6 Dressing Tips For Students On A Budget

Written by Pareeshti Rao

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July 15, 2021

How Rachel Green always managed to look her best despite facing her ‘broke’ issues every second day will always remain a puzzle to me. If you wish to look fashionable within a budget, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article, we’ve gathered some dressing tips for students on a budget, and hope they add a classy and sophisticated touch to your budget-friendly lifestyle abroad.

6 Fashion Tips For Students On A Budget

When it comes to fashion and dressing well, there are no hard and fast rules as such. It may be true these tips would work like magic for you but eventually, you’ll figure your way out. Yes, you could take hints from here and there. But once you understand your style, you can set a style statement by yourself and you’ll soon begin to enjoy it. These dressing tips for students on a budget can give you ideas on how to get started, but once you understand your fashion sense, and know the inexpensive yet classy hub that holds your attires, nothing like mixing and matching your tops and bottoms.

What’s Your Fashion?

Most students fall prey to the assumption that reputed brands like Nike or Hermes handbags add extravagance to their overall look. But it’s not just about brands, is it? It’s more on the lines of understanding your fashion sense. If high-waisted jeans and crop tops aren’t your go-to; then no amount of Zara or H&M shopping in that regard would help. Moreover, you need to remember that you’re living on a budget, so understanding your fashion sense is your first tip for getting the hang of student fashion on a budget. 

Decide Your Fashion Budget

Once you’ve understood your style and have defined your fashion sense, the next step in our dressing tips for students on a budget is to decide how much you are willing to spend on your clothing and accessories. If baggy pants, trousers, and loose tees are what you can pull off best, then take a look at stores – both online and offline, that offer your type of clothing, and make a call based on your budget and willingness to spend accordingly. Note that quality matters so spending a little more on something that would last longer, say for months, would make more sense than to spend on something you’re immediately attracted to but wears off by the month-end. Planning well, and in advance, is the key.

Be On the Lookout For Discounts And Sales Sections 

Whether you’re looking at the local stores in your friendly neighborhood, or the branded stores, their ultimate motive is to increase sales. For that, you will notice that discounts, coupons, and offers are somehow prevalent somewhere or the other. One of the handiest style tips on a budget for college-goers would be to watch out for such sales offers. In that way, you can get the trendiest clothes to clothes of your liking within the budget you’ve set aside for your fashion demands. Online discount stores also offer different deals of the day and coupons to lure students to purchase clothes. Do not miss out on such offers. You could save up on a great deal of money just by living off of such deals.

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Accessorize The Right Way

Your plain, dull outfits can look very attractive if you have the right kind of accessories that complement them. Well, in our dressing tips for students on a budget, spending on accessories is a wiser choice. Be it scarves, earrings, bracelets, or chokers, all of these add a flair to your look that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Indulging in accessories is so much more affordable when compared to spending on a shirt/top or a pair of jeans, so you might as well consider having a collection of such types of accessories that go well with all sorts of clothes that you wear. 

Comfort > Style Any Day

During your initial days of college, when you would have just entered your first semester, you will notice that your focus is more towards a style that follows a trend. But gradually, and then eventually, you will notice that it’s all about comfort. One of the most useful dressing tips for students on a budget would be to give preference to comfort over style from the initial stages. That way, you know that your main focus is to save your expenses as much as possible, and more importantly, as early as possible. To add to that, you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing and that’s what counts the most.

Say Hello To Thrift Shops

If you’re someone who finds comfort in trends or style, but you’re also within a budget, thrift shops will be your go-to. Whether you’re looking for accessories, clothes, or shoes and watches, thrift stores will have them all. You may have to do a bit of research regarding the thrift shops around you, but once that’s done, nothing like it. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are gradually becoming marketplaces and thrift stores are taking this opportunity to promote trendy products at extremely low prices with the thought of students like you in mind. So you might as well research well on the best Instagram thrift stores and enjoy your shopping sessions!

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