6 Mentoring Programmes For Women In Business

June 28, 2021

Having a mentor serves as the missing piece of the entrepreneurial success puzzle. This helps leaps and bounds in the case of female founders who face unique challenges (especially when trying to break into male-dominated industries). Mentors can make connections, introduce you to trustworthy legal and financial advisors, and point you in the direction of affordable resources and financing. In a nutshell, they can help you fine-tune your revolutionary business idea and advise you on what not to do. To help you with this exact thing, we have curated a list of top mentoring programmes for women in business. 

Top 6 Mentoring Programmes For Women In Business

Scaling your business from a rough blueprint to a multi-billion dollar company will take unimaginable effort, time, hard work, patience, money and hundreds of other things. One important thing that deserves a special mention here is – guidance. This priceless aspect is what you gain from mentors and programmes. Thus, some leading entrepreneur mentor programmes are listed below. 

1. 37 Angels

37 Angels is a community of women angel investors. As angel investors, they focus on providing startups with the funds they need to grow and expand. Business owners can receive up to $150,000 for things like product development, inventory or process improvement.

This community offers more than just money. It also connects women entrepreneurs with seasoned mentors to help them with issues in everything from funding to marketing. Turning to an organisation like 37 Angels can also help you widen your professional network.

2. Astia | Mentoring Programmes For Women In Business

Astia is a nonprofit organisation in Silicon Valley that’s entirely dedicated to identifying and promoting female entrepreneurs.

Through the Astia entrepreneur mentor program, you as a business owner get access to expert advisors and peers to share ideas. You also get feedback from experts to perfect your business plan and maximise your chances of success. You can even receive the funding needed to build your businesses.

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3. National Association of Women Business Owners

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) is a gigantic network of more than 10 million women-owned businesses. NAWBO is a membership-based organisation with varying fees depending on your membership level. Members of this association have access to events, seminars, leadership development courses and business classes. It has been mentoring women in business for almost a decade now. 

Additionally, the organisation offers discounts to partner companies, such as UPS and Southwest. These discounts help reduce your costs so you can produce more revenue and expand your business. 

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4. Office of Women’s Business Ownership (Mentoring – Women’s Business Development Centre)

The Small Business Administration’s Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO) can help turn your dreams into reality. At its centres, women entrepreneurs can get access to credit lines and receive training in finance, business and marketing.

The Small Business Administration also has loan programmes for business owners. According to OWBO, startup owners who work with the business centres have a higher survival rate than other small businesses.

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5. The Women’s Venture Fund | Mentoring Programmes For Women In Business

This is a nonprofit organisation that helps women build successful businesses in urban communities. Offering mentors for female entrepreneurs and small business loans, the Women’s Venture Fund steeply accelerates the growth of startups.

The Women’s Venture Fund offers one-on-one sessions with an advisor. You can meet with the advisor to discuss roadblocks, create a business plan, develop a customer relations plan or review your business’s finances. It also offers in-person training seminars that cover topics such as how to apply for a business loan and how to get free publicity for your company.

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6. Women Who Startup | Mentoring Resources For Women Small Business

Women Who Startup is a global network of female entrepreneurs. It connects you with professionals to collaborate on ideas and projects to build your company. It also offers workshops and training programs. The Women Who Startup podcast celebrates women in technology and female entrepreneurs. It profiles successful businesswomen and offers advice on managing and growing your business.

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Bottom Line | Mentoring Programmes For Women In Business

Aside from the resources above, don’t forget to tap into your personal network. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter can be a great resource for connecting with potential mentors. It might also be worth it to consider due-based professional and trade associations which can help provide access to seminars and leadership development courses.

Because mentors can help advise you in everything from scaling to inventing to branding to growing your customer base, having one (or many!) can change the playing field for your business.

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For women business owners fighting the many barriers ahead, having a mentor is key to business growth, development and survival. 

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