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What Is The Importance Of English In University?

Getting familiar with the English language is not only useful for students but is also a fun experience. English is the official language of over 67 countries and that is why it is referred to as the ‘Global language’. You’ll notice how English is crucial at every point in time, whether it comes to preparing for your tests, giving interviews, studying in an abroad uni, attending lectures, socializing with friends, or even getting placed upon graduation. In this article, you will understand the importance of English in university, and how learning the language is going to help you in the long run, if not now.

Importance Of English In A Student’s Life

The importance of English cannot be overstated, given its widespread acceptance and comprehension globally. Whether a student is pursuing their education, a future profession, or simply being accepted into society, the importance of English in university cannot be overlooked. 

The Internet Loves English 

The internet uses English as its primary language. People who can communicate in English have greater opportunities to use the internet. It is the internet’s global language. The majority of search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, are in English. Almost all of the material available on the internet is written in English. Even when studying at your uni, you’ll get your study material via PDFs, word docs, or emails. All of this information is usually passed on to students in the universal language, commonly accepted by international students and locals alike – English. That is where the importance of English for higher education surfaces.

The Language Of International Communication

Language is the primary means through which individuals communicate and socialize. The national languages and sublanguages of each country and area are different. It’s very difficult to learn and understand every language because there are 100+ languages in the world. English is the common language and is very important to master for communication with people from all over the world. The importance of English in university when it comes to communication can be seen in many ways. At your uni, you may wish to interact with your peers, friends, classmates, or the staff. You need to understand that English is the common ground for all that will break barriers and help bridge gaps, just through simple communication. There are commonly used English slang words by college students that you can refer to.

English Opens Career Opportunities

People who can speak and comprehend English can easily find a job in many large and multinational firms. Starting from placements, part-time jobs, and internships, to getting an opportunity as a full-time job purely based on your English language skills, you can see the importance of English in university. Some of the most common careers that you can take up just by knowing the language are:

  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Anchoring
  • Reporting
  • Client Servicing

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Importance Of English For Going Abroad

Whether you’re applying for a visa or maintaining a study abroad checklist, you will start to understand the reasons why knowing English is important. You will have to attend visa interviews where you may mention why you’re going for your abroad studies. If you do communicate well, the chances of your visa application being rejected are slightly higher. Not just that, when it comes to booking your student accommodation, most of the properties available include details written in English. Likewise, booking your flight tickets, commuting to your uni, going to restaurants, everything requires communication in English. Understanding the importance of English is essential, not only after going to your uni, but even during the pre-university preps which include tests, giving interviews, applying for scholarships, and many more.

Importance Of The English Language For Students In Education

In most schools, colleges, and universities, English is the medium of instruction, especially if you’re studying abroad. For understanding books, lectures, assignments it’s necessary to learn English first. Most of the students want to go to foreign countries to study. Survival without understanding and speaking the language in foreign countries is very difficult. Most of the science subjects and upcoming technology and inventions are also taught in English. Medical Science, Engineering, and Law are 3 main areas of studies where you will understand the importance of English in university. 

Medical Science

Almost all kinds of medical science books are written in English, for study and learning those books understanding the language is very important. All kinds of medical laboratory devices and gadgets are also in English, so for doing practical works and using medical devices and gadgets, getting a hold of the language is a must.


Most law schools communicate in English. Law books and documents are also mostly available in English usually. Whether it is for presentation, communication, or interpretation in the court, English is a mandate.

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