30-Day Productivity Challenge You Should Follow To Become Champion

July 01, 2021

30-Day Productivity Challenge You Should Follow To Become Champion

Have you always wanted to live that perfect life with maximum productivity, the highest efficiency, and negligible distractions? Most of us always dream of having that ideal life but very few actually inculcate the required values and ethics in our everyday lives. Want to know the reason? The answer is the process. Working on daily habits and taking efforts consistently for a few months is seemingly difficult for all of us at the beginning. Hence, not many make it to the other side of the bridge. However, I wish to help you out here in the best possible manner. Achieving maximum productivity is possible if you streamline your daily routine with this 30-day productivity challenge. Yes, you read that right. Just 30 days.  

Most Effective 30-Day Productivity Challenge

Whether you want to improve your time management skills or prioritizing skills, the following 30-day plan will definitely help. Remember, the entire schedule is a cumulative one. Meaning, every day you have to start with something new and continue doing it for the rest of the month. You will have a new challenge to deal with every day on top of previous challenges. You guessed it right, on the 30th day you’ll have 30 productive habits inculcated in your lifestyle if you follow them. 

Day 1: Create A To-Do List 

At the end of your work-day or in the evening, plan your tasks for tomorrow and prepare a to-do list. Preparing the day before will give you time tomorrow morning to mentally prepare for your day rather than plan the day. Don’t write your to-do list first thing in the morning because that will cut into your morning routine when you are most alert. Instead, give yourself time in the morning to begin herculean tasks.

Day 2: Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

The most successful people wake up early. When you get up early your mind is more alert because it is refreshed. You can also get a jump start on knocking important tasks off your list. The early hours can also be used to exercise, meditate, or start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Day 3: Put Your Phone on Silent Mode While You Work

While working through your tasks, put your phone on silent or turn off your phone. This way you’ll stay away from social media notifications. Also, you will minimise the distractions and tempts to check the alerts. Do not check your phone while you are working. Checking your phone in between snatches away the quality of your work, and tasks will take twice as long to accomplish.

Day 4: Clean Your Workspace

Cluttered workspaces lead to stress because it’s harder to find the documents you need. Take some time today to clean up your desk space. This will lift your mood and definitely increase your efficiency. Hence, cleaning is an integral part of this productivity challenge.

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Day 5: Drink A Glass of Water 8 Times Today

Often we get engrossed in our tasks and forget to take care of basic needs. Don’t forget to drink water throughout the day! Drinking water will improve your quality of work. Start by drinking at least one glass of water when you first wake up. 

Day 6: Set Deadlines For Your Tasks

Deadlines will give you a framework of when your task should be achieved. Set realistic deadlines for your task based on your past experiences. I hope you know about Parkinson’s law. 

Day 7: Create Goals/Targets For This Week And This Month

Goals are relatively easier to achieve when they’re broken up into steps. Look at your big goal of the year and break it down into monthly bite-size goals. Write down the goals for each month in your planner. 

Day 8: Focus on One Task At A Time

Focusing on one task will reduce the amount of time it will take to finish your tasks. It will also eliminate distractions to a good extent. 

Day 9: Prioritise Completion of Important Tasks Before Working On The Easier Tasks

The biggest tasks of the day can seem daunting, so try and knock these tasks out first while you’re alert in the morning. By knocking out these big tasks you will get that sense of accomplishment and motivation to deal with the rest of your tasks done on your list. This is an important part of the productivity challenge.

Day 10: Work In Time Intervals

Figure out a productivity time schedule that works best for you and plan breaks in between each bout of work. If you don’t know where to start just try 50 minutes of work with a 10-minute break. You can, later on, adjust the time interval that works best for you.  This is one of the best action plans to increase productivity!

Day 11: Schedule Long Breaks In Your Work Day

To avoid getting burnt out on tasks, plan a break period in intervals throughout the day. You can take an hour-long break after practicing 4 sessions of 50 minutes work and 10 minutes break.  The most important part of an uninterrupted break is to give yourself some time to rest your eyes and your brain.

Day 12: Check Your Email Less Frequently

Constantly checking emails will eat up a lot of your work time throughout the day. Take the time today to unsubscribe from unwanted emails. This is an easy action plan to improve productivity at work!

Day 13: Download An App To Improve Efficiency

There are many apps available for improving productivity. Popular productivity apps include meeting schedulers, planners and productivity software. All of these business tools can save you time in the day. Try using one of them today.


Day 14: Schedule 30 Minutes of Exercise

It’s unnecessary to spend hours at the gym to see benefits, you can start by walking or jogging for 30 minutes each day. Studies show that by adding a daily exercise routine your mind becomes more alert and you are able to boost productivity. 

Day 15: Get More Sleep

Sleep deficit can hinder productivity by limiting concentration and slowing down decision-making. Sleep allows the brain to reset itself which will lead to processing information more efficiently. Aim to achieve 8 hours of sleep, starting tonight!

Day 16: Choose One Good Habit You Want To Develop And Commit To Doing It

Plan a habit you would like to gain for a short-term period. Next, revise your habit so that it is specific and realistic. Use a short-term time frame to prove to yourself that you’re capable of committing to this habit for the long term.

Day 17: Choose One Bad Habit You Want To Develop And Commit To Losing It

Similar to creating a habit, choose a specific and realistic habit that you can eliminate. The goal is to create more time in your day.

Day 18: Strike Out Tasks That Consume A Lot of Time

Identify the top five tasks last week that produced 80% of your results. Then identify the other tasks that were part of your day. Did you see any results from the other tasks that produced only 20% of your results? If not, consider cutting these out of your weekly routine. This is an important part of the productivity challenge.

Day 19: Learn Something New From A Book Or From A TED Talk

At the end of your day today, choose one resource whether it be a chapter in a book, a podcast, or a TED talk that focuses on productivity. This will serve as daily motivation for you starting today.  

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Day 20: Revise And Improve Your Tasks

From time to time it’s good to revise what you have accomplished. Review what you have done well and what you can improve upon. This is an important part of the productivity challenge.

Day 21: Turn Off The TV

Instead of watching TV, spend the end of your day today reading a chapter in a book or meditating. You can also use this time to brainstorm new projects! Of course, it’s important to wind down, but don’t fall victim to binge-watching your favorite show.

Day 22: Finish A Long Undone Task Or Solve A Problem

We all have that one task that keeps getting thrown to the next week, never to get done. Stop procrastinating. Use this day to get this task knocked off of your list once and for all. 

Day 23: Reevaluate Your Goals

Evaluate your weekly tasks and daily tasks for the last 3 weeks. Are you feeling burnt out? Were you able to finish all of your tasks? Use this time to add and or eliminate any tasks in your routine that are unrealistic. You will make your day more efficient and get more results with attainable daily and weekly goals.

Day 24: Find Your Motivation

Even with our passion projects, we get burnt out, especially as we start seeing the end of the project. Take this day to analyse what may be making you feel uninspired or stuck. If you feel unproductive, here are ideas you can brainstorm: What is the cost of not achieving your tasks? What are the benefits of achieving your tasks? You can also make a public commitment that you will achieve your goal. Find your motivation today that will drive you ahead. 

Day 25: Fill Your Workspace With Motivational Quotes

You can place motivational quotes in the background on your computer, the background of your cell phone or you can print out quotes for your office space. Have motivational quotes surround you to give you that extra push for productivity. 

Day 26: Say No When You Have Too Much On Your Platter

Don’t be afraid to say no when your plate is full. Saying no will help declutter your planner and de-stress your life. 

Day 27: Reduce Meeting And Call Times

Cut down on any unproductive time before or after a call or a meeting. You can also let people know delegated times that are best to call you. 

Day 28: Keep A Notepad Handy For Ideas

As you work throughout the day, you may come up with innovative and creative ideas. To avoid distracting yourself from the task at hand, keep a pad of paper handy to jot down your ideas. At the end of the week, you can take the notepad out and see if any of these tasks are worth adding to your plan for next week or down the road.

Day 29: Reward Yourself

Whether you improved your productivity or kicked a bad habit, make sure you reward yourself. By adding positive reinforcement you will continue to want to be productive with your tasks. Ensure your reward is healthy and meaningful.

Day 30: Review The Entire Month of Productivity

How did your 30 days of productivity go? Take the time to reflect if you were able to accomplish more tasks. Were there any tips that dramatically improved productivity? Were there any productivity tips that didn’t work for you? Continue to regularly implement the productivity tips that worked for you. Always aim to streamline your daily routine!

That’s it for this blog. Hope you enjoyed reading the 30-day productivity challenge! Cheers!

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