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Top 7 Reasons Why Is Work Experience Important – Practical Experience

Written by Muskan Behune

The name is Muskan, so probably was destined to spread smiles wherever I go. Writing is something which has grown on me with each passing day. Follow your passion in saying is a cliché but in doing is serious fun. So here I am to engage with my passion and maybe spread some smiles along the way.

October 7, 2020

Work experience is an impressive inclusion to your CV. It can benefit you to demonstrate your proficiencies and commitment to an employer and can strengthen your cover letter or apprenticeship application by highlighting abilities that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. But that’s not all. The question in the limelight is: Why is work experience important for a job?

A period of relevant work experience can add value in several other ways. Work experience definition is not just limited to working as a full-time employee at an organization. You can acquire work experience with an internship, freelancing, or working with your family. Getting work experience is a crucial part of starting your career as a young adult. The earlier you start earning more experience, the better. The idea of starting work early seems difficult, but here are some reasons why work experience is important for getting a job. 

Why Is Work Experience Important?

  1. Get an idea about the industry

There are several advantages of work experiences but starting with the most crucial one. Work experience will benefit you to determine if the industry or role is somewhere you see yourself in the future. By observing and interacting with colleagues and getting details about what they do. You’ll have the freedom to find out first-hand if the job is best suitable for you. This will encourage you to make more informed choices about your career and can cooperate with you to decide on the kind of job, apprenticeship, or program you wish to apply for.

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  1. Build relationships for the future

With the help of online platforms such as LinkedIn, you can now build relationships and connect with professionals you’ve worked with, in the past. If you have had good relations and you can make a lasting impression. You can try contacting them asking for a reference for future applications. You also get in touch with your Linkedin connections so that you might be put forward for a suitable position if a vacancy arises. 

  1. Step ahead in the competition

With so much competition amongst everyone for apprenticeships and entry-level jobs, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. Not many college graduates will have early work experience in the job roles they’re applying for. So if you’ve initiated a period of prior work experience, ideally in an industry you’re interested in. You’re bound to be one step ahead in the race. Employers usually prefer applicants who can demonstrate that they’re proactive and encouraged enough to get their foot in the door.

  1. Gain the soft skills

Working effectively in a team, problem-solving, communication skills, time management is the soft skills that are crucial to have in the workplace. Also, these skills are exceptionally valued by employers. You’ll get opportunities to gain all of these skills during your period of work experience.

  1. Personal Development

Along with the technical skills and soft skills, you’ll develop during your working period, you’ll have an opportunity to build your confidence in a professional and skillful working environment. You will get a chance to interact with professionals outside your personal network. You’ll grow and learn as an individual, reflecting on everything you will achieve. This will be considered a vital part of your professional development and will set you apart from your less-experienced peers.

  1. Getting hands-on experience

If earning a university degree taught you everything you needed to succeed in life, we wouldn’t come across non-graduates and drop-outs like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Rachael Ray.

Stepping into the industry and having early work experience is a surefire way to learn more. You will get to learn skills that are essential to survive in the real world. Just like how you learn to communicate effectively from being in the school environment, and not so much from the lectures that are taught. You acquire time management skills from juggling hobbies and assignments and not from the lecturers and educators.

You can learn a lot from achieving a degree, but you should never underestimate how much you get to learn outside it as well.

  1. Secure a graduate job early

Lots of companies use periods of work experience as a recruitment tool. For them, the purpose of having a candidate completing a period of work experience with them is not to get the benefit of cheap labor. Progressively, more and more organizations convert candidates working with them as interns to permanent employees. Employers could be much more likely to hire a candidate they have seen ‘in action’ rather than the one they have only interviewed for a while.

Last but never the least, with all the above advantages of work experience and how does early work experience help you in the future. It can also be one of the most important additions to your curriculum vitae which will show employers how determined and motivated you are to build a successful future.

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