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How to Ace Your Duolingo English Test?

Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test is an English vocabulary test that meets admission criteria at several universities in the United States and Canada for foreign applicants. The Duolingo English Test, unlike the TOEFL and IELTS, is taken from your machine on demand. What does the Duolingo English test cost? What is the Duolingo English test fee? Just $49!

Here are some tips and tactics to help you understand the Duolingo English test pattern, train and ace the exam in one go. Also you will find Duolingo English test sample questions towards the end so read carefully.

Take a Sample Test | Duolingo English Test Preparation

A sample test will familiarize you with the types of questions on the Duolingo English Test that you will face. The sample test is easy and can be taken as many times as you like. The sample test offers an estimated score range when you complete it. Bear in mind that the test sample is shorter (only eight minutes), and the range of score is unofficial and less precise.

You will have access to the practice test once you sign up and will have a separate set of questions every time you do the exam.

Improve Your Grammar and Vocabulary Skills

Vocabulary and grammar skills in every language are the building blocks of successful communication. Vocabulary requires knowing, meaning, and proper use of a vast vocabulary of words. Grammar skills include the proper use of the different functional elements of language, such as punctuation, rules of sentence structure, tense forming, etc.

Accent and Pronunciation | Duolingo English Test Practice

Accent: You can hear either British or American accents in both of the listening exercises. Although both are mostly neutral and very easy to understand, it is best to familiarize yourself with them. Ensure that you choose high-quality American / British origin programs, which are excellent starting points for CNN and BBC.

Pronunciation: Likewise, the pronunciation of words must be familiar to you. The sources you use for focus can also help you out here. You should search for terms that are usually mispronounced as an optional practice and make a list. In doing so, you are likely to prevent errors. 

Understanding Inference and Implication

These constitute another set of skills necessary for your skills of understanding.

Inference applies to the sense that you can get from what a speaker says, even though it is not precisely what the reader is saying. Implication refers to the interpretation given without saying it at all by the speaker.

duolingo english test pattern

Get Help | Duolingo English Test Practice

Having input is an incredibly valuable opportunity for speaking and writing exams, which you would not, sadly, get from the practice test. Take note of some of the subjects provided for both speaking and writing. Play for them outside of test conditions, i.e., you can record yourself on your computer for the talking test while you can write in your word book for the writing test. 

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How to Get the Test Done?

Do Not Hurry

You can see a countdown ticking as you attempt the test. But let it not scare you!

The test is intended to give you as much time as you need to complete the assignment-you are likely to finish earlier than planned. So take your time with the assignment.

Take the Time to Prepare

Some of the assignments require you to think a little before you start, such as writing tasks.

Take some seconds to analyze the image in the ‘Describe Image’ task before you start writing. Likewise, do the same for the ‘Write short passage’ assignment. You will be able to compose smoothly when you have a structure in mind, without too many erasures or mistakes. This is where being acquainted with the Duolingo English test pattern will be of huge help.

Rely on Your Points 

You will be provided with a few prompts to cover for the speaking task. Think about your subject during your Duolingo English test preparation time of 30 seconds while also skimming through the prompts. You’ll be able to maintain a healthy flow of speech by concentrating on these issues.

Pay Attention 

For listening tasks, this is particularly important, especially the ‘Form recorded sentence’ task. You will be provided with two replay options, which will be useful to you if you are unable to recall any part of the sentence when performing the task.

Check Your Task Before Sending It

This one is imperative. Do not hurry to press ‘Send’ if you still have time left on the clock, instead use the time to skim through your task, keeping a lookout for any unintended spelling mistakes, forgotten punctuation, and so on. Check out a Duolingo sample English test. This is where being acquainted with the Duolingo English test pattern will be of huge help.

Preparing the Environment

Since you are taking the Duolingo English Test online from your phone before you take the test, you’ve got to have:

  • A Photo ID provided by the government
  • A well-lit, peaceful room
  • About an hour of uninterrupted time
  • A machine fitted with a camera facing the front
  • A compatible browser and an Internet connection

A writing section and a video interview are included in the Duolingo English test free. Both are included when you share with a university your results. This is a perfect opportunity for foreign admissions workers to learn about you and demonstrate yourself and your ability to speak English. For each video interview and the Duolingo English test sample questions, you have a choice of two query subjects. You’ll then talk for a minute or three and compose for up to five minutes.


1.Is the Duolingo English Test hard?

Duolingo is shorter than IELTS, but to complete the questions within the allotted time, one must be proficient in the language. Any test’s level of difficulty is subjective, but Duolingo is just as challenging as the other two English language competency exams, TOEFL and IELTS.

2.Is Duolingo easier than IELTS?

IELTS is undoubtedly a longer and more in-depth exam that is meant to provide you with a complete picture of your level of ability. The material for Duolingo’s English Test is comparable in difficulty to that of IELTS, but since the test is shorter, the overall experience is considered easier. 

3.How much does the Duolingo exam cost?

The fee for the Duolingo exam is $49 plus any applicable taxes.  

4.What is the passing score in Duolingo?

The minimum score to pass in Duolingo is 10. On a scale from 10 to 160, with scores in multiples of 5, the overall Duolingo English test scores are reported. The Duolingo score ranges provide a basic indication of a person’s level of language comprehension.

5.How long do Duolingo results take?

Within 48 hours, the student receives an email with the results of the Duolingo English test.

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Duolingo English Test

How to Ace Your Duolingo English Test?