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Top 5 Sites Offering Amazing Discounted Gift Cards

discounted gift card

Pop Quiz: Is a discounted gift card preferable to a well-packaged gift? While this is situational and partly depends on the individual you’re gifting and their choices, there’s no denying that gift cards have their share of benefits. If you were to collect a few discount gift cards and use them wisely, you would considerably contribute to a drop in your expenditures. Wish to know where you can get discount gift cards online? This blog highlights some of the most reliable websites where you can find cheap gift cards.

Things To Know Before Buying A Discounted Gift Card

Here are some things to keep in mind before making a discounted gift card purchase –

  • Finding gift card discounts and purchasing them can be a fantastic method to save money, but the time-to-savings ratio does not always justify the investment unless purchased in large quantities.
  • Some card sites will purchase back unused cards, but you are unlikely to obtain the entire credit or cash equivalent.
  • Some people buy and sell discounted cards on their own to make a profit.

discounted gift card

Best Sites To Find Discounted Gift Cards

Fortunately, several websites can help you in finding the greatest deals and save the most money on the cards you need. If you have unused gift cards that you want to sell for cash, several of these sites will buy them. This is a list of discounted gift card websites, however, keep in mind that their discounts and criteria are changing constantly, and you should carefully weigh the perks and downsides before making a purchase.

#1 GiftCards.com

Giftcards.com claims to give discounts of up to 35% on gift cards from over 100 name-brand shops. You can find a discounted gift card available as a gift code at times, which means it can only be redeemed online. A physical gift card will cost you around $2 in postage for USPS shipment, which takes five to nine business days. You may select from a wide range of discounted gift cards, including accessories, apparel, entertainment, restaurants, and travel. GiftCards.com, like many other sites, has limited availability of some gift cards, so if you see that the card is in low supply, you should buy it as soon as possible.

#2 Raise.com

Raise.com gives up to 30 % off on their gift cards from over 1,000 retailers. The deals are displayed in a fashion similar to Gift Card Granny, with the largest savings appearing at the top of the list. Many of the savings on this site, however, are in the 1% to 5% area, so you may want to check other sites before purchasing here. Physical gift cards and online vouchers are also available on the website. Shipping is free when ordering a physical gift card via mail.

#3 Gift Card Granny

This website collects discount gift cards from all across the web. Gift Card Granny helps to select gift cards for less than their face value. In some instances, you can purchase unused gift cards from previous receivers. In such cases, you may find yourself purchasing a gift card with an unusual balance, such as 24.13. If you intend to give the card as a present, you should buy one that comes directly from the source or has the entire balance still accessible. When you buy a discounted gift card from this website, you may save up to 65%.  Gift Card Granny has a facility that allows you to check the amount of a card before purchasing it.

#4 Cardpool

When you utilise this service, you may receive cards for up to 35% of their balances. Cards are available in both physical and electronic formats. Some gift cards are also available on smartphones. If you pick a physical card, you will receive free shipping, therefore you will not be charged an additional fee. You may also make a wishlist and sell your unused gift cards. You may even trade in your old unused cards for a new one. When purchasing a gift card, this might be a great method to save money.

#5 CardCash

CardCash provides discounts of up to 35% on gift cards from over 550 stores. The website provides actual gift cards as well as printable e-cards. Standard USPS delivery is free for a physical discounted gift card, and your card should arrive in one to five business days. One of the major advantages of this service is that the discounts appear to be constantly larger than on other sites. For example, they have additional discounted cards at 10% higher rates. 


1. Are there any discounts available for students on gift cards?

Many businesses provide student discounts on gift cards, although the availability and amount of the discount varies. It is always advisable to check with the specific outlet to see whether they offer student discounts.

2. How can students redeem a discounted gift card?

The approach for redeeming a discounted gift card will differ based on the store. Students must generally produce a valid student ID or proof of registration at the time of purchase or redemption.

3. Are there any expiration dates for discounted gift cards for students?

The expiration dates for student discount gift cards will vary based on the business. Check the gift card’s terms and conditions for information about its expiration date.

4. Are there any restrictions on the use of discounted gift cards for students?

The retailer’s restrictions on the usage of discounted gift cards for students will differ. Again, it is recommended to check the gift card’s terms and conditions for details on any restrictions.

5. Can students use discounted gift cards online or in-store?

Whether you may use discounted gift cards online or in-store depends on the store. While some retail outlets may have a mega sale online with a plethora of discounts lined up for students, some may extend the discount offers offline as well to increase their sakes. The terms and conditions of the offers or discounts comprise all the information that buyers should be aware of.

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discounted gift card

Top 5 Sites Offering Amazing Discounted Gift Cards