Which Are The Top Schools Offering An SAT Waiver?

July 14, 2021

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The SAT or  Scholastic Assessment Test is a test used to determine the mathematical, written, and verbal aptitudes of students aspiring to take up UG courses in the US or Canada. Earlier it was necessary to include your SAT score in your application forms for admission to US or Canadian universities. However, due to the onset of the Covid 19-pandemic, the educational scenario has completely changed in the whole world. Classes have shifted online and tests have been cancelled, postponed or made available online. The SATs too were hit by the pandemic last year and had to be postponed or cancelled, which is why many additional top schools offering an SAT waiver emerged apart from the ones who were already doing so.

Such universities either went ‘test blind’ or temporarily waived the requirement to take an SAT exam. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top schools offering an SAT waiver for your perusal.

 List of colleges that have waived SAT score requirement:-

California State University |Top Schools Offering An SAT Waiver|

The California State University was founded in the year 1960 and since then has gone on to become a leading institution for education in the US. The university offers 43 undergraduate courses in many fields and 16 post-graduate degree programs in various departments. It has a diverse student base which it is committed to serving. The CSU- Stanislaus has waived off the requirement to take an SAT for its 2021 and 2022 admission cycles. It is one of the best schools offering an SAT waiver.

Hampshire College – Massachusetts

The Hampshire College is located in Massachusetts USA and has a good reputation for being a top academic university.  Its USP is that its students are put in touch with expert academic advisors. The college also has a green campus.  Students applying to the college are required to create their application in a portfolio style that contains writing samples, recommendations and project examples.

The college is test blind which means that it does not consider any standardized test score for the admission of students thus offering an SAT waiver to them. This is one of the best schools offering an SAT waiver.

Loyola University – New Orleans  |Top Schools Offering An SAT Waiver|

The Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana USA is a top university that is highly reputed that offers 110 undergraduate courses in different fields and 36 special graduate programs. The university is also test blind which means that it does not consider an SAT score even if submitted.  The university takes into consideration academic talent, student participation and the statement of purpose for admissions. It is one of the top schools offering an SAT waiver in the US.

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James Madison University – Harrisburg, Virginia

James Madison University located in Virginia USA is a public research university that has an aesthetic campus and a top academic program. It is a university that provides affordable and quality education. James Madison is also an affordable university that provides quality education. The university offers the option of an SAT waiver for all students. It is one of the top schools offering an SAT waiver in the USA.

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Wake Forest University- North Carolina  |Top Schools Offering An SAT Waiver

Wake Forest University is a highly rated university in Northern Carolina that has a selective intake of students. It is a competitive university with a 29% acceptance rate. The kinesiology, communications, and finance programs offered by the university are top-notch and highly regarded. The Wake Forest University gives students the option of an SAT waiver which leads to less than 45 percent of students submitting their SAT scores for consideration annually. It is one of the top schools offering an SAT waiver.

New York University

The New York University is an esteemed university that provides students with a thorough and well rounded academic program.  It has more than 50,000 enrolled students and is a private university that offers majors in various subjects. These subjects include performing arts, social sciences, business, management, and marketing among others. Although the NYU asks students for their SAT scores, these can be substituted for AP test scores, IB test scores and the IB Diploma thus offering an option for an SAT waiver. It is among the best schools offering an SAT waiver.

Additional list of colleges that have waived SAT score requirement:- 

Amherst College Anderson University Bethel University
Boston University Butler University California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Case Western Reserve University Centre College Colgate University
College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University College of Wooster Cooper Union
Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth College
Davidson College Drury University Elon University
Fordham University Harvard College Haverford College
Haverdson College Indiana University – Bloomington Indiana University – South Bend
Loyola University Macalester College Middlebury College
Northeastern University Oakland University Oberlin University
Oregon State University Pomona College Rhodes College
Rochester Institute of Technology Santa Clara University  Scripps College
Scripps College Swarthmore College Texas Christian University
Trinity University Tufts University Tulane University
University of Chicago University of Connecticut University of Oregon
University of San Diego University of Toledo University of Washington
Vassar College Williams College

Source- https://www.jamboreeindia.com/

What Led To This Waiver?

So what led to so many colleges offering an SAT waiver?  Well, it so happened that the SAT exam had to be cancelled from March to May last year when the pandemic first started and the grievances started to escalate more when according to the College Board more than 40% of the aspirants could not appear even for the October examination. The December exams were also cancelled in many test centres around the world, which is why a number of colleges in the US decided to waive off their SAT requirements. 

We hope you enjoyed this article on Top Schools Offering An SAT Waiver. To know more about related fields, do check out our other blogs. 

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