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Monash University Scholarships: Eligibility To Award Guide 2024!

monash university scholarships

Monash University, Australia’s #2 top-rated university and #42 in QS World University Rankings, is among the most admired destinations for scholars and professionals. it has an acceptance rate of 40% and 29,912 international students. The university has been at the forefront of offering student assistance in Monash University scholarships to alleviate the study costs.

Grand Overview of Monash University Scholarships
Name Kummagi Yulendj (knowledge is rising) Scholarship Programme
CategoriesScholarships to support Indigenous studentsScholarships for lower-income background and remote area studentsSir John Monash Scholarships
RenewabilitySome are renewable and pegged on given criteria
DeadlineDiffers by programme
International Student SupportYes

Monash University Scholarships

Most scholarships typically help cover the cost of studying in Australia for students. Scholars applying for Monash University scholarships for international students stand a better chance if they hold an Australian student visa. 

Eighteen such opportunities are available for for Indian students. We’ll start our classification of scholarships for indigenous students.

Monash University Scholarships for Indigenous Students

Charity begins at home, and Monash University is dedicated to providing equitable access to education to all at home via its unique scholarships to study in Australia. As such, the institution has developed several funding programmes specifically targeting Australian and New Zealand citizens. 

The table below breaks down a list of undergraduate scholarships, Master’s, and PhD scholarships for indigenous Aussies:

Scholarship EligibilityProgramme Benefits Application Process
Achieving Potential Indigenous Support ScholarshipsIndigenous Australian citizenCommencing a new graduate or undergraduate degreeAUD 6,500 per annumGuaranteed to all indigenous Australian coursework students
Monash Relocation GrantAustralian/New Zealander living in remote parts and wants to move closer to campusCommencing undergraduate degreeAUD 6,000 for one year onlyApply for the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) through VTAC from 31 July to 6 October
Monash Indigenous Pathway ScholarshipAustralian citizenCommencing undergraduate degree in single unitsUp to AUD 5,000No application required
Monash Resident ScholarshipsAustralian/New Zealander/ Australian Permanent Visa HolderStarting or continuing undergraduate degree studentMaintain WAP of 50 in Sem 1Up to AUD 14,000 worth of accommodation at Monash Resident Services for one year onlyNeed-basedApply for SEAS via VTAC

Need-Based Scholarships at the Monash University

Monash University has established a track record of solidarity for students from all backgrounds and economic statuses. As such, the institution offers diverse programmes that assist students from regional and remote access and financially burdened students. The coveted slots here include  Monash University postgraduate scholarships.

Monash Kickstart ScholarshipUp to AUD 3,000Low-income Australian or New ZealanderNew Bachelor student commencing studiesApply for SEAS via VTAC from 31 July to 6 October
Achieving Potential Support ScholarshipsUp to AUD 24,000 (AUD 6,000 p.a)Australian/New ZealanderCommencing undergraduate student from a low-income familyMaintain a WAM of 50 each semesterApply for SEAS via VTAC from 31 July to 6 October

In addition to these Monash University Scholarships, need-based students and those from the interior parts of Australia and New Zealand can also access:

  • Monash Resident Scholarships
  • Monash Relocation Grant

Sir John Monash Scholarships

Named after a formidable Australian nation-builder and engineer, these scholarships aim to identify and appreciate academic excellence. Therefore they apply to both Australian citizens and international students. 

Eligible students should visit the individual scholarship page to ensure they meet all the Monash University scholarship requirements. As a result , this will help students gauge how getting one scholarship will affect the rest.

Sir John Monash Scholarships for DistinctionUp to AUD 8,000 per annum for up to four yearsAustralian citizen/resident/visa holderAchieved ATAR of 99.95
Sir John Monash Scholarships for ExcellenceUp to AUD 10,000 per annum for up to four yearsInternational studentATAR of 98.00+ or equivalentMaintain a WAM of 70 or above to retain

Other Monash University Scholarships for PhD and Master’s Students

While most of the scholarships above primarily benefit undergraduate students, the institution does indeed offer Master’s scholarships as well as inviting programmes for Honours and PhD students. 

The partial scholarships are a lifesaver for graduates, some pursuing part-time jobs in Melbourne to fill the gap. The top PhD scholarships for graduates and postgraduates sure to land you the highest-paid jobs in Australia include:

Accounting Honours ScholarshipUp to AUD 6,000 for one year onlyPursuing Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) full-timeMaintain WAM of 70
Klaus Abbink Honours ScholarshipUp to AUD 10,000 for the one-year duration of HonoursBased on Academic AchievementMaintain a WAM of 70 each semester
The Broadspectrum Scholarship for Women in Information TechnologyUp to AUD 10,000Final year Masters student in the Faculty of Information TechnologyHighest performing female studentAustralian/New Zealand citizens/permanent visa holders
Vice-Chancellor’s Concertmaster ScholarshipUp to AUD 6,000Australian/New Zealand citizens/permanent visa holdersCommencing student of music performance with an honours degree at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance
Department of Economics Honours Merit ScholarshipUp to AUD 10,000Full-time commencing student in economics or econometrics
Homer Le Grand Student Assistance ScholarshipUp to AUD 6,000Australian/New Zealand citizens/permanent visa holdersCommencing a Faculty of Arts honours programme
Monash Dean’s ScholarshipAUD 6,000 a year for up to four yearsAustralian/New Zealand citizens/permanent visa holdersCommencing a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)/ Master of Pharmacy Scholars Programme or a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Advanced) Honours Scholars Programme
Monash University International Merit ScholarshipUp to $50,000International Students
Master of Economics ScholarshipTuition fees plus allowances of AUD 33,000 for up to two yearsCommencing student pursuing a Masters of Economics

While the table above intends to comprehensively cover funding programmes for graduates and undergraduates to help cover the cost of living in Melbourne, it is a partial description of Monash University scholarship requirements. All applicants are encouraged to visit the ideal pages for more information, including application deadlines.

Tips For Monash University Scholarships

Enrolling on the campus is the first step towards securing a Monash University Scholarship. Overseas students must demonstrate that they are seeking a temporary visa status as a Monash student for their application to be considered. After enrollment, accessing affordable accommodation through Student Housing Australia is the next step if your scholarship does not include living expenses.

If you are an international student, consult your travel agent for advice concerning securing an education loan to study in Australia. While such loans may help lower your overall cost of living and studying in Australia for Indian students, they may carry unforeseen implications.  Weigh your options with expert advice and embark on your journey for a brighter tomorrow.


Does Monash University offer scholarships for international students?

Monash University has diverse options for grants and scholarships for international students and indigenous Aussies.

What types of scholarships does Monash University offer?

The scholarships range from merit-based scholarships to funding for region/remote students, international students, and talented students in particular genres.

What is the maximum scholarship amount offered by Monash University?

Scholarships vary by amount depending on the level of study and the programme. The average range is between AUD 3,000 – 10,000 per year.

What is the application deadline for Monash University scholarships?

Different programmes have different application periods. However, VTAC members should apply for the Special Entry Access Scheme from 31 July to 6 October.

Can current students at Monash University apply for scholarships for the next academic year?

Yes, ongoing and commencing students can apply for specific scholarships for the next academic year when the application window is open.

Are there any merit-based scholarships available at Monash University?

Monash University has different minimum averages for grant and scholarship retention. Most of the scholarships have a minimum grade average.

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monash university scholarships

Monash University Scholarships: Eligibility To Award Guide 2024!

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