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Masters In Psychology Abroad With Scholarship For Indian Students 

Masters in Psychology abroad with scholarship: A group of students studying psychology in a classroom.

Fascinated with the human mind? Well, then masters in psychology is just for you. There are many best universities across the world for MS in Psychology. The cost of obtaining a master’s degree in psychology from a private university is around $30,000, while it is approximately $34,000 for public universities in countries like the United States. To reduce these costs, you can do masters in psychology abroad with scholarships funded by external organisations and even your university. In this blog, we will learn about these scholarships in detail. 

SubheadingsContent Overview
Scholarships for Masters in PsychologyScholarships from various prestigious universities globally, such as the British Council Scholarships, GIC Scholarship, and Deakin Vice Chancellor’s Meritorious 100% Scholarship, each offering unique benefits.
Eligibility Criteria for ScholarshipsUnderstand the criteria for scholarships, including academic achievements, language proficiency, and specific requirements outlined by universities and funding organisations.
Fully Funded Scholarships for PsychologyFully funded scholarships like the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship and Chevening Scholarship, offering substantial benefits to study Psychology abroad.

Masters In Psychology Abroad With Scholarship For International Students 

Masters in psychology scholarships can help you study psychology abroad for free, without having to worry about living expenses, travel costs, maintenance expenses, etc. Many external organisations provide merit-based or need-based scholarships for studying masters abroad. If you have a good academic record and comply with the eligibility criteria, no one can stop you from getting a deserving scholarship. Let’s now look at some of the best masters in psychology abroad with scholarship. 

Scholarship NameOffered ByBenefits
British Council Scholarships for Women in STEMUniversity of StrathclydeFee waiver or discount 
International Merit Scholarship at Queensland University of Technology 2024Queensland University25% fee waiver
GIC ScholarshipUniversity of SingaporeFull tuition fee waiver and other costs
College of health, science, and society dean’s scholarshipsUniversity of the Westland of England100% tuition fee waiver
Ferguson ScholarshipAston University£10,500 towards tuition fee reduction
UWA’s International Student AwardUniversity of Western Australia$5,000 per year
Founders and Trustees Scholarship Lehigh UniversityFull or half tuition fee waiver
Oxford Hoffman Graduate Scholarships In Medical SciencesOxford UniversityCourse fees reduction and living costs
Deakin Vice Chancellor’s Meritorious 100% ScholarshipDeakin University100% tuition fee waiver

Eligibility Criteria For Masters In Psychology Abroad With Scholarship 

Knowing scholarship eligibility criteria is essential as it ensures you qualify for the opportunity, streamlines your application process, enhances your competitiveness, and prevents potential rejection because of mismatched qualifications. Given below are the masters in psychology abroad with scholarship requirements

Scholarship NameOffered ByEligibility Criteria for masters in psychology abroad
British Council Scholarships for Women in STEMUniversity of Strathclyde-Demonstrate need for support.
-Possess qualifying undergraduate degree.
-Attain required language level.
-Exhibit field experience or interest.
-Display enthusiasm and alumni commitment.
International Merit Scholarship at Queensland University of Technology 2024Queensland University-Complete eligible courses with required results.
-Meet minimum language requirements.
-Scholarship eligibility for pathway programme completion.
-Obtain offer into eligible courses from participating
GIC ScholarshipUniversity of Singapore-Achieve high results in various academic programmes.
-Showcase commendable CCA/NS or community service participation.
-Demonstrate critical thinking, creativity, and leadership.
-Open to students of all nationalities.
-Specifically for pre-tertiary students.
College of health, science, and society dean’s scholarshipsUniversity of the Westland of England-Attain a British first or 2:1 equivalent.
-Apply from a nation recently impacted by adverse environmental, health, or security issues.
-Hold an unconditional or IELTS-related conditional offer.
-No prior UK study at UWE Bristol.
-Classified as overseas for a fee.
Ferguson ScholarshipAston University-Hold a conditional or unconditional offer.
-Indian or African nationals.
-Possess a 2:1 or equivalent in a relevant subject.
-Submit a strong personal statement.
-Self-Funded Status: Be a self-funded student.
UWA’s International Student AwardUniversity of Western Australia-Applied for an eligible course in 2024.
-No previous commencement or completion of UWA undergraduate or postgraduate courses.
Founders and Trustees Scholarship Lehigh UniversityThe recipient must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and remain enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student.
Oxford Hoffman Graduate Scholarships In Medical SciencesOxford University-All eligible candidates, regardless of stated college preference, will be considered. 
-However, successful recipients will be transferred to Jesus College to avail the scholarship.
Deakin Vice Chancellor’s Meritorious 100% ScholarshipDeakin University-Must be an Indian citizen with a valid passport.
-Should reside in India during the application.
-Apply through a Deakin
-Authorised agent in India.
-Meet specified academic criteria.

Fully Funded Scholarships To Study Psychology Abroad 

Now that we have seen the masters in psychology study abroad with scholarships provided by different prestigious universities, let’s look at some of the fully funded scholarships to study master’s in psychology abroad. These scholarships are either merit-based or need-based depending on the funding organisation. Go through the table below to find out: 

Scholarship NameEligibility Benefits
Education Future International Scholarship-Open to Indian Nationals
-The students should be pursuing master’s in any course across all countries except India.
Partial Funding, INR 2 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs
Italy Government Scholarship-Master’s applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree.
-28 years or younger when applying for a master’s programme.
-Must not exceed 30 years for a Ph.D. application.
-Demonstrate proficiency through IELTS or equivalent language certification.
Full tuition fee waiver + 900 Euros
The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth ScholarshipMust be citizens or refugees in a Commonwealth country.
-Full tuition fee waiver-Living expenses-Accommodation-Travel expenses
Berrow’s International Scholarship ProgrammeMust be international students and provide an English language proficiency certificate instead of IELTS.Full tuition fee waiver
Chevening ScholarshipEligible for 12-month full-time Master’s courses, excluding those starting in January or lasting over 12 months. Online courses are not eligible.-100% tuition fee waiver -Living expenses -Travel Costs-Accommodation

How To Apply For Psychology Scholarships For Indian Students To Study Abroad?

The application process may vary for each scholarship, so carefully follow the instructions provided by each scholarship provider. Additionally, stay updated with relevant information through university websites, scholarship portals, and official communications from scholarship providers. To apply for psychology scholarships for Indian students to study abroad, follow these general steps:

  • Research Scholarship Opportunities: Explore scholarship options specifically for psychology students. Look into scholarships offered by universities, government programmes, private organisations, and international foundations.
  • Check Eligibility Criteria: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship. Criteria may include academic achievements, English proficiency, and specific requirements related to your course of study.
  • Prepare Required Documents: Gather necessary documents such as academic transcripts, recommendation letters, scholarship statement of purpose, and a resume. Some scholarships may require a research proposal or essays, so be prepared to write compelling essays highlighting your achievements and goals.
  • Take English Language Proficiency Tests: If required, take standardised English language tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Ensure you meet the minimum language proficiency requirements of the scholarship provider.
  • Apply to Universities: Apply for admission to universities offering psychology programmes abroad. Many scholarships require applicants to have an admission offer, to secure a place in their desired programme.
  • Search for External Scholarships: Look for external scholarships offered by Indian government agencies, NGOs, or private foundations that support students studying abroad.
  • Use Online Scholarship Portals: Explore online scholarship portals and databases that list various scholarship opportunities for international students. 

Documents Required For Masters In Clinical Psychology Abroad With Scholarship

Certain documents like academic transcripts, proof of financial needs, proof of English proficiency, etc. are the most commonly required documents for master’s in psychology with a scholarship. Submitting all these documents will assist in the smooth application process and can increase your chances of qualifying. Below are some documents for these scholarships that are ‌needed. 

Academic TranscriptsOfficial records of undergraduate academic performance.
Letters of RecommendationTypically two or more recommendations from professors or professionals.
Statement of Purpose (SOP)An essay outlining academic and career goals for pursuing MSc in Psychology.
Curriculum Vitae (CV)Summary of academic and professional achievements and skills.
Proof of English ProficiencyIELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent test scores.
Research Proposal (if required)A brief outline of intended research interest or study focus.
Portfolio (if applicable)Showcase of relevant projects or experiences (for practical emphasis).
Copy of PassportA copy of a valid passport for identity and citizenship confirmation.
Proof of Financial NeedDocuments demonstrating financial situation if required.
Admission Offer LetterProof of acceptance into the MSc in Psychology programme.

If you are thinking about how to write a recommendation letter for a scholarship, these letters are given by the school or college authorities and contain your academic track record of all your achievements and accomplishments. Hence, your teachers, principals, or mentors are supposed to write it.  

A master’s in psychology for Indian students studying abroad opens doors to a realm of possibilities, and numerous prestigious universities worldwide stand ready to transform this aspiration into reality. Psychology, a rapidly evolving global discipline, is all about the intricate study and research of the human mind, exploring behavioural aspects, and deciphering reactions and emotions. There are the best universities in the UK for Psychology and other countries as well.   

One of the top benefits of scholarships includes unparalleled financial support by alleviating the burden of educational expenses. Beyond economic relief, scholarships recognise and reward academic achievement, fostering motivation and confidence in recipients. Access to enhanced opportunities, mentorship programmes, and global exposure further amplifies the multifaceted advantages of scholarships, making them catalysts for personal and professional development.

If you are planning to choose other funding options for your study abroad journey, UniCreds is here to help you with education loans from India’s top financial institutions. Find out more! 


Q1. What are the top-ranked universities abroad that offer Masters in Psychology programmes with scholarships?

Ans: Top-ranked universities abroad offering Master’s in Psychology programmes with scholarships include Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, and University of Melbourne etc.

Q2. Are there any specific organisations or foundations that specialise in providing scholarships for international students in psychology?

Ans: Several organisations and foundations specialise in providing scholarships for international students in psychology, including the Fulbright Programme, Chevening Scholarships, DAAD, Erasmus Mundus, and the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

Q3. Can I combine multiple scholarships to cover the entirety of my expenses for a Psychology abroad, and what are the considerations for doing so?

Ans: Combining multiple scholarships for a Psychology programme abroad is possible, but consider scholarship terms, stacking policies, expense restrictions, and compliance with visa regulations and university policies. Coordination and communication with scholarship providers and financial aid offices are crucial.

Q4. How can I get a full scholarship for Master’s in Psychology abroad?

Ans: Securing a full scholarship for a Master’s in Psychology abroad involves diligent research, meeting eligibility criteria, submitting strong applications, and exploring various scholarship opportunities.

Q5. Which country is best for a masters in psychology?

Ans: The choice of the best country for a Master’s in Psychology depends on individual preferences, but countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia are known for having prestigious universities and strong psychology programmes.

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Masters in Psychology abroad with scholarship: A group of students studying psychology in a classroom.

Masters In Psychology Abroad With Scholarship For Indian Students 

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