Eligibility For Student Loan

Citizenship or residency:  Most student loan programs are available to citizens or permanent residents of the country where the loan is being offered.

Age: Typically, student loans are available to individuals who have reached the age of majority (18 years or older). Some countries may have specific age requirements.

Enrollment status: You need to be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible educational institution, such as a university, college, vocational school, or other accredited program.

Loan limits:  There are usually limits on the amount of student loans that can be borrowed annually and over the course of your academic career. These limits can vary based on the loan program and your level of study.

Selective eligibility: Certain loan programs may have specific eligibility criteria for specific populations, such as graduate students, military personnel, or individuals pursuing certain professions.

Loan repayment history:  If you have previously received student loans, your repayment history on those loans may be considered for eligibility or loan terms.

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