How To Graduate Early And Start Earning Before Your Peers

July 29, 2021

How To Graduate Early And Start Earning Before Your Peers

There are so many reasons why a student would want to graduate early, maybe you want to start an internship, go to college early or look forward to jumpstarting the workforce. If you graduate early, you obtain the same diploma as your peers who are from your high school. The transcript that you receive will not mention that you have graduated early, apart from the fact that it will have less number of semesters than any other conventional high school transcript. But if you decide to graduate early and start earning before your peers then you are already ahead in the game. 

If you choose to graduate early, you need to gain a school advisor’s support along with the school administration and guardian. Choosing to graduate early has many advantages as well as a few challenges that one has to face. Make sure you know the process meticulously so that you don’t make trivial mistakes. 

5 Steps That Will Guide You To Graduate Early

1. Determine The Timeline

When do you want to graduate? The simple questions are; do you want to graduate a year early or a semester early? When figuring out your timeline, remember that it is easier and feasible to graduate a semester early than an entire year. Because the workload and stress of finishing courses can really become hectic. If you choose a semester early, you finish schooling in December. And if you choose to start college in September, you have 8 months to work or intern and earn money.

2. Figure Out The Number Of Credits You Require To Graduate

Once you have decided when you want to graduate, it’s time to understand the scores. Different high schools have different credit systems. Understand yours or ask your academic mentor to find out the credit score that you require. Once you know the credit score you already have and what is left for you to obtain, you can move on to the next step that is the classes you need. 

3. Learn About The Classes You Need To Graduate

It’s time you understand which classes you need to take, look at your academic handbook or ask a mentor in your high school. They usually need you to have a certain number of English, Math, Social Studies and Science, as well as miscellaneous classes like Art or Gym. Make a list of the required classes that you have not yet taken. Keep in mind that most high schools need four years of English but a lesser number of years for other core subjects. 

4. List Down The Colleges You Want And Figure Out Which Classes They Require

A lot of times, the colleges you need have different requirements and the bare minimum high school requirements are not good enough. Check out the subject requirements of the colleges you are interested in and add those additional classes to your high school list. If you want to be a part of more competitive colleges then you might have to take four years of subjects like Science and Math. 

5. Make A Schedule For The Rest Of Your Classes

Once you know how many credits you need and which classes you want to take, it’s time to make a schedule on how you will graduate high school earlier. Start with the classes that you require to graduate your high school then leave extra space for classes that you would like to additionally add to help you get to a particular college. Lastly, understand the credits that you will need to complete. 

Once you have aced all the 5 steps, congratulations! Now you can graduate early and start earning before your peers. Understand that even though this will put you ahead of most of the conventional graduates, it will also require extra hard work and effort. You will be doing everything on a much concise timeline and that will affect your daily schedule and capacity. 

But the question that you may ask yourself is: Should I Graduate High School Early?

After reading this blog and understanding how to graduate high school early, you might wonder if you should actually do it? The answer to this question comes when you think about what you will be doing with the time that you spend in high school. If you have a great opportunity for an internship or apprenticeship where you are getting the right experience and money then this might be the best decision. It will not only put you ahead of your career but also amplify your CV. However, if you choose to spend that time mostly wasting away and working only a few hours then it’s better for you to graduate like other conventional students.

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Make your decision based on what kind of opportunities await ahead. There are things that you don’t know about University life that you need to experience and learn. Don’t stretch yourself too thin, be considerate, and start planning. Good luck!

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