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10 Things You Should Know Before Applying For New Zealand Visa

10 Things You Should Know Before Applying For New Zealand Visa

New Zealand is known for its high-class education and desirable lifestyle. Every year, New Zealand currently attracts as many as 90,000 international students. The government of New Zealand plans to double this intake to 180,000 by 2025. Suppose you’re planning to study in the land of incredible scenery, underground cave systems, gigantic glaciers, boiling springs, and golden-sand beaches. In that case, you’ll find everything about how long to get a New Zealand visa.

You will need a Student Visa if you need to stay for more than three months in New Zealand for your educational program. For a full-time international (more than 20 hours of classes a week) you should apply for a student visa to Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

New Zealand visa requirements

How much time New Zealand immigration takes? It is worth noting that certain conditions must be fulfilled before anyone in the country can study, including:

  • The name of the program for which you are authorized to study
  • The name of a provider of education
  • The provider’s New Zealand place, and
  • The requirement that appropriate insurance be retained

How much is a New Zealand visa? Students who apply for their online New Zealand visa application are expected to pay an NZD 330 Visa Fee + some receiving center fees as New Zealand visa cost. Candidates who apply by post for their Student Visa must pay USD 222 + some receiving center fees. Candidates should remember that, depending on the Visa Centre, the handling fees could vary. Applicants are expected to check the official website before applying for the exact amount at that time. 

how long to get a new zealand visa

Documents Required for New Zealand Student Visa

As part of their visa application process, applicants looking to apply for their New Zealand Student Visa must have the following documents:

  • Your passport must be true for at least three months after your stay in New Zealand. Valid passport.
  • Application Form for Student Visas Completed (INZ 1012)
  • Application fee receipt for payment (fee as mentioned above)
  • You are required to have an offer of a position from a university/institute in New Zealand. The forms are typically given after receipt of the tuition fees.
  • Letter from your new institution confirming your status as a student studying abroad
  • Receipt for health benefits
  • You may be asked to show health and character certificates to show that your intention to remain in New Zealand is real.
  • Two passport-sized photographs

Note: There may be additional documentation needed. The interviewer can request additional documentation during the personal interview. These may be papers to prove academic or financial status facts.

  • Transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or qualifications you have attended from schools
  • Scores from tests required by your college, including TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT scores
  • How would you pay for all the expenses of education, living, and travel?

The online form is the preferred way of submitting your New Zealand Visa application. In contrast to a post, the online process is not only less time-consuming but also less costly.

Gather all your documents mentioned above and scan and prepare all your key and supporting documents in PDF format. Ensure that you have a picture of yourself scanned and attached. Candidates are recommended to visit the official photograph requirements website requested by the Embassy.

Role of dependants

In most situations, a visitor visa would be issued to the spouse and dependent children of a student for the same period as their partner or parents’ stay. Student spouses on a work visa can work in NZ full time. However, there are no working rights for students dependent on visitor visas. 

You must have a genuine and stable relationship with your partner and have a student visa from New Zealand to study for:

  • A level seven (or higher) qualification in an area of absolute skill shortage on the New Zealand Qualification System as defined in the Long Term Skill Shortage List or
  • A qualification for postgraduates

As an international student, you must finish your course within your acceptance letter within the minimum course time specified. You can ask for a Post-Study Work Visa if you do not have a job offer yet. Visas issued are valid for up to 12 months and allow you to work while looking for a position in your field in a temporary job.

  • If your study program meets one of the following requirements, you can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week:
  • Has a length of at least two years.
  • Leads to a qualification for New Zealand that counts for points for a Qualified Migrant visa application.

It is a tertiary institution, and the primary aim is to improve English language skills. In general or academic modules, you must also have an IELTS overall band score of 5.0 or above.

You will work full-time during all holidays if you are enrolled in a full-time study program of at least one academic year length.

If your full-time study program lasts at least eight months and has a minimum of two semesters but is fewer than 120 credits. You can work full-time during the holiday season of Christmas and New Year

There are no restrictions on the hours you will work if you are enrolled in masters via study or doctoral degree programs awarded by a tertiary institution in New Zealand.

Depending on the individual’s history, the average time taken by the New Zealand High Commission for visa procedures is approximately 63 calendar days. Thus, you need to apply for their visas at least three months before starting their course.

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10 Things You Should Know Before Applying For New Zealand Visa

10 Things You Should Know Before Applying For New Zealand Visa

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