How To Calculate Interest On A Savings Account

June 27, 2022

The need to save is as obvious as day. In addition to protecting you from financial setbacks, savings can benefit you in the future, if placed in the correct savings account. Savings accounts are an excellent way to safeguard your money. It has a lot of features that will help you secure and save your money. Savings accounts also pay higher interest than checking accounts, allowing you to earn more money. Creating a savings account is a simple option, but understanding how to calculate interest on a savings account could be complicated. This blog will make it easier to understand what is interest on savings accounts and how to calculate it.

How To Calculate Interest On A Savings Account?

What Is Interest Rate On A Savings Account?

When you receive interest on your savings account, the bank is effectively paying you money to keep your money in the account. Compound interest is earned on savings accounts, which means that the interest you earn in one period is put into your account. Then, you earn interest on that money in your account in the next period. Calculating the actual amount of interest your deposits earn over time requires you to utilise a formula.

Below you will learn how to calculate interest on a savings account, which is critical if you want to maximise your hard-earned money.

How To Calculate Interest On A Savings Account?

In a savings account, simple interest is calculated by multiplying the account balance by the interest rate, multiplied by the amount of time the money has been in the account. Here’s the formula to understand how to calculate interest on a savings account more clearly –


Simple Interest = P x R x N divided by 100

P = Principal Amount

R = Rate of Interest

N = Number of Periods 

For example, assume you have a $10,000 savings account with a 1% annual interest rate. The simple interest for 1 year would be:

Simple Interest = ($10,000 x 1 x 1)/100, which equals to $100.

You can also use a savings calculator to see how much interest you could earn over various periods and rates.

Savings Account Interest Calculator

It’s critical to keep track of how much money you’re saving in your savings account. Interest is earned in a variety of ways depending on the type of account you have. You can use a savings account interest calculator to calculate how much interest you’ll earn on your savings. A savings calculator will save you the trouble of learning how to calculate interest on a savings account manually. 

The savings accounts interest rate calculator requires you to enter information such as your average savings and the bank’s interest rate. You’ll also have to decide whether you want the interest paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. The calculator can be used to calculate the daily interest rate and the savings account interest rate.

How To Earn More Interest On Savings Bank Deposits?

You’ll need to place your money in an account with a high interest on savings bank deposits if you want to earn more interest on your money. Savings accounts with above-average interest rates are common at several banks online. 


  • Which bank is best to open a savings account?

Some of the best banks to open a savings account are American Express High Yield, Capital One 360, Discover Online, Citizens Access, Ally Bank and Citibank.

  • Which bank has the highest interest rate on a savings account?

Synchrony High Yield Savings, Discover Online Savings Account, CIT Bank Savings Builder and Vio Bank High Yield Online Savings are some of the best banks with the highest interest rate on a savings account.

  • What is a good interest rate for a savings account?

The best interest rate on savings accounts is around 0.50%. Savings rates at brick-and-mortar banks are frequently closer to the national average, which is currently 0.07%.

  • Is interest on a savings account calculated monthly?

If your account is compounded daily, your bank will typically calculate your interest every day. However, if your account is compounded monthly or annually, your bank will typically calculate your interest once a month or year.

  • How to calculate interest on a savings account with compound interest?

Compound interest is determined by multiplying the initial principal amount by one and then multiplying the annual interest rate by the number of compound periods minus one.

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