Top 7 Important Benefits Of Early Education Loan Repayment

Written by Muskan Behune

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October 31, 2020

Many college students complete their degree with student loan debt and need to carry that debt with them throughout adulthood. But carrying that student loan debt may be hurting you.

You may be thinking if you should include your student loans in your debt payment plan or if you should not worry about paying off your student loans early. It’s always better to pay off your education loans as soon as possible.

Though getting out of debt fast sounds great, the reality is, it’s not doable for everyone. There are some reasons because of which students are not able to repay their education loans early. Before you jump into a plan to wipe out your student loan balance, take stock of your whole financial situation and keep these points in mind

  • A healthy emergency fund can help you escape going into debt when life gives you an expensive surprise. Prioritize setting up a savings reserve of three to six months worth of your necessary expenses before aggressively paying down student loan debt.
  • Student loans have comparatively low-interest rates, analyzed with other forms of credit like personal loans and credit cards. Compare the interest rates on your other debts when concluding what to tackle first—student loans probably won’t be the first thing you want to get rid of if your main goal is to save money by getting out of debt.

If you’re able to repay your education loan, there are several good reasons to focus on repaying off your student loans as soon as possible. As there are several benefits of early education loan repayment.

  • Your Debt-to-Income Ratio

One great reason to pay off your student loans early is that it will drop your debt-to-income ratio. That means that you have more money available with you when it is time to purchase a house or to borrow money for a car.

If you pay off your student loans early, you will not only be free of those monthly payments, you’ll also be able to reach your other financial goals more easily. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to invest the money you’d otherwise be sinking into your student loans. Then you’ll really be able to focus on building wealth.

  • The Tax Break

One common misinterpretation about student loans is that you should keep them for the tax break. This may be the sufficient reason to put the student loans at the end of your debt snowball, but you should understand that you can only deduct $2,500 off your taxable income. This reasoning also begins to phase out when making between $75,000-$80,000 per year, and after that, you are no longer eligible for the deduction.

This amount is nominal and you may pay much more in interest than you’d save via the tax break over the life of your loans. It is always advised to get rid of the student loans rather than hanging on to them for a tax break.

  • It’s Costing You

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Even if you take advantage of the student loan tax break, you need to consider how much money you are losing every month due to both your early education loan repayment as well as the interest. Depending on the amount of student loan debt you have, your payment may take up a whopping chunk of your budget.

The benefits of paying off student loans early include that you will be able to save up more quickly for your other financial goals, such as saving up for a down payment on your first home, taking a trip abroad, starting an investment portfolio, or starting your own business.

  • It’s Virtually Inescapable

Many people who are overwhelmed by student loan debt anticipate that bankruptcy may offer a quick fix to their problem. However, if you think of bankruptcy, your student loans will rarely be discharged through that process. There are only a few ways you can get rid of your student loans that are also applicable to everyone which are disability, death, or qualifying for certain student loan forgiveness programs.

That’s why you should concentrate on paying off your student loans as early as possible because there’s really no way to get out of it.

  • Get Rid of Financial Worry

If you want to lessen your financial stress, you should focus on paying off your student loans early. Even if your student loans are at the end of your debt payment plan, you can benefit by working on getting out of debt and lowering the amount that you owe.

Getting on a budget, and composing a debt payment plan can help you clear up your debt and make it achievable for you to stop worrying about finance and prepare you for Early Education Loan Repayment. Always try to make it a part of your plan when you first graduate from the university. 

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