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University Of Technology Sydney Scholarships in 2024!

india student receiving a scholarship at the university of of technology sydney

A hub for academics, University of Technology Sydney received five stars in the QS World University Rankings, taking the 90th position overall. The University of Technology Sydney’s acceptance rate is relatively lower at 19%, meaning only 19 students are accepted out of 100 applications. This shows how competitive University of Technology Sydney acceptance is and how difficult it is to find scholarships. 

This guide will cover all you need to know about the scholarships for Indian students, including the types, amounts, and requirements.

University of Technology Sydney Scholarship Overview
Scholarship Type-Academic-merit
-Sporting Achievement
-Financial Hardship
-Medical or Disability
-Sole Parent or Carer
Areas of Study-Analytics and Data Science
-Creative Intelligence and Innovation
-Design, Architecture and Building
-Information Technology
-International Studies
-Sustainable Futures
-Transdisciplinary Innovation
Other Scholarships/Funding Opportunities-Study Abroad Excellence Scholarship
-Financial Aid
-Home country sponsored scholarships
-UTS Humanitarian Scholarship
-Australia Awards Scholarship

Types Of Scholarships For International Students

Studying costs in Australia for students are high for international students, averaging AUD 44,000 per year. That is why UTS provides different scholarships to undergraduates and postgraduates, covering full tuition fees and financial aid. This section will examine University of Technology Sydney undergraduate scholarships, postgraduate scholarships, and other available funding programmes.

Undergraduate Scholarships And Grants

Lowering your overall costs of living and studying in Sydney, Australia, is the whole point of pursuing a UTS scholarship. While some Australian scholarships for Indian students cover accommodation expenses, new undergraduates can consider Student Housing Australia for affordable student accommodation Australia,. The table below shows undergraduate funding programmes at UTS, including country and region-specific, and faculty-specific scholarships at the University of Technology Sydney:

International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarship50% tuition fees throughout the course period
Undergraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship25% tuition fee off
UTS Foundation Studies Scholarship25% tuition fee off
UTS College to UTS Pathways Scholarship50% off tuition fee
Vice-Chancellor’s International Undergraduate ScholarshipFull tuition scholarship for programme duration
Chinese Undergraduate Tuition Fee Scholarship20% off the entire course tuition fee
Diploma to Degree Scholarship (Asia-specific)25% off standard course tuition fee
Diploma to Degree Pathway Scholarship (Asia, Latin America)20% off course tuition fee
Diploma to Degree Pathway Scholarship (China)20% off course tuition fee
Diploma to Degree Scholarship for High School Graduates25% off course tuition fee
Scholarship for European Undergraduate Students40% off course tuition fee
Scholarship for Gaokao Students from People’s Republic of China75% or 50% off course tuition fee
Undergraduate Tuition Fee Scholarship20% off course tuition fee
UTS MACC Undergraduate Scholarship25% off course tuition fee
Enrolled Nurse International Scholarship 25% off course tuition fee

Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships And Grants

Estimates show that the cost of living in Sydney for students ranges between AUD 1,985 and AUD 4,200 per month for a single individual. This can be cumbersome even for postgraduates with side jobs. Students can opt for University of Technology Sydney Master’s scholarships to aid in their coursework. 

The top postgraduate scholarships include:

  • Postgraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship
  • Vice-Chancellor’s International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship
  • Chinese Postgraduate Tuition Fee Scholarship
  • LATAM International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship
  • Onshore Postgraduate International Scholarship
  • UTS MACC Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Vingroup Scholarships
  • MBA Scholarship for Outstanding Students (Commencing)
  • Postgraduate Business Scholarship
  • Postgraduate International Scholarship

Postgraduate Research Scholarships And Grants

UTS also offers University of Technology Sydney PhD scholarships to assist students cover travel and research expenses. Should such scholarships be insufficient, research students can consult with the academic/finance office on how to secure a loan to study in Australia. The available postgraduate research scholarships and grants at UTS offering full-tuition scholarships include: 

  • International Research Scholarship
  • International Research Training Programme Scholarship (IRTP)
  • UTS President’s Scholarship

Other University Of Technology Sydney Scholarships

UTS has other prestigious scholarships for international students. Some have requirements from outside organisations, such as the Australian Department of Home Affairs. They include:

  • Australian Awards Scholarships (Australian Government Scholarships)
  • UTS Study Abroad Excellence Scholarship
  • Financial Aid Programme (from Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the United States)
  • Home Country Sponsored Scholarships (students from Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, and Vietnam)
  • UTS Humanitarian Scholarship (temporary asylum seeker or refugee)

Eligibility Criteria For University Of Technology Sydney Scholarships

UTS scholarships rank among the most generous in Australian scholarships. However, applicants must meet all the University of Technology Sydney scholarship requirements to be considered. Each scholarship may have different eligibility criteria, including academic expectations. Some of these scholarships help students find internships at the end, or jobs in Australia with the highest pay

That said, the general requirements for University of Sydney scholarships for international students include:

  • Must be an international student
  • Meet all admission requirements
  • Commence full-time study
  • Completed an Australian Year 12 or high-school equivalent grade
  • Apply using the UTS online scholarship application form

How To Successfully Apply For University Of Technology Sydney Scholarships?

Most UTS scholarships come with automatic consideration after receiving an offer letter or getting admitted. The automatic consideration scholarships don’t require additional application forms or documentation. Others require detailed applications. 

  1. Visit the scholarship page and carefully read the scholarship overview and eligibility criteria. 
  2. Fill in the application form after clicking the Apply Now button. 
  3. Submit after filling in all details and providing supporting documentation.

Additionally, students can take help from UniCreds’ experts who will completely ease the application process. They will curate an application for the scholarships of your choice. Apply now! 


Does The University Of Technology Sydney Offer Scholarships For International Students?

Yes. UTS has both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for international students.

What Types Of Scholarships Does The University Of Technology Sydney Offer?

The University of Technology Sydney scholarships range from academic-merit scholarships to sporting achievement, financial hardship scholarships, medical or disability aid, and sole parent and refugee/asylum seeker scholarships.

What Is The Maximum Scholarship Amount Offered By The University Of Technology Sydney?

UTS scholarships vary by amount but mainly cover tuition fees.

What Is The Application Deadline For The University Of Technology Sydney Scholarships?

UTS scholarships have varying application deadlines and requirements. Consult the specific scholarship on the university scholarship’s page.

Can Current Students At The University Of Technology Sydney Apply for Scholarships For The Next Academic Year?

Yes. Ongoing students who meet the eligibility requirements of the scholarships can apply for the next period’s scholarships.

Are There Any Merit-Based Scholarships Available At The University Of Technology Sydney?

UTS has several merit-based scholarships for top-performing international students.

What Are The Conditions For A UTS Scholarship?

While most UTS scholarships have varying conditions and eligibility criteria, full-time international students should apply using the UTS online scholarship application form.

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india student receiving a scholarship at the university of of technology sydney

University Of Technology Sydney Scholarships in 2024!

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