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  1. 2022-06-29T16:59:27

    The United States, Germany, and Norway are among the countries that provide tuition free universities for international students. Many European countries provide free tuition to their residents, however, due to new restrictions, their tuition-free policy does not apply to overseas candidates. Tuition-free policies only apply to citizens of European Union countries, and for other countries, […]

  2. 2022-06-29T16:48:56

    What Is Education Tax Credit? Taxpayers who pay eligible higher education expenditures for a qualified student to an authorized educational institution, such as a college or university, are liable for education tax credits. The American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) and the Lifetime Learning Credit are two types of education tax credits. How Does It Work? […]

  3. 2022-06-29T16:32:01

    Many people begin to doubt if they are financially ready and capable of handling their money in times of economic volatility, such as the recent downturn caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Some people may be learning how to budget for the first time, particularly if they are concerned about losing their job. Others may be […]

  4. 2022-06-01T23:12:59

    Instead of crunching numbers to save for a large purchase or pay off student loan debt, college students can now work on a side hustle. Customer service positions, taking online surveys, and managing social media accounts for companies or brands are great side hustles to try out. Finding the right kind of side hustle is […]

  5. 2022-04-01T18:36:39

    Individual growth and development are founded on education. It serves as a springboard for career advancement. A good education is required for a brighter future. Recognizing the value of education, Dena Bank provides loans for higher education in India and abroad. Dena Bank education loans assist deserving students in achieving their goal of attending a […]

  6. 2022-03-02T22:55:55

    With the rising cost of education, an increasing number of students are turning to student loans to cover their educational expenses. To accommodate this demand, banks and non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) are stepping in to give loans at extremely low-interest rates. Students have a variety of options to choose from depending on their needs (loan […]

  7. 2021-12-10T20:06:07

    Did you know that millennials comprise the largest proportion of the present workforce? Despite this, the last decade witnessed several millennials on the constant lookout for jobs as the unemployment rates kept declining. To make ends meet in the face of severe job competition and a 10% unemployment rate, many millennials, particularly recent college graduates, […]

  8. 2021-11-18T14:57:22

    If you intend to travel overseas for your higher education, taking advantage of student flight discounts will be one of the most cost-effective strategies to minimize your travel expenses. Being a student is a huge advantage because airlines frequently provide special offers and discounts for students, and not knowing about these deals would only work […]

  9. 2021-10-19T21:29:20

    According to studies, remote employees are happier, more efficient, and earn more in aggregate than their non-remote counterparts. If you’re considering working from home, the excellent thing is that remote employment is available in a variety of areas, including healthcare, education, and marketing. In other words, it’s not only customer service jobs—though there are plenty […]

  10. 2021-10-08T19:04:59

    While many movies are purely works of fiction or exaggerate real life events, it’s possible to get some important insights into money management. Money lessons from movies can range from warnings against spending too much money you don’t have, to avoiding gambling, setting aside funds to invest, and how to set up your family for […]

  11. 2021-09-15T23:18:44

    Personal finance is important and with the right books, you can manage your money flow better. All you need to learn is personal finance basics. Some of these include why paying yourself first pays off or how to manage your debt. Once you read these personal finance books, it will help you become smarter and […]

  12. 2021-09-11T16:03:33

    There are many facts about Amsterdam that many of us don’t know about. Here are some fun facts about Amsterdam that are exciting and unique! Basic Facts About Amsterdam Amsterdam Is Sinking The whole of Amsterdam is entirely built on water! Facts about Amsterdam, you might notice how some buildings are a bit lop-sided, it’s […]

  13. 2021-08-23T22:05:55

    Let me guess. You have a resume, but it’s not landing you the job interviews you really want. Maybe you’ve submitted your resume to dozens of companies. In this blog, I’m sharing a proven strategy that will help you as a student, achieve things like landing a job with good pay or even landing a […]

  14. 2021-07-09T20:18:43

    Data science is prevalent in all industries today, given the massive amounts of data produced on a daily basis. If you’re planning to venture into the field of data science, let me tell you that it is one of the most debated topics in the industry these days. Whether you’re looking at big organizations and […]

  15. 2021-06-08T01:42:17

    Splitting the bill while sharing a living space with your roommates might be difficult. Do you split the bill equally or itemize everything for everyone? What is the appropriate amount for each person? Even more complicated is sharing big expenditures like rent, electricity, and keeping your flat supplied with toilet paper. Well, I’ve got some […]

  16. 2021-06-05T00:17:04

    We’re all aware that paying off debt is critical. When you’re trying to keep up with all of your other payments and financial commitments, student loan debt can get lost in the clutter. There’s no reason to be alarmed if you miss a single student loan payment. You may avoid damaging your credit score and […]

  17. 2021-04-14T18:43:47

    Before I get into the specifics of the best student accommodation in Dublin, let me give you a quick history lesson on the etymology of ‘Dublin’. The word Dublin comes from the Irish word “Dubhlinn” which is composed of two words, “dubh” meaning “black, dark” and “lind” meaning “pool”. It refers to a dark tidal […]

  18. 2021-04-01T09:16:28

    A WES/EP evaluation is a credential evaluation which compares the academic achievements to standards in the United States or Canada. This research assists educational agencies, employers, licensing boards, and immigration officials in further understanding the educational record. You may also move to an Overseas Certification Advantage Kit (ICAP), which ensures  your checked transcripts and assessment […]

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