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Best College Textbook Rental Sites In 2023

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Getting a college education in a budget-friendly manner is essential; for a lot of students today. With the enormous tuition fee along with room and board, spending money on college textbooks can add to your expenditure. The best way to save money is by reaching out to college textbook rental sources. You can now do so by sitting at your home and connecting to various textbook rentals present online. 

Renting college textbooks is far more inexpensive than buying them. And in this blog, you will see some of the best textbook rentals online that will also offer you added perks like returns and free shipping. This way you can not only buy books for cheap but also sell your used textbooks and add that cash to your pocket money! Let’s see some of the ways to do so. 

6 Best College Textbook Rental Sites

Campus Book Rentals

Established in 2007, Campus Book Rentals is one of the first online companies that offered to rent college textbooks. The website offers three options i.e. Semester for 130 days, a Quarter for 85 days, and Summer for 55 days. Each of these periods has a 21-day free return guarantee. This guarantee acts as an assurance that if you are not satisfied with your books or if you end up changing classes, you are not stuck paying for something you aren’t using. 

Once the rental period expires, they send you a prepaid shipping label where you can return your book hassle-free. You can even pay for additional 15 – 30 days if you choose to keep the book a little longer. Along with this if you wish to re-rent the book for any particular reason then Campus Book Rentals offer you discounted rates. The company is students’ top choice to rent textbooks for cheap prices and hassle-free service. 


A premier online store where you can rent textbooks for cheap at highly discounted rates. You can use BiggerBooks to buy or rent physical books, e-books, or even sell your old textbooks once the semester is over. They have an exclusive offer of free shipping for orders that go beyond $59 which in most cases shouldn’t be so difficult. 


Another favourite site to rent college textbooks is Chegg. It is a student’s favourite stop to save money. They can buy and access e-versions of their desired books. Chegg even offers discounts of up to 90%. You can get free access for seven days to an e-version of your preferred book.

If you decide to keep the book that you have rented then the site offers you a purchase option of the rental. The prime reason why Chegg stands out from the conventional book rentals is that it offers students a study tab where all the academic problems posed are answers and access to an online tutor is provided. This acts as a great resource if you wish to have some added help when grasping a selective subject. 

Vital Source Textbooks

With the ongoing pandemic, many colleges in various countries are operating online only. Vital Source Textbooks is a great option for such students as it offers instant access to digital books and holds a broad suite of academic tools. You can download your preferred book titles and then choose to study offline. The features of this site are very distinctive where you can read textbooks on all your devices once you have synced them and add colour coding or any type of annotations if needed. Another excellent feature is the read-aloud function where you can listen and follow along. 


Started in South Bend, Indiana, BetterWorldBooks is an initiative by two college friends at Notre Dame University. They aimed to make textbooks affordable for university students. They wanted to start a company where they can even generate revenue that could fund literacy projects. 

To date, the company has hosted over 28 million dollars for literacy projects and libraries worldwide. They have even donated more than 26 million books. You can rent college textbooks on this site for pretty cheap. They even offer some reward programs that you can take advantage of and redeem coupons to get cash on prizes. 


Their slogan goes “Easy, Fast, Cheap!”, making it perfect for our list. The company offers free shipping on any textbook order that goes over $35. The site has an eWards reward system where every loyal customer gets a dollar credit every time they earn three points. 

eCampus also has some amazing flexibility for rental options. The site allows the customers to sort the book condition from worst to best with online payment options via PayPal. What makes it stand apart from other stores is that the company has international shipping options and periodic promo codes to save more money! 


These websites will surely help you save a good amount of money on college textbooks. By taking advantage of these college textbook rental sites you can save up to 50% – 90% on various textbook costs throughout the year. Whether you rent a book or buy them for cheap, there is no reason for you to break your bank this year. Good luck!


1. Where would you likely find the cheapest college textbook online?

As explained in the above blog, some of the best websites offering textbooks at affordable rates include Chegg, Craigslist, eCampus, Amazon, and more.

2. Are there any websites that give PDF college textbooks?

Yes. Openstax.org is one of the websites that provides college textbook PDFs online with the aim of allowing students to access learning tools online. To make it easier, the website offers its services in both, English as well as Spanish.

3. What are some of the ways to save money on textbooks?

A lot of students’ expenditures are more often than not spent on textbooks, printing, and any other additional course materials. Some smart, quick, and easy ways to save money on the same include: a) Buying used books rather than new ones b) Renting college textbooks from one of the aforementioned websites c) Sharing your textbook is a smart & easy approach, and d) Exploring digital/free options.

4. Are the textbooks on rental sites in good condition?

While the original condition of the book cannot be fully guaranteed, most college textbook rental sources assure good condition of the textbooks. It is the buyer’s responsibility to return the textbook in the same condition as it was. It is also recommended to go through the rental source policy in case you receive a book that you believe is not in its satisfactory condition.

5. Are rental textbooks the same as purchasing textbooks?

Rental textbooks are identical to purchased textbooks, except that the student only borrows the book for a short time. The student must return the book in the same condition as it was received.

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Best College Textbook Rental Sites In 2023