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University Of Adelaide Scholarship in 2024: Eligibility & Requirements

A student filling up University of Adelaide scholarship application forms.

With over 140 years of history, the University of Adelaide, one of the oldest universities in Australia, has a rich educational legacy. Adelaide’s average tuition fees range from 39,500 to 56,000 AUD. The University of Adelaide acceptance rate is 75% for all courses, which is good news for all the students. Additionally, to support students from different financial backgrounds, Adelaide extends internal as well as external organisation scholarships similar to top universities in Australia. The University of Adelaide Scholarships aims to support international students from countries like India, China, Bangladesh, etc. through its various scholarship programmes. In this blog, we will detail the top scholarships at the University of Adelaide. 

Overview Of University of Adelaide Scholarship Highlights
Categories:Undergraduate scholarships, Postgraduate Scholarships, Research Scholarships
Eligibility:All international students, International students of Commonwealth countries, and India undertaking graduate, postgraduate or research programmes
Range:Awarded scholarships range or fee reduction in percentages 

Top University Of Adelaide Scholarships For International Students

The cost of studying in Australia is relatively high, and not every student can afford it. From tuition fees and travel expenses to student housing in Australia, a robust financial foundation is essential to cover all aspects of studying abroad. The University of Adelaide Scholarship offers this support by funding deserving students undertaking different courses. These scholarships are either funded by the college or external organisations. In this section, we will look at some of the top Adelaide Scholarships For International Students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

University Of Adelaide Undergraduate Scholarships

Given below is a list of undergraduate scholarships, make sure you go through them in detail: 

Scholarship NameAward
Global Citizens Scholarship15%-30% reduction in tuition fees
Family Scholarship10% reduction in tuition fees
Higher Education Scholarship 25% reduction in tuition fees 
University of Adelaide Global Academic Excellence ScholarshipCovers 50% of fees
Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship$12,000 per year
Alumni Scholarship25% fee waiver in tuition fees

University Of Adelaide Postgraduate Scholarships 

Here’s a list of scholarships in Australia tailored for postgraduate students. Please review them thoroughly:

Scholarship NameAward
University of Adelaide College International Scholarship5% – 10% reduction in tuition fees
Ashok Khurana Scholarship For Indian Students50% reduction in tuition fees
The Eynesbury College International Scholarship10% or 5% reduction in tuition fees
Global Academic Excellence Scholarship50% reduction in tuition fees
Alumni Scholarship25% waiver in tuition fees

University Of Adelaide PhD Scholarships 

International students starting master’s or doctoral research programmes receive a mix of internal and external scholarships at the University of Adelaide. Some of these scholarships specifically designed for international students include: 

Scholarship NameAward
Adelaide Scholarships InternationalStipend of AUD 28,092Full tuition fees relocation allowance overseas health cover (OSHC)
Adelaide Graduate Research ScholarshipStipend of AUD 28,092 Full tuition fees
Australian Government Research Training ProgrammeStipend of AUD 28,092OSHC Living allowance
Adelaide Full Fee Scholarships100% tuition fee waiver Separate stipend

University Of Adelaide Scholarships Eligibility For International Students

The University of Adelaide Scholarship eligibility criteria are tailored to suit specific groups of students, taking into account various factors that distinguish the most deserving candidates. Whether it be demonstrating financial need, academic or sports excellence, or unique qualities, the eligibility requirements for these scholarships cover a range of aspects to ensure inclusivity. 

Scholarship NameEligibility Criteria 
Global Citizens ScholarshipApplicants with a minimum ATAR of 85 or 95Applicants with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.5 or 6.5 on a 7.0 scale
Family ScholarshipFor courses commencing from 2024International students with family members who had/are studying abroadDirect entry Includes PEP RequirementStudents should meet a minimum scoreFor any discipline
Higher Education Scholarship Onshore Australian CurriculumAcademic Merit RequiredMinimum ATAR: 80Minimum IB Score: 28Open to International Students
Global Academic Excellence ScholarshipApplicants who meet the minimum scoreOpen to citizens of Vietnam, Taiwan, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh who are enrolling as International Students Available for study in any discipline
Vice-Chancellor’s ScholarshipStart any Bachelor’s degree.Australian citizenship or permanent residency.Full-time enrollment in a commonwealth-supported country.Show proof of financial need
Alumni ScholarshipStudents commencing 2024 courseworkUoA Alumni International StudentsDirect Entry UG/PG Programmes, pre-enrollment English exam included Applicants meeting minimum score
University of Adelaide College International ScholarshipGraduate of Adelaide CollegeOffer for Full-Fee International StudentFull-Time Enrollment
Ashok Khurana Scholarship For Indian StudentsBe an Indian citizenBe enrolled in a full-time courseBe commencing a full-time course programme
The Eynesbury College International ScholarshipAvailable for graduates of Eynesbury College Open to citizens of any country (except Australia and New Zealand)
Alumni ScholarshipCommencing the start of 2024 courseworkapplicable to UOA alumni and international studentsDirect entry UG/PG programmes, pep includedMinimum score met by applicantsOpen to global citizens
Adelaide Scholarships InternationalEnglish proficiency test required Students of research or PhD courses Available to international studentsThe students must not be offered any other scholarship award
Adelaide Graduate Research ScholarshipComplete a four-year undergraduate degree with first-class honours.Eligible for full-time enrollment in a postgraduate research program at the University of Adelaide.International student status required.Not currently enrolled in the specific higher degree by research program applying for a scholarship
Australian Government Research Training ProgrammePlease read Adelaide University Guide for detailed eligibility and conditions of this award
Adelaide Full Fee ScholarshipsFull Fee Scholarships require a corresponding stipend scholarship.Meet minimum English language proficiency.Hold an equivalent of an Australian First Class Honours degree.Competitively ranked in the International Scholarship Order of Merit list.

How To Apply For University Of Adelaide Scholarships?

It is mandatory to understand the application process before applying for any scholarship at Adelaide University. However, the application process for the University of Adelaide Scholarship is pretty straightforward. 

Most of the scholarships at the University of Adelaide do not require a separate application and you are directly considered according to your academic merit and eligibility. We have listed the general application steps for the rest of the scholarships below: 

1. Explore Scholarship Options:

  • Visit the University of Adelaide scholarships website
  • Use the search filters to find scholarships relevant to your program, level, and background.
  • Carefully read the eligibility criteria and selection criteria for each scholarship.
  • If this is too overwhelming, connect with UniCreds experts for the absolute best scholarship track for your profile. 

2. Prepare Application Materials:

  • Obtain any required documents, such as academic transcripts, proof of financial hardship, or referee reports.
  • Draft an interesting personal statement that highlights your achievements, goals, and why you deserve the scholarship.
  • Ensure you meet all application deadlines.

3. Apply:

  • Most scholarships are applied for through the University of Adelaide’s online application portal. 
  • Carefully follow the application instructions and submit all required documents.
  • Double-check your application before submitting it.
  • UniCreds experts can help you find the perfect match for your application and scholarship!

4. Post-Application:

  • Check the scholarship website or contact the Scholarship Office for updates on your application status.
  • Attend any scholarship interviews or selection events if required.
  • Be prepared to accept or decline the scholarship offer if awarded.

Whenever you apply for a scholarship, you must start early! Be sure to start your application before the last minute. Proofread your application carefully before submitting it to avoid any errors or wrong information. Most scholarships ask for a personal statement. You must write a compelling personal statement for each scholarship you apply for by highlighting your unique strengths and achievements. 

To maximise the chances of getting future scholarships, you should quantify your academic and extracurricular contributions whenever possible. Seek guidance from your teachers, advisor, or the University of Adelaide’s student support services. 

Documents Required For University Of Adelaide Scholarships

The documents required for the University of Adelaide scholarships can vary depending on the specific scholarship you’re applying for. Give yourself plenty of time to gather all the required documents. 

Make sure your documents are official and up-to-date. Also, you must request your transcripts and letters of recommendation well in advance as that is a mandate while applying for the University Of Adelaide Scholarship. Here is a list of some general documents that are commonly required for most scholarships:

Academic TranscriptsOfficial transcripts from all prior institutions attended.
Proof of English ProficiencyProof of English Proficiency International students must provide IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent English language test scores.
Curriculum Vitae (CV)A detailed document outlining academic achievements, work experience, research history, and relevant skills.
Personal StatementA well-written statement explaining scholarship application reasons and how it aligns with academic goals.
Referee ReportsLetters of recommendation from academic or professional referees attesting to your abilities and potential.
Proof of Financial HardshipRequired for scholarships based on financial need.
Research ProposalMandatory for research scholarships, outlining the proposed research project.
PortfolioRequired for scholarships in creative fields, showcasing a portfolio of your work.

How Hard/Easy Is It To Get A Scholarship For International Students?

The difficulty of obtaining a University of Adelaide scholarship can vary based on several factors, including the specific scholarship, the level of competition, and the applicant’s qualifications. Some scholarships are highly competitive and may have stringent eligibility criteria, requiring exceptional academic achievements, leadership skills, or specific talents.

To maximise your chances of securing a scholarship at the University of Adelaide, consider the following:

  • Research Scholarships: Understand the specific requirements and criteria for each scholarship. Tailor your application to highlight how you meet those criteria.
  • Academic Excellence: Many scholarships prioritise academic achievements. Maintain a strong academic record and ensure you meet or exceed the minimum eligibility criteria.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Some scholarships may consider leadership, community involvement, or other non-academic achievements. Highlight these aspects in your application.
  • Application Quality: Submit a well-crafted application, including a compelling personal statement and relevant supporting documents.
  • Early Application: Apply as early as possible and ensure all required documents are submitted on time.
  • Financial Need: For scholarships based on financial need, clearly demonstrate your situation and how the scholarship would reduce the financial constraints.

While it can be competitive, many factors contribute to successful scholarship applications. An application that showcases your strengths and meets the specific criteria will improve your chances. It’s advisable to seek guidance from the university’s scholarship office and carefully follow application instructions. 

However, depending upon scholarships can be a bit risky, as the competition for some scholarships is high and the ones with low competition cover very little of your total expense. Hence, securing your abroad education by borrowing an education loan is always a good decision. UniCreds can be your best partner in helping you with education loans for Australia and other countries around the globe. Go check out for a better future! 


Q1. How can I get a 100% scholarship in Australia? 

Ans: Australia offers scholarships based on merit, need, student or course specifics. Amounts vary, ranging from $2,000 to full tuition coverage based on the student’s profile. Doctoral degrees are typically fully funded.

Q2. What is the University of Adelaide’s 30% Global Citizens scholarship?

Ans: Global Citizenship Scholarship gives a 15% or 30% reduction toward international tuition fees when commencing at the University of Adelaide in 2024. Wherein, 15% scholarship is given to the students with minimum GPA (5.5) and 30% is given to the students with maximum GPA (6.5). 

Q3. Can I apply for multiple scholarships at the University of Adelaide?

Ans: It is generally possible to concurrently hold two scholarships, provided that the second award does not surpass 75% of the value of the base stipend.

Q4. How competitive are the scholarships at the University of Adelaide?

Ans: The difficulty of obtaining a University of Adelaide scholarship can vary based on several factors, including the specific scholarship, the level of competition, and the applicant’s qualifications.

Q5. What documents are required for the University of Adelaide scholarship application?

Ans: Mainly your academic transcripts, proof of financial need, language proficiency test results, personal statement, CV, and portfolio are required. 

Q7. How can I apply for a University of Adelaide scholarship?

Ans: You can apply for a University of Adelaide Scholarship by visiting their website following all the eligibility criteria and gathering the necessary documentation. 

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A student filling up University of Adelaide scholarship application forms.

University Of Adelaide Scholarship in 2024: Eligibility & Requirements

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