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15+ Useful Tips To Help You Learn Better Using The Online Space

Written by Shreya Berry

Shreya has expertise in writing engaging content for the readers and has a deep interest in unique applications of technology in various domains. She has worked closely on projects with Neil Patel Digital, Hindustan Times, News 18 and Shiksha.

December 25, 2020

Online education has changed the way we study significantly. Witnessing how the internet and education can be combined to provide people with the ability to learn new skills is an incredible experience. The massive growth of this segment was expected by researchers well before the outbreak of COVID-19. The need for the hour was established by various online learning sites and online courses designed to add value to the lives of millions of students and professionals.

Now, as educational institutions are moving more and more to the online world to impart information during this crisis situation created by the pandemic of COVID-19, let’s welcome it and make as much use of this opportunity as we can.

Some of you may not be using modules for online education and are wondering what needs to be done on this platform to learn effectively. Or you might be thinking, knowing all that is being learned online, or maybe how you can interrupt the teacher when the class is going on to explain your doubts. Don’t be concerned at all. Here are a few ways to learn better using the online space.

Keep a balanced mind and body

For students, self-care is very important. Healthy minds lead to better learning. It will help you concentrate and focus. Thus, for a longer period, you can grasp the material taught online faster and keep the same in your mind. Some of the important things you need to do every day are cultivating good habits such as working out, calming your mind, eating nutritious food.

Treat the online platform as a real classroom

When taking an online course and to learn better using the online space, you need to be disciplined. Approach the online classes in the same way you would have treated or acted during a face-to-face lesson. One of the best ways to ensure that you follow through is to note that, just as you would for a conventional, in-person class, you are paying to take this online course. If you are going to get real value out of your class, you must “show up”. Treat your online classes the way you would a face-to-face lesson, or, better yet, a job, and you’re going to be off to the right start.

Establish a dedicated room for studying

If you’re in the same place where you first learned it, it’s easier to remember details, so having a dedicated space at home to take online courses will make your learning more productive. Remove any distractions from the space, and make it separate from your bed or sofa if possible. Your concentration will be strengthened by a strong distinction between where you study and where you take breaks.

Hold yourself accountable

At the beginning of the semester, set targets, and check in weekly with yourself. In a typical classroom setting, you will often receive verbal or visual reminders of the upcoming due date of an assignment. But it’s up to you to make sure you’ve allocated enough time to complete the job without a professor constantly reminding you, so you’re not beginning an assignment the day before it’s due.

If you have trouble keeping yourself accountable, team up with a classmate, or enlist a spouse or friend’s support to check in as a partner of accountability. You can get the most from your online class by being coordinated, constructive, and self-aware, even when life outside of school becomes stressful.

Practice Time Management

You might feel lethargic in the comfort of your home if you are not in a typical classroom and might want to prioritize other items over your online classes. It is advisable to plan a routine that you will occasionally observe in order to learn better using the online space. To refresh your mind and rejuvenate yourself, plan timely breaks.

Eliminate distractions or minimize them

Make sure that when you are in the middle of your session, you limit contact with family members. As you would have done when attending your typical classes, you need to focus in the same way. Identify a quiet place in your home, notify your family members before logging in so that they allow you the time needed to effectively complete the session. In both your physical and digital environments, you need to eliminate distractions.

Make sure the learning is retained

No matter what course you choose, it’s incredibly important to retain what you read and to learn better using the online space. It is necessary to practice, apply knowledge in various ways, and reflect on what you have learned to ensure that your newly learned knowledge is well remembered. You should compose a short overview of the lecture easily and discuss it with your peers to check whether you’ve correctly recorded anything.

Prior to taking the online class, make appropriate logistical arrangements

Keep all telephone numbers, email IDs, contact information, and institutional support links handy. For example, in case you encounter some difficulties, who is the Teaching Assistant for the course or whom you can for any technical problems be readily available. If it’s a live lecture, make sure that your VC program is working properly before the lecture, that assignments are uploaded to a cloud service, that you have the correct information or that you have access to the information for the same reason.

Participate Actively

Participate in online course discussions and connect with fellow classmates to learn better. For clarity, you can post questions. Pay attention to what other classmates say since it may also explain your doubts.

Online schooling can be highly beneficial, and widespread acceptance has thus been witnessed. You can navigate your learning experience with an online class, which allows you to be more efficient. The way individuals study in India and abroad has brought a revolution.

Set small goals for studying

Ask yourself what you intend each day to achieve in your path. It will help you learn better using the online space and stay focused and beat procrastination by setting a simple target. The target should be precise and simple to calculate, such as “I’ll watch all the videos in Module 2 and complete the first programming assignment.” And when you make progress towards your goal, don’t forget to reward yourself!

Schedule time on your calendar to study

Open your calendar and pick a predictable, consistent time you can spend watching lectures and finishing assignments. This helps ensure that the last thing on your to-do list won’t be your classes.

Do one thing at a time

Multitasking is less effective than concentrating on a single assignment at a time. Stanford University researchers found that “People who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information are unable to pay attention, recall or switch from one job to another, as well as those who perform one task at a time.” Remain focused on one thing at a time. With greater efficiency and ease, you’ll absorb more data and complete tasks than if you were trying to do several things at once.

Take breaks

Resting the brain is key to high output to learn better using the online space. Take a break if you find yourself working without any progress for an hour on a difficult topic. It can re-energize you and even give you fresh ideas about how to handle the project by going outside, taking a shower, or chatting with a friend.

Actively take notes

Taking notes will stimulate active thought, improve awareness, and broaden your attention span. If you’re studying online or in the classroom, it is a smart practise to internalise information. So, grab a laptop or find a digital app that works best for you and begin to synthesise key points.

Keep yourself responsible

Tell your mates about the classes you take, post milestones to your accounts on social media, or blog about your homework assignments. It makes a difference to have a group and support network of friends and family to cheer you on.

Make sure that you have reliable internet access

All the time, technology bugs happen. Imagine working in the middle of the night and crashing your machine. Be sure to save your work repeatedly and backup frequently using cloud storage, such as Dropbox or Google Documents, to prevent mishaps, so that you can access your previous work from your smartphone or tablet, if appropriate. In addition, make sure that you not only have a backup of your online course material and assignments, but also that you have saved the contact details of your teacher or trainer on your mobile phone or email.

Build lists of to-do’s

Create a to-do list of the things you need to complete by the end of the week at the start of every week. This is a perfect way to prioritise, keep on board with your study plan and learn better using the online space.

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