Best Side Hustles For Students In 2022

June 01, 2022

Instead of crunching numbers to save for a large purchase or pay off student loan debt, college students can now work on a side hustle. Customer service positions, taking online surveys, and managing social media accounts for companies or brands are great side hustles to try out. Finding the right kind of side hustle is critical. Side hustles must not interfere with your ability to complete your studies while studying full-time. This guide outlines the best side hustles for college students to start in 2022.

What Is A Side Hustle?

A side hustle is an additional source of income in addition to one’s primary source of income. Part-time jobs and freelance work that make it possible to create your own hours are examples of side jobs. If you are a busy student, you can do some of the best side hustles in your spare time to supplement your income for rent and other expenses. There are numerous side jobs available for college students that do not require any special skills or can be built on an existing skillset. If you have good communication skills, you could work as a customer service representative in your spare time.

Best Side Hustles

Best Side Hustles Ideas

College students can find some of the best side hustles in their spare time at home or online, making it easier to meet both sides, pay off loans, or even avoid getting a loan.

With so many options for side hustles, it is best to pick one where the effort required does not outweigh the benefits. College students must make good use of their time. Continue reading to learn about the best and most financially beneficial side hustles to try.

Data Entry

If you want to earn simple and fast money online, data entry jobs are one of the best side hustles. Simply type information into computer software, transcribe audio files, or fill out forms from scanned documents to get this job. Because the work is flexible, this is an excellent side hustle if you want to work from home in the evenings or on weekends. Taking data entry courses will help you secure these jobs at a higher rate as a freelancer while also building a strong reputation for high-quality work.

Freelancing Writer

Working as a freelance writer can provide a good living. Creating high-quality writing in a variety of genres for a variety of clients will help you diversify your revenue sources. You can build a reputation for being dependable and meeting deadlines. 

An Influencer On Social Media

By becoming a social media influencer, you can earn passive income. Influencers have a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. They make money by combining sponsorships, affiliate marketing, advertisements, and subscription packages. Influencers work with niche products to influence people’s buying habits in fashion, health, lifestyle, and entertainment. In 2022, it is a profitable side hustle, with monthly earnings ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Mystery Shopping

One of the best side hustles which could be fun is mystery shopping. You can work as a mystery shopper while continuing your education if you enjoy shopping and have good communication skills. Companies hire mystery shoppers to gather feedback for marketing research. Many brands solicit feedback in order to improve customer service. They interact with employees in-depth and report on the product or employee experience. To get more jobs with higher pay, you can complete a large number of assignments and provide high-quality feedback.


Being a photographer is a great way to supplement your income if you are skilful with a camera, shooting techniques, and editing software. Prepare some photography samples to show prospective clients your talent. The earning potential of photography depends on your level of skill and experience.


If you have strong editing skills, consider proofreading jobs in your spare time. Proofreading services are required by students, writers, bloggers, and business owners alike. You can market your skills by creating an online profile on Upwork or other freelancing platforms. You can also help your fellow students by proofreading their projects or homework.

Clothes For Sale

You can supplement your income by selling the clothes that are taking up extra space in your closet. Many good-condition items can be sold on the reselling market. You can declutter any out-of-date dresses, shoes, or bags. Poshmark, eBay, and other mobile app marketplaces can assist you in selling your clothes.


Another way to earn money is to look for survey sites that offer paid surveys online. This job takes time to accumulate a decent amount of money, so despite being simple, this stream would not be a top earner. Survey Junkie is a well-known website where you can sign up to take surveys in exchange for rewards or cash.

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