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Education Loan Eligibility

Calculate the eligibility for your student loan with this basic calculator. It will assist you in calculating the amount for which you are eligible. You will have your loan application rejected if you apply for an amount greater than you are eligible for. Your valuable time and money will be lost, plus you will have no idea of the exact sum you should apply for.

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UniCreds allows you in a matter of seconds to grasp your eligibility for student loans! Until applying, use our education loan eligibility calculator as a guide to help you find the amount you are eligible for and other general conditions according to your eligibility. Based on your personal/employment/income information and that of the co-applicant, the education loan eligibility calculator assists in getting the approximate loan amount you are eligible to borrow from the bank or NBFC. The calculator takes a few simple pieces of information into consideration and calculates the sum that the bank and NBFC will borrow from you. Getting a good idea of how much you can borrow is the reason why you need to use the eligibility factor.

Student loan eligibility or "educational loan eligibility" varies on the basis of monthly commitment and monthly income from person to person. This student loan eligibility calculator is for you if you are wondering what amount you will get as an education loan. This calculator is designed to keep the eligibility of student loans in India in mind so that before applying for the loan, you know the maximum amount you can receive.Fill in the time periods and interest rate to get the sum you can get as an education loan if you want to verify your education loan eligibility. This Education Loan Calculator for your independent use is made available to you as a self-help tool. We do not guarantee its reliability or applicability to your conditions. The aim of this tool is not to provide investment, legal, tax, or accounting advice. The statistics are for illustrative purposes only and are symbolic. For personalized review, supplementary information or guidance, we invite you to consult UniCreds.