University of Toronto through bursaries, awards, and scholarships. When you apply for scholarships at the university you will come across a range of options to pick from. Along with that, the enormous population of candidates from around the world who apply makes these scholarships for overseas students somewhat competitive. International students can submit applications for both internal and external scholarships.

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Programme is a well-liked University of Toronto full scholarship for international students, along with many other options that students can choose from. To make things simpler for students from around the world, The Award Explorer, a centralised system, was developed by the University of Toronto to make every student’s experience easier while applying for scholarships. This system includes information on admission, graduation, and in-course awards. Students can also locate and apply for The University of Toronto Scholarships through the system!

Types Of University of Toronto Scholarships International Scholarships

The University of Toronto Scholarships are offered in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels of education. Nonetheless, due to the greater tuition costs for undergraduate programmes, there are more options in undergraduate scholarships available for students as compared to graduate and doctoral scholarships. 

Scholarships for the University of Toronto’s Bachelor’s programme are given out in the category of Admission and In-Course Scholarships. The majority of postgraduate-level University of Toronto Scholarships are faculty-based and given to students who have been nominated by their departments or who have applied independently. Scholarships for doctoral programme participants are few. Instead, students receive research stipends or prospects for fellowships.

University Of Toronto Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students

The university offers more than 4,000 undergraduate admission scholarships each year to prospective domestic and international students. The academic performance of high school students and results on tests like the GMAT, IELTS, etc. are key factors in whether someone is awarded a scholarship at UToronto. The majority of undergraduate merit-based scholarships are automatic grants; students who fall into a particular grade level and are eligible for a scholarship do not need to submit a separate application. The following scholarships are available to undergraduate students who are applying:

University of Toronto Scholars Program7,500 CAD
Karta Scholars ProgramVariable
U of T Engineering International Scholar Award• Variable• Maximum of 20,000 CAD (renewable for 3 years)
University of Toronto International Scholars Award80,000 CAD- 1,80,000 CAD (over 4 years)
President’s Scholars of Excellence Program• Entrance amount: 10,000 CAD• Part-time on-campus employment during II year
QS ScholarshipsVariable
Go Clean Scholarship$3,500

University Of Toronto Scholarships For International Students Masters

Scholarships for postgraduate and doctoral programmes differ from those for undergraduate study. You must be nominated by the department of your present college or your prior college in order to get a postgraduate scholarship. The alternative is to use a different application. The following Toronto University scholarships are available to students who are applying for postgraduate programmes:

Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowships4,000 CAD
Mackenzie King Open & Travelling Scholarship10,500 CAD
Dean’s Master of Information Scholarships5,000 CAD
Saryu Doshi Graduate Fellowships In Liberal Arts & Science4,078 CAD

University Of Toronto Fully Funded Scholarship

The University of Toronto’s sole fully funded scholarship, the Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarship programme, supports 37 exceptional students annually, known as Lester B. Pearson Scholars. Recognising outstanding potential, this highly competitive award is open to exceptional students globally, including those enrolled in Canadian high schools.

Coverage: The scholarship covers tuition fees, books, incidental fees, and full accommodation support for four years, making it the University of Toronto’s most prestigious and competitive scholarship for international students.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be applying to an undergraduate program at the University of Toronto.
  • Must be an international student with a Canadian study visa.
  • Must demonstrate strong leadership qualities.
  • Must possess excellent academic achievements and active participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Must be in the final year of high school at the time of application.

University Of Toronto Scholarships For Indian Students Funded By External Organisations

Students can apply for external funding alternatives in addition to the numerous internal scholarships offered by the University of Toronto to boost their chances of obtaining adequate support for their education. The easiest way to enhance your chances of receiving at least one scholarship is to apply for both internal and external scholarships. External scholarships are offered in Canada by sponsors, the federal government, foundations, and others. The requirements for these scholarships differ from one scholarship to the next. So, it is preferable to confirm in advance whether you are eligible for these scholarships. These are a few well-known external scholarships for international students –

Ontario Graduate Scholarship10,847 CAD
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship52,637 CAD
Ontario Graduate Fellowship8,459 CAD
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral ScholarshipsVariable
Ontario Trillium Scholarship28,961 CAD
Microsoft Tuition ScholarshipVariable
The Google Lime Scholarship10,000 CAD
Ellis R. Ott Scholarship for Applied Statistics & Quality ManagementVariable

What Is The Eligibility Criteria?

Given how fiercely competitive scholarships are, you must possess outstanding qualities to stand out. The University of Toronto Scholarships are often awarded based on achievement or need. You must meet the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for a merit-based scholarship at the University of Toronto –

  • Must be an international student with a study visa for Canada.
  • Display outstanding leadership skills.
  • Good academic performance and substantial extracurricular activity participation.
  • Must be in their senior year of high school.
  • Must exhibit original thought leadership and originality both at school and in extracurricular activities.
  • Must have an excellent academic performance and active involvement in extracurricular activities.

IELTS Exemption For The Scholarships

You may be excluded from the IELTS Language Test if –

  • You have finished or are completing four years of full-time academic study at an accredited English-taught Canadian school in Canada; or you have finished or are finishing four or more years of academic study at a school for English.
  • An acceptable Duolingo English Test.
  • An IELTS is also recognised with a minimum overall band score of 6.5 and no section that is lower than a score of 6.0.


1. Does The University of Toronto give full scholarships to international students?

International students are eligible for financial help at the University of Toronto because it is a publicly supported university. You can get more information about the financial aid programmes offered in your native country if you are an overseas applicant on the university’s website.

2. How to get a scholarship at The University of Toronto for international students?

Majority of the University of Toronto Scholarships are given out at the time of admission and are given based on academic merit. Scholarships for the University of Toronto’s degree programmes are given in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

3. Can I get a 100% scholarship in Canada?

Yes, you can get a 100% scholarship in Canada. The University of Calgary, Thompson Rivers University, University of Toronto, and others are some universities that offer such 100% scholarships. 

4. How can I study at the University of Toronto for free?

The Pearson International Scholarship is among one of the scholarships that cover all costs associated with residence, books, incidentals, and tuition for the whole four-year undergraduate programme at the University of Toronto. 

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University of Toronto Scholarships

Apply To The Top University Of Toronto Scholarships 2023

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