Which Bank Is The Best For Securing An Education Loan?

The cost of higher education abroad is a key element that dictates the sort of course a student enrols in, as well as the university they choose. The best way to fund your international studies is to take out an education loan. Various financing options are available from Indian banks, depending on the institution and degree of study. 

Most education loan schemes come with flexible repayment options and allow the borrower to plan his/her finances accordingly. Education loans have a moratorium or holiday period, which is highly advantageous since it gives the borrower a time of about six months after the course is completed. Indian banks allow the education loan repayment to be started after this period or as soon as the borrower has found a job. Students can find education loans that cover 100% of their expenses. This includes the cost of boarding, student accommodation, tuition fees, travel and other related costs for the student.

Before we answer the question – Which Bank Is The Best For Securing An Education Loan? Let’s take a look at the salient features of education loans:

  • Anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 can apply for an education loan to study at any authorised university overseas.
  • Management courses, engineering courses, medical, graduate and postgraduate degrees, arts, architecture, pure science, hotel management, and other courses are all eligible for education loans.
  • Tuition, exam costs, lab and library fees, caution deposit, travel, books and equipment, projects, and study tours are all covered by an education loan.
  • For loans obtained for overseas education, borrowers must put in a margin of 5 % – 15%.
  • During the moratorium period, borrowers have to pay the interest, with the principal payment starting when the loan tenure begins.
  • Education loans can be repaid in monthly instalments through ECS or via post-dated cheques to the bank.
  • Generally, banks sanction education loans with tenure of up to seven years, inclusive of the moratorium period.
  • A co-applicant has to be selected for education loans taken for full-time courses. Co-applicants can include siblings, spouse, parents or other family members.
  • Generally, no security has to be submitted for education loans taken up to Rs. 4 lakhs. Third-party guarantee has to be furnished for loans between Rs. 4 lakhs and Rs. 7.5 lakhs and tangible collateral security is required for loans above Rs. 7.5 lakhs.
  • The Central Government has also introduced an interest rate subsidy scheme for repayments done during the moratorium period for the benefit of the weaker section of the society.

Let’s outline your eligibility to secure education loans! Fill the form in this blog!

Top Banks For Securing An Education Loan 

HDFC Credila 

HDFC Credila is the country’s first dedicated education loan provider. HDFC Credila has spent time and money over the years to establish suitable systems, procedures, and know-how in the education business, and it has a number of databases on the subject. HDFC Credila Financial Services provides education loans to study abroad aspirants from more than 1,000 universities across at least 35 countries.

HDFC Credila Education Loan Features – 

Sr No.FeaturesHDFC Credila Education Loan Details
1)Education Loan AmountMinimum Loan Amount – INR 1 LakhMaximum Loan Amount- INR 40 lakhs (without collateral)Exceptional cases – up to 1 Crore
2)Interest Rates 11% to 12.5%
3)Margin MoneyNIL; Finance up to 100% of the expenses
4)Processing Fee1 % to 1.25% of the loan amount
5)Loan TenureUp to 10 years
6)Prepayment ChargesNIL
7)Repayment HolidayInterest to be paid during the moratorium period; EMI starts after the completion of course + 6 months
8)Countries CoveredMore than 35 countries including the US, Canada, France, Ireland, Dubai, Germany, Australia, Singapore
9)Payments During Study PeriodYes, simple interest; For selected good profiles, partial interest repayment is available.
10) Processing Time3-4 working days after documentation

Axis Bank

Axis Bank was founded in 1993 and operates as an Indian private sector bank that offers a wide range of financial services. An Axis Bank Education Loan can help you finance your international studies at extremely low interest rates. Students may now achieve all of their scholastic ambitions with education loans starting at Rs. 50,000 and low-interest rates. Axis Bank Education Loans promise easy documentation, rapid loan disbursement, tax benefits under section 80(E), lengthy payback terms, and more. 

Features Of Axis Bank Education Loan –

Sr No. FeaturesDetails
1)Loan AmountRs 50,000 – Rs.40 lakh (without collateral)
2)Axis Bank Education Loan Interest RateThe exact rate depends on your profile but typically 11% -13% for loans without collateral given to Prime A and B programs. Higher for non-prime programs. Lower with collateral. 
3)Processing FeeFor Loan up to 20 Lakhs, Rs. 15,000 (refundable) + GST.For Loan more than 20 lakhs, 0.75% of (Loan Amount – Rs. 20 lakhs) + GST (Non refundable).For Example, for a Rs. 21 Lakh loan: 0.75% of (Rs. 21 lakh – Rs. 20 lakh) = Rs. 750 +GST.
4)Loan Tenure20 years
5)Margin MoneyNo Margin up to Rs. 4 Lacs, 5% Margin above Rs. 4 Lacs for studies in India and 15% Margin above Rs.4 Lacs for abroad studies.
6)Moratorium PeriodCourse length + 12 Months.
7)Payments during the study periodFull Interest (SI)
8)Processing Time7 days.

Bank of Baroda

The Bank of Baroda was founded in 1908 and is one of India’s oldest banks. BOB provides a variety of local and international services to its retail and business customers. For many years, the Bank of Baroda’s BOB Education Loan has helped thousands of students realise their aspirations of studying overseas. Female students receive a 0.5 percent interest rate reduction through the BOB Education Loan. Also, being a scheduled commercial bank, Bank of Baroda provides various interest subsidy schemes such as Central Scheme of Interest Subsidy (CSIS) for Economically Weaker sections, Dr Ambedkar Central Sector Scheme of Interest Subsidy for abroad studies for Other Backward Classes and Economically Backward classes & Padho Pardesh interest subsidy Scheme for minority communities.

Features Of Bank Of Baroda Education Loan – 

Sr No.FeaturesDetails
1)Maximum Loan AmountListed Universities: Rs.80 lakhUnlisted Universities: Rs.60 lakh
2)BOB Education Loan Rate of InterestListed Universities: 8.1% for boys, 7.6% for girls, Unlisted Universities: 8.85% for boys, 8.35% for girls.
3)Processing FeeRs.10,000 + GST (Rs.10,000 refundable); In case of Real Estate collateral, additional property valuation charge of Rs. 7,500.
4)Collateral/ SecurityLoan amount must be <= 100% of collateral value.
5)Loan TenureUp to Rs.7.5 lakh: Moratorium period + 10 years. Above Rs.7.5 lakh: Moratorium period + 15 years.
6)Margin MoneyListed Universities: 0Unlisted Universities: Up to Rs.4 lakh – 0, Above Rs.4 lakh – 10%
7)Moratorium Period12 months after the completion of the course.
8)Prepayment PenaltyNo
9) Institutions CoveredClick here


ICICI Bank is a major Indian private sector bank that was founded in 1994. ICICI offers a wide range of credit products, as well as banking and financial services, to fulfil the demands of a wide range of customers. The bank is aware of students’ professional aspirations, which is why it has designed its ICICI foreign education loan to ensure that each student succeeds on his or her route to the future. With a collateral-free loan of up to Rs.40 lakh, tax savings on interest paid u/S 80(E), customizable tenure and repayment choices, and competitive ICICI Bank education loan interest rates, students may fulfil their goal of obtaining a world-class education in top universities around the world.

Features Of ICICI Bank Education Loan – 

S.No.CharacteristicsICICI Education Loan Requirements
1)Maximum Loan AmountRs.1 crore (With Collateral)Rs. 40 Lakhs (Without Collateral)
2)ICICI Bank Education Loan Interest RateStarting @ 11.5% p.a. (linked to their benchmark rate)
3)Loan TenureLoan Without Collateral: For UG – Moratorium period + 5 years. For PG – Moratorium period + 8 years. Loan With Collateral: For UG – Moratorium period + 7 years. For PG – Moratorium period + 10 years
4)Repayment HolidayCourse + 6 Months
5)Margin MoneyUp to Rs.20 lakh: NILAbove Rs.20 lakh: 15%
6)Processing Fee1 % of Loan Amount + GST
7)Processing Time7 days
8)Payments during the Study PeriodRepayment during the study period is mandatory, partial repayment options are available depending on the target course and institute.
9)Courses coveredJob oriented degree or postgraduate diploma/professional courses offered by reputed institutes at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level

How To Apply?

Going to multiple banks to get quotations for your education loans can be a hassle. UniCreds allows you to compare and apply to the best financial institutions that offer the best education loans for your higher education dreams. Here are some benefits of applying for an education loan through UniCreds –

  • Low Time Turnaround

In just a week, UniCreds will get your education loan approved.

  • Doorstep Service

Someone will visit your home to pick up documents for your education loans. To get your loan approved, you need not go to any branch.

  • No Cost to You

Our services are completely free for applicants. We do not charge the applicants any processing fees or commissions at all.

  • Higher Chances of Approval

We approach bank officials immediately to find solutions in the event of any lost records or any roadblocks. This guarantees the quick resolution of problems and dramatically improves your approval chances.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get one step closer to finding your ideal education loan solution! 

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How To Make Money Online In 2021

Sitting at home doing nothing is not an ideal situation. True, 2021 has been tough on all of us, but that doesn’t mean we just roll over and give up. One of the best things about today’s day and age is the internet. Harnessing the power of the internet has led to a number of internet jobs. As per a study, it was observed that more than 70% of people are working from home and that too with little-to-no investment! Many people are looking for online jobs and want to make money without paying any registration fee or incurring any significant investments. This blog will teach you how to make money online in 2021 so that you can live your best life without spending a lot of money!

Online Surveys

This might not sound exciting to you but this is a quick and easy way to make money online. In online surveys, you would only have to fill out surveys, which would take about 10-15 minutes depending on the company’s needs. All of this can be accomplished in your spare time at home. Various MNCs want to know what people think about the products they’ve introduced or are going to launch, so they conduct surveys and pay for that. 

One tip that we can give you is to create a separate email address and forward the surveys to it, otherwise, you may be bombarded with daily survey emails.

Get one step closer to securing a safe and reliable education loan by filling the form in this blog.


Freelancing jobs are ideal since you can offer services according to your capabilities, anywhere and whenever you choose, and make a good amount of money based on your potential. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? You are not bound to work for anyone in particular; you may work from anywhere and at any time that is convenient for you. The best part about freelancing jobs is that you can leave when you want; your clients are temporary. There are various freelance websites where you can easily sign up & get a lot of freelancing jobs. The type of freelancing jobs available in the market is for web development, data entry, content writing, web design, graphic design and much more.

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You won’t believe it but people make thousands of dollars through blogging. This is one of the greatest internet jobs that you can do from home and for free; all you need is some creative writing skills. You may establish a free or paid site that can help you earn a lot of money. You can start writing a blog on any topic that you know, however, ensure that you write quality blogs and then publish them. Here are a few easy steps to start blogging:

  • Choose your niche
  • Register a domain
  • Create a blog
  • Post quality content frequently
  • Start promoting our blog by social media
  • Try and generate traffic from every possible source

Online Tutor

This is the ideal option for you if you want to teach from home and have a passion for doing so. The demand for online tutors is growing every day, and you can earn a decent living by teaching kids online. Because technology has advanced so much, you can now utilise video conferencing, Skype, and other tools to educate students in a more impactful way. The best part is that when you apply for an online tutoring position, you can select the topic that you are most knowledgeable about, and if you are a subject matter expert, you can also give consulting services. Vedantu, Byju’s, Pearson and Tutor are some of the best sites where you can teach online and earn good money.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a unique way of earning money. In affiliate marketing, you must advertise other people’s items on their behalf, and if any sales are made, you will be paid a commission. Because of the rise of internet purchasing, the reach of affiliate marketing is expanding drastically. You can join a variety of online shopping sites, such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Commission Junction, and others, and advertise their items to earn a lot of money. To join them, all you have to do is register and create a free affiliate account, then pick the product you want to promote. 

Captcha Solver

Just like Affiliate Marketing, Captcha Solving is a novel way of making money online in 2021. Captcha entry has grown in popularity as one of the most popular professions that can be done online from home. If you have a few spare hours each day, this is the most popular option to supplement your income. As a captcha solver, you would have to interpret the captcha images and input the required characters. A captcha solver usually has one requirement: excellent typing speed and a PC with outstanding internet connectivity. This implies that the only need is that you be quick if you want to make a decent living. You can earn around $2 for 1000 successful captcha’s entered. There are many companies who provide you with this opportunity but ensure that they are genuine in terms of payment to their employees.

Virtual Assistant

You’re probably wondering what a virtual assistant would accomplish and if it’s even conceivable. Yes, becoming a virtual assistant is doable, and you may earn a decent living doing it. As a virtual assistant, you would operate as a personal assistant for someone online without having to be physically there. This works best in the field of counselling, social media management, graphic designing, tutoring, researching, video editing, etc. There are many companies for which you can sign up and become a virtual assistant and you would be able to earn around $20- $100 for one hour. 

Online Micro Jobs

These are quick micro-tasks that can be completed in a matter of seconds or minutes. It consists of micro-tasks such as searching for a keyword on the web, creating a testimonial, completing incomplete sentences, finding similar images, sharing a page, writing a short article, etc. Hundreds of firms, such as Amazon Turk, MicroWorkers, Clickworker, and others, provide micro employment. You may register with them for free, but you will have to take a few examinations in their member area in order to be picked for the assignments. If you give 2 hours in a day, you would be easily able to earn $500 to $1,000 if you are in the USA, Canada and around Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000 if you are in India.


Everyone knows how famous YouTube is, but did you realise that it can also be a source of income for you? If you are knowledgeable about a subject, you may create a video about it or a tutorial video, monetize the video and earn a lot of money from YouTube based on the number of views it receives. The greatest thing you can do is create your own YouTube channel, create outstanding videos, and join YouTube as a partner, which will allow you to earn money online in 2021. You may produce whatever type of video you like, whether it’s dancing, comedy, singing, cooking, travelling, or anything else you think people might love. You can apply for Google AdSense to get ads between the videos which can benefit you by adding more income.

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Things You Can Do To Pay Your Rent On Time

Checking into your very own student accommodation is a big step for you. Just think about it. You’ve applied to multiple universities, taken numerous tests, written hundreds of essays and now you’ve got your own place in a whole new country! If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is! 

Having your own living space comes with a host of different responsibilities. However, there’s no responsibility more important than paying your rent on time. Because, if you miss several rent payments, you might just be homeless in a whole new country. Sounds scary, right? Well, if you follow these tips on paying your rent on time, then you will be able to enjoy your sweet student accommodation until you graduate! 

UniAcco is one of the leading student accommodation platforms in the world. Get in touch with them today for a free property consultation.

Things You Can Do To Pay Your Rent On Time

Set Up Automatic Payments Online

The best way to ensure you’re always paying your rent on time is by removing the human error factor. There are many property management companies that will allow you to set up automatic online payments. Through this process, your rent is automatically directed from your bank account to the designated payment account. 

This system guarantees you pay your rent on time, without the need for repeated reminders. We recommend that you set the transfer date a few days before your rent is due, as it may require some processing time.

Get one step closer to securing your education loan to study abroad by filling out the form in this blog!

Ask Management To Auto Deduct Payments

A great alternative to setting up an auto-pay system is this. You can coordinate with your landlord/property manager to keep your credit card or debit card information on file. With your permission, they can deduct your rent payments automatically every month, thus taking the responsibility out of your hands and into theirs. Do enquire, however, if they have a secure method of running your card and storing the information. It’s also important to check your bank account regularly to ensure the landlord/property manager is taking the correct amount of money.

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Manage Your Expenses Smartly

A little tact and organisation can go a long way in helping you make your rent payments on time. Making sure all your bills are paid off on priority is an excellent way to establish a sound financial foundation. In most cases, rent is one of the most substantial and regular expenses. If you create a system for taking care of your bills on time, you will be able to meet all your deadlines. 

Create Electronic Reminders 

Computers, mobile phones and tablets are helpful tools that will help you stay on top of your payments. Use a calendar or application of your choice to create a reminder or two for a few days before your rent is due. Ensure that the reminder pops up on your screen and has a sound associated with it. If you are someone who tends to ignore or forget notifications quickly, try setting up as many reminders as you need. You can also program the notification to pop up at times when you are most likely at your desk or near your company. 

Create Physical Reminders

While digital reminders are excellent tools, some people work better with physical notes. If you are one to write physical notes or maintain to-do lists, then use this system to pay your rent on time. Keeping a calendar on your wall with all the due dates marked can help you a lot. 

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Ask Your Friends For Help

When all else fails, you can always count on your friends! You can ask your friends, family or roommates to remind you about your due date. You and your roommate can set up a ‘rent payment night’ each month so that you’ll never have to worry about delaying your rent payments. Your landlord/property manager may even be willing to send you monthly reminders by calling you or emailing you a couple of days before your rent is due. 

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7 Common Student Money Problems And How To Overcome Them

University can be an exciting place for growth and self-discovery, but it’s also a place where many young adults develop poor money management habits. If not addressed, these bad habits can often stick with students long after they’ve graduated. Check out this blog to be aware of the 7 most common student money problems and also learn some tips and tricks to overcome them.

Student Money #1 Problem 

Not Taking Advantage of Financial Aid

By not applying for financial aid, which comes in the form of grants, federal loans and work-study programs, you are creating a mountain of problems that will sting you after you graduate. 


Take time to search for different forms of financial aid. This could mean browsing the internet for scholarships, grants, education loans, etc. One of the best sources of financial aid for students, especially in the USA, is Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). By filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you could get additional funding for your college expenses.

There are organizations out there like UniCreds and UniScholarz that allow students to access financial aid in the most hassle-free way.

With UniCreds, students can find a safe and reliable education loan that covers 100% of their study abroad expenses. Moreover, they can find education loans that are collateral-free and have low interest rates. Simply head over to UniCreds and book a free consultation session with an experienced advisor. 

UniScholarz allows students to find the most popular scholarship programmes in the world, on one platform. Students who wish to study abroad in countries like the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Spain, France, and many other countries, can sign up for free and find the best scholarships that match their academic profiles. Go to the UniScholarz website today and apply to as many scholarships as you like, free of charge!

Student Money #2 Problem 

Not Tracking Your Expenditure

One of the main student money problems is finding out where your money goes. Debit cards and credit cards cause many students to develop bad money habits as there is a fine line between what they can afford to pay for and what they can afford payments on blurs.


Solid money management is being aware of where your money goes. While figuring it out might be laborious, this practice has proven to be very useful even for the most seasoned finance professional. We recommend that you track your spending for at least 2 weeks. You can use a little notebook or an app to track where your money is going. You might want to track what you spend on certain types of expenses, e.g. coffee or drinks out, or maybe tracking what you spend in certain stores. Either way, you need to have at least 2 weeks’ worth of spending information jotted down. And just be sure to track what you’re actually spending, not what you think you should be spending.

Student Money #3 Problem 

Not Creating a Basic Budget

We bet you won’t be surprised if we tell you that one of the most common financial problems for university students is not having a budget. Without the help of a basic budget, students may have a hard time keeping their money in good order. 


You need to first be serious about creating a budget. Start by listing your expenses — such as tuition, rent, books, food, school supplies, computer equipment, clothing and entertainment — and income. Don’t forget to include one-time expenses, which can consist of things like travel costs for spring break and the holidays.

Then you need to set limits to how much you will spend on specific categories. For instance, dining out or entertainment. If it’s your first time creating a budget, you can ask your parents or an older sibling who has gone through the ropes to assist you. Also, if you receive financial aid and get a refund check, which can happen if there’s more money than what’s needed to cover your student account bank balance, develop a plan for how you’ll spend that money. Remember: If it’s coming from student loans, it’s money you’ll need to pay back eventually. So earmarked funds for that.

Student Money #4 Problem 

Not Knowing the Difference Between Wants & Needs

Are you frequently bombarded with photos of enticing items with convenient “purchase now” buttons? Many individuals are more likely to acquire things they don’t need in the digital era. Don’t be a victim of frivolous shopping.


But before you make an impulsive purchase, take a step back and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Will this product make my life easier?
  • How will this product add value to my life?
  • How many times will I actually use this product?

Of course, you will occasionally buy a “want,” but making a 30-day list could help you curb your spending. Make a list of non-essential items that you want, and if you still have that nagging desire for something after 30 days, only then consider making the purchase. Then, look into ways you can get a deal, such as using an online coupon or student loyalty cards or purchasing the item during a sale.

Student Money #5 Problem 

Not Creating A Plan To Pay Off Your Debt

If you have student debt (like repaying multiple student loans) that has slowly accumulated over a number of years, you need realistic debt solutions that work for your lifestyle and not quick fixes that you can’t live with for the long term. 


Keep in mind that dealing with debt sooner rather than later leaves you with a lot more financial freedom. That said, many people delay getting debt help because they’re either embarrassed or don’t know what to do. Here are some tried and tested solutions to dealing with your student debt:

  • Pay more than the minimum
  • Spend less than you plan to spend
  • Pay off your most expensive debts first
  • Buy a quality used car rather than a new one
  • Reduce your grocery bill
  • Get a second job and pay down your debt aggressively
  • Track your spending and identify areas to cut back
  • Get a consolidation loan
  • Speak with a credit counsellor

Student Money #6 Problem 

Not Improving Your Level of Financial Literacy

One of the best things any high-level university could instil in its students is the desire to learn more. However, many graduates still have a very basic level of financial literacy. This problem could leave you with crippling financial debt even years after you graduate.


Any degree of learning from our mistakes is worthwhile, especially when we’re educating ourselves about how to manage our money and debt better. Improving one’s level of financial literacy is always worthwhile. But remember, there’s no sprint to the finish line; it’s all about the journey. Here are some ways you can become a master at managing your finances – 

  • Subscribe to financial newsletters
  • Listen to financial podcasts
  • Read personal finance books
  • Use social media
  • Start keeping a budget
  • Talk to a financial professional

Student Money #7 Problem 

Credit Card Trouble

A credit card is a great tool to help you meet costs, but it is a very bad idea when you have no proper income. Common risks include getting caught in a debt trap and only being able to pay off your interest while making little impact on the debt itself. 


The greatest approach to prevent this type of debt is to avoid it in the first place. If you do find yourself in trouble, prioritise paying off this debt. Cut back on everything you can, seek financial aid from relatives, and search for methods to generate extra money to pay off the debt. If you believe you have the financial acumen to handle a credit card, then read this blog on Best Credit Cards for International Students 2021 to get an idea of the best credit cards in the market.

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8 Ways To Increase Your Pocket-Money Earnings

With the Internet influencing a large part of our lives, the scope for earning money online has increased multifold. The whole work from home set-up and the new norm of social distancing, all because of the coronavirus pandemic, has nudged more people to look for ways to earn money online. That’s why, we’ve come up with an article that encompasses all the tips and tricks you need to know, in order to increase your pocket-money earnings, online! So, let’s get started.

Oh wait, before that. Kindly fill out the form in this blog so that you are one step closer to securing an education loan to study abroad! 

Done? Great! Let’s continue with the rest of this blog.

One of the best ways to increase your pocket money earnings is by – 

1. Freelance Writing

As a university student, you can expect to be writing a lot of assignments. With practice, comes fluency. And when you are fluent in something, you can make money out of it. So when you become a proficient writer, why not consider taking freelance writing gigs? It is easily one of the best paying online jobs for students who have a knack for writing and possess good grammar and research skills. The best part? You will only need a computer with the Internet to get started! 

There are a number of writing jobs on various writing jobs and freelancing sites online. Most freelance writing jobs include writing blog posts, articles and copies for web pages. Do note, however, that you will be given a deadline to complete an article.

Usually, freelance writing jobs pay per word, article or project basis, or based on an hourly rate. 

Another great way to earn some extra money is by being proficient at – 

2. Data Entry

Lately, the importance of simple data has become paramount. Huge corporations are investing millions of dollars in obtaining useful information from the data that they collect. This is called Data Science. However, in order to extract useful information from data, the data first needs to be fed into the system. Here is where you come in and here is where you can easily earn a quick buck. 

Data entry is a straightforward task that students with basic computer knowledge and fast and accurate typing skills can do from the comfort of their computer. Typically, data entry entails quickly and accurately typing in data for clients. Many students supplement their income by working part-time jobs in data entry. On the following websites, you can discover legitimate data entry jobs:

Being a freelance writer or working in data entry isn’t doing it for you? Don’t worry, you can always try being a – 

3. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is someone who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from home. The good thing about this job is that you do not require secretarial or administrative skills to get started. University students can use their organizational and communication skills they have developed while studying to do virtual assistant jobs for people and businesses. They can offer a huge ambit of services such as social media management, research, website maintenance and other services.

Payments vary based on the tasks or services provided, hours done, and other factors. You can work with a single or multiple clients, based on your need for income.

Come on, we’re almost halfway there! Check out – 

4. Translation Jobs

If you are already bilingual or are learning a second or third language, you can use your language talents to supplement your income. 

Fun fact: A person who knows and is able to use several languages is called a polyglot.

Many businesses, such as 1-800-Translate and World Lingo, require assistance in translating a variety of documents, academic papers, audio files, and other materials into another or multiple languages. What’s more? These jobs pay really well! 

If you are fluent in an in-demand language, then you can supplement your income by offering translation services in your spare time. Joining translation companies or freelance sites might help you get translation jobs. Depending on your skill set, you can choose from a variety of translation jobs.

Here’s one of the best online jobs that require minimal effort. Did you know that you can make good money by –

5. Taking Surveys Online

Participating in paid internet surveys is one of the best ways for students to make money quickly. There are numerous genuine survey companies or websites that will allow you to create an account. If you fit the demographic that a survey is looking for, you will almost certainly be eligible to participate. The payouts from taking online surveys won’t push you to financial freedom overnight, but completing surveys for money could provide a small financial boost when you need it. Some of the best websites for taking surveys online are –

  • Swagbucks
  • LifePoints
  • InboxDollars

Here’s another great online pocket-money earning opportunity – 

6. Tutoring Online

A great way to make money is by being an online tutor. As a student, there are plenty of reputable online tutoring jobs you can join to find clients that need tutoring in subjects you are particularly knowledgeable about. These organisations will allow you to apply to become an online tutor and will connect you with students or clients who require assistance in your area of expertise. You can do this job part-time and earn some extra cash to help pay your bills.  

You will require a Zoom/Google Meet account and a high-speed Internet connection to offer tutoring in academic or non-academic subjects. 

Almost home.. Here is the 7th best way to increase your pocket money earnings – 

7. Selling Items on Marketplaces Online

Students can sell not just their old belongings or undesirable products on eBay and other online markets, but also items that they have made themselves. They can also purchase things in bulk from another supplier or at cheaper prices and resell them at higher prices. Moreover, students may get some additional cash by selling their old items on the internet.

You can sell only specific items via some marketplaces while others let you sell a wide variety of used and unused things. For instance, you can sell your used books. Other items include your own products, used clothes, textbooks, unused gift cards, old CDs and DVDs.

The last and final (awesome) way to make some money online is – 

8. Doing Micro Jobs Online

One of the most effective ways for students to supplement their income is to perform tiny chores or provide modest services to businesses and individuals through a micro gig site. There are numerous respectable micro job sites where you may advertise your abilities and services by advertising any job or service that you can offer for a certain amount of money per work or service delivered.

You can use micro gig sites to offer different types of freelance services or to do different types of jobs via your computer. You can do micro gigs for various services such as:

  • Editing articles, academic papers, etc
  • Writing blogs and providing other content support to companies.
  • Designing websites
  • Video editing
  • Designing logos
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO services
  • Maintaining social media profiles

And there you have it! 8 fantastic ways to increase your pocket-money earnings by simply working from home! Let us know in the comments section below if you found this article worthwhile. 

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 14 Unbeatable Ways To Become Rich

If financial success is your goal, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many different ways to become rich. Some millionaires credit their fortunes to a willingness to take intelligent risks, while some credit the self-determination spirit of “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” Other millionaires credit relentless self-improvement, ignoring naysayers, and embracing an appetite for hard work. So if you want to be a part of that exclusive top 1% group, read till the end of the blog to gain valuable tips on how to become a millionaire.

1. Develop A Written Financial Plan

By having a written financial plan, you automatically force yourself to take action. It also guides you in making the right and prudent decisions in order to achieve all of your dreams and goals. One of the main reasons why some people never become millionaires is that they never write down a comprehensive financial plan. 

Get one step closer to securing an education loan to study abroad by filling the form in this blog.

2. Find Ways To Increase Your Income

In today’s economic environment, it is practically impossible to save your way to millionaire status. The first and most important step to becoming rich is to focus on increasing your income in increments and repeating that. Thankfully, you have several options to boost your revenue, like investing in high ROI businesses and side hustling.

3. Increase Your Streams Of Income

Author Thomas Corley reported that 65% of self-made millionaires he interviewed had three streams, 45% had four streams, and 29% had five or more streams. Start a side company, work part-time, make investments, and rent out everything from your home to your car to household items.

4. Automate Your Savings

Want to become a millionaire quickly? Strive to automate your savings. You must develop the habit of saving by contributing to your SIPs or an emergency fund that’s been placed in a money market fund. The only way to make this work is to automate your savings. This will automatically deduct a portion of your paycheck and deposit it in your contributions. It’s suggested that you put 10% toward investments and 5% toward savings.

5. Upgrade Your Skills And Knowledge

Tucker Hughes, who became a millionaire at the age of 22, advises, “Read at least 30 minutes a day, listen to relevant podcasts while driving and seek out mentors vigorously”. To be a millionaire, you don’t just have to be an expert in your field. You need to be a well-rounded genius capable of talking about any subject whether it is financial, political or sports-related. Consume knowledge like air and put your pursuit of learning above all else. 

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6. Live Below Your Means 

It is well documented that the world’s richest individuals are frugal. They do not overspend on designer and luxury things. They are also known for living within their means by owning modest homes and automobiles. For instance, Warren Buffett, one of the world’s richest people, bought his house in 1956 for $31,500, and has never upgraded for something more lavish and large.

7. Lay Off The Credit

If you want to be rich then you’re going to have to lay off the credit. Millionaires are known for keeping their debt under control by using credit sparingly. Take a cue from T. Boone Pickens, who only carries around as much cash as he needs for what he intends to buy.

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8. Associate With Millionaires

In most cases, your net worth mirrors the level of your closest friends. Exposure to people who are more successful than you are has the potential to expand your thinking and catapult your income. We tend to mimic the people we associate with, and that’s why winners are attracted to winners.

9. Create Passive Income

Residual passive income means the assets that pay you monthly for little to no work, or from work you did once but no longer do. Some examples include collecting royalties from books you wrote, selling advertising on your blog or website, or selling digital products like e-books, online courses, online workshops or videos. Dividend-paying stocks can also be a source of passive income. Other alternatives include renting out a room in your home, starting an online business, or signing up for cash-back shopping applications that reward you for purchasing items you already buy.

10. Own Your Own Enterprise

If you want to be wealthy by the age of 30, you should seek wealth-building possibilities that pay off faster than typical long-term investments. One of the greatest ways to accomplish this is to become an entrepreneur and operate your own business. When you own a firm, you have an infinite earning potential, but you also take on greater risk. Most of the world’s billionaires have their own enterprises.

11. Take Risks

Stepping out of your comfort zone is an essential step in becoming a millionaire. Traditional paths, like having a steady job and a fixed check, are safer, but wealth often comes through taking calculated risks. Don’t let fear hold you back. If you dream of something more, learn to embrace different possibilities.

12. Find Good Mentors

The road to success and riches entails negotiating risk and obstacles, which is a hefty task for someone who’s just graduated from university. Having an experienced mentor on your side will be quite beneficial. When you are confronted with a difficulty or experiencing a setback, a good mentor can offer advice and serve as a sounding board. Above all, a mentor understands what it’s like to be in your shoes and can help you look beyond yourself.

13.  Invest In Yourself

Always remember that you are your own greatest resource. You must invest in yourself in order to broaden your alternatives and uncover your greatest prospects. That entails taking a close look at your abilities, interests, and skills and determining the best strategies to maximise your potential.

14. Think Big

Being young and viewing the world through your unique perspective offers you an advantage; you may be able to recognise opportunities that others overlook. Engage your creative imagination and let your inventiveness run wild. Consider things that are larger than yourself.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 14 Unbeatable Ways To Become Rich. If you wish to read some more, check out the following links – 

The Last Guide To Launching Your Business While In College You’ll Ever Need

Google, Microsoft, Reddit, Facebook, WordPress, Dell. We’re all accustomed to the success stories: A college student, usually a prodigy, has a brilliant idea and works day and night, drops out of college and makes it big. 

But what if I told you that you don’t have to be a prodigy and you don’t have to drop out to be a successful college entrepreneur?

The key is to learn to balance schoolwork and the entrepreneurial dream. But that’s easier said than done. In order to be successful, you need a complete roadmap for the future. This blog will help you gain valuable insights on what it takes to become a successful business leader..while still in college!

Here are all the tips you will need to launch a thriving business as a college student – 


Finding your priorities may be difficult. Determine your short and long-term professional goals, as well as how college fits into them. Inquiring about your motivation for education and business will assist you identify the most pressing requirements. Consider the following four questions:

  • Why are you starting a business before graduation?
  • Why do you value staying in school?
  • Can your schoolwork help you build a business?
  • Do you see a future career with your business after graduation?

Clearly define your reasons while answering these questions. Then determine when it is better to compromise study time for business prospects. The urgency of deadlines varies by scenario, but defining priorities can clear your mind for the objective to focus on at any given time.

Utilize College Resources

As part of your tuition, colleges and universities offer several free resources you can utilize while starting your business. Some of the facilities available to you would be free WiFi, copy and print services, online resources, and library materials. These tools can really help progress your business interests. Moreover, you may also be able to get discounts on student software (On average, 63 percent of small businesses spend a quarter of their budget on technology). Many entrepreneurs pay for their startup out of pocket at first, so maximize on resources while they’re free.

If you are looking for an education loan that covers 100% of your study abroad expenses, fill out the form today.

Ask Business-Minded Questions In Class

If you wish to produce a high-quality business product, you will need to test everything meticulously. Your class can be excellent to test new ideas or theories. However, in order to do that you should ask intelligent, business minded-questions. Here are some questions you should ask fellow students, niche demographic organizations, or campus groups –

  • Would you use this business/service?
  • What makes the business desirable?
  • What would you improve?

It will also help to examine your competitors’ sales strategies and test your product at your university. Student entrepreneurs can also be proactive by raising hypothetical business questions during relevant lesson plans or soliciting feedback from fellow students during team assignments. Inquiring will aid in the development of your company strategy and result in improved time management.

Here’s another important blog for budding college entrepreneurs: Why Is It Important To Develop One’s Skill Set

Find Avenues For Funding 

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important factors in the early stages of your business will be funding. As a university student, you can try to secure loans, federal grants, scholarships, fellowships and other channels that offer students financial assistance. Holding an email address ending with “.edu” can be beneficial because there are specific funding options available for student entrepreneurs.

Another great source of funding is Crowdsourcing. It provides one-of-a-kind financial options. This approach assists in the generation of startup income and attracting the attention of enterprises and investors. Reach out to a vast and diverse student community to market your business or product while you’re still in college. You could even organise a campus-wide crowdsourcing event.

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Learn To Say “No.”

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to know your boundaries. As you study in college, be sure to create a routine for your schoolwork and business endeavours. But say “no” to any work that overextends you. If you are invited out for drinks, you can say “no.” Designate weekends for maintaining relationships or enjoy a drink while at a networking or business event.

Find A Mentor

College provides a large network to enable you to meet experienced experts and broaden your horizons. One advantage of college networks is the ability to find mentors. Inquire with mentors whether they can connect you with local businesses, development departments or specialists in the industry. Most college professors are willing to assist student entrepreneurs (as long as your college work is not affected!). Mentors are available to provide sound advice, coaching, and networking opportunities.

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How To Maximize Your Gap Year – 14 Tips

The Coronavirus has caused a lot of uncertainty among students who wish to study abroad. Many universities around the world have announced that they won’t be holding in-person lectures. Instead, they will opt for a blended learning format, which has elements of online and offline lectures. This decision has prompted many students to wonder if they will get the most out of their course under such circumstances. Therefore, they’re taking a ‘gap year’, so that they will be able to attend lectures in person and get the full campus experience.

However, the question is – what will you do during your gap year if you’re unable to leave your house? Well, read on to find out some amazing ways on how you can maximise your gap year. 

14 Ways To Maximize Your Gap Year

1. Learn A New Language

If you’ve always yearned to learn a new language, now is the perfect time to start! One of the best ways to stay motivated is by choosing a language that is relevant to you. This could be the language of the country you wish to study in or perhaps the language your relatives or friends are familiar with. Whatever the reason may be, you’re more likely to stick to learning a language if you will use it in the future.

Check out the infographic below –

Source: Statista

2. Start Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog is a lot of fun! For starters, it is a great way to improve your writing skills (which will help you at university). Another advantage of starting your own blog is that it can be an excellent tool for you to pen down your thoughts and have them shared over the internet. Life today is extremely fast-paced and it’s very easy to not find time yourself. This can result in poor mental and physical health. By starting your own blog, you have the freedom to write about anything and even have it appreciated by readers on the web.  

3. Complete A Virtual Internship

Your gap year gives you an amazing opportunity to rack up some valuable work experience. Ever since the lockdown has been imposed, virtual internships have been gaining a lot of popularity. This type of internship is a great way to enhance your resume and gain connections, all while staying safe at your own home. There are numerous roles for which you can virtually intern, across many different industries. These include software engineering, sports management, content writing, fashion, business administration and much more. 

Students headed to the UK should read this: How To Find A Part Time Job In The UK As An International Student

4. Work Locally To Save Money

Since you’re going to have a lot of free time on your hands, you should consider working somewhere. Your local supermarket or restaurant (when they re-open) is a great way to earn some extra money and also work experience. There are a lot of advantages to working locally. This includes improving time management, customer service skills, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills – all of which are highly sought after by graduate employers.

Fill out the form in this blog to get a free education loan session! 

5. Volunteer To Help During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The world is in need of more people to help out with the Covid-19 crisis. Volunteering to help during the coronavirus pandemic is one of the most beneficial things you can do with your gap year. You can help out in many ways, such as – 

  • Helping with health care.
  • Shopping for vulnerable people in your neighborhood
  • Initiating vaccination drives in your neighborhood
  • Offering telephone support for elderly people

This is a great way to explain your gap year on your resumé.

6. Become An Au Pair

For those who don’t know what an ‘Au Pair’, it is essentially a fancy word for a ‘Nanny’. This is a great job to do especially if you are fond of being around children. Au Pair jobs provide money, food and accommodation, thus making them an excellent choice for students taking a gap year. This job allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture all while being kind to your wallet.

7. Take A Camp Job

Do you remember that one summer you went to band camp? Well, why not take up one of the exhilarating jobs there? A camp job allows you to work with like-minded individuals to create a fun time for the children as well as yourself. In order to shine at this job, you will need a love for the outdoors and a little bit of creativity.

8. Journalism Experience 

Perhaps the most perfect answer to your gap year boredom is Journalism. This is a great way to amalgamate tangible work experience with learning the ins and outs of a new culture. The best part about this is that due to the internet, you can achieve a lot by doing your work at home. Try to channel your creativity into productivity and build your writing/photography portfolio with exciting pieces from around the world.

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9. Music

Music often starts as something exciting we did as kids but later are forced into through mandatory music classes in school. Add a bunch of exams and assignments, and your love for music becomes almost negligible. However, now that you have a lot of time to yourself, why get involved in music and see where that takes you? Perhaps it could even lead to a full-fledged career

10. Try Out Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is hands-down one of the best experiences you will ever have! Trust me, I’ve done it! Scuba diving allows you to see a part of the world that very few have access to. You can also learn how to dive safely while contributing to research and conservation programmes working to save the beauty of underwater life. If you really start liking regular scuba diving sessions, you should get your PADI Open Water certificate. 

Make sure you are not flouting any lockdown rules when scuba diving.

11. Coaching Sports

Sports coaching is a great way to keep yourself fit during your gap year. Moreover, you get the opportunity to inspire passion to those who wish to attain the same love of sports as you. Coaching also gives you a chance to mentor the youth in your community and feel fulfilled by your contribution to community development. 

12. Take Up Teaching

Access to quality education is a major concern all around the world, especially India. One of the main reasons for this is a lack of teachers. You can fill this void by teaching some basic courses to students in your community. You can also join various trusts and foundations whose sole purpose is to educate youngsters. This is arguably one of the most fulfilling jobs in this blog.

13. Work Exchanges

If you wish to work away for a year yet find yourself not quite wanting to volunteer or go through the process of getting an official work visa, a work exchange programme is a great alternative. You get to receive tangible benefits for your hard work and boast professional work experience on your resume.

14. Do An Online Course

You may have opted to take a gap year because your university is deploying only online lectures. But this doesn’t mean an online course should be your enemy. You can find many online courses on thousands of subjects taught by some of the world’s best minds. The best part? Most of them are completely free to attend. This also gives you some major talking points in your personal statement and university interview. 

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The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in India Announces Student Visa Appointments

There’s some good news for Indian students who have plans to pursue higher education in the United States of America. The U.S. Embassy in India announced that it will open limited July and August student visa appointments across India from June 14, 2021 onwards. The Embassy stated that student visas remain a top priority for the U.S. Mission to India and that they are doing everything possible to facilitate student travel in time for the fall semester. 

Students can visit the official website to view and schedule an appointment.  

Students are required to review their I-20 program start date before scheduling their visa interview. Students beginning a new program with a program start date on or after August 1 may travel to the United States up to 30 days prior to the program start date and do not need to submit a request for a national interest exception. Continuing students may also resume their programs on or after August 1, and travel 30 days before their program resumption date. The Embassy is unable to approve expedite requests for Fall 2021 students with scheduled appointments in July or August. If your appointment date may result in a potentially late start, please reach out to your school to discuss options.

On April 30, President Biden signed Presidential Proclamation 10199 suspending most nonimmigrant travel from India. Most other normal nonimmigrant visa and VAC appointments at the US Embassy in New Delhi and the consulates in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai remain highly restricted owing to the travel ban and the current pandemic situation in India. The Embassy is making every effort to accommodate emergency visa appointments and will honor upcoming scheduled regular appointments in limited visa categories. If you scheduled an upcoming appointment, please check your USTravelDocs account to determine whether your appointment is still valid. The Embassy is unable to speculate on or respond to inquiries regarding future cancellations or appointment availability.  

Due to limited US visa appointment availability and high demand, students are requested to be patient if they experience any technical issues. If the issue persists, please write to support-india@ustraveldocs.com or call the Visa Application Center during business hours to speak to a representative (+91 120 4844644 or +91 22 62011000).

Important Points

Negative COVID-19 Test Required for Travel

All aviation travellers entering the United States must submit a negative COVID-19 test (a virus detection test for SARS-CoV-2 recognised or permitted by the applicable national government) taken within 72 hours of departure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Before boarding, airlines must certify that all passengers have received a negative test result. Passengers who do not have proof of a negative test or recovery must be denied boarding. This is a distinct requirement from the visa application procedure. Many presidential proclamations prohibiting travel as a result of COVID-19 are still in effect and apply to potential passengers.

How to Request an Expedited Appointment

Applicants can request an expedited appointment through the online appointment system. Applicants must already have a confirmed interview appointment date in order to request an expedited appointment. Once the emergency appointment request is approved, you will be notified with instructions via email. Applicants requesting an expedited appointment must also submit evidence that they are not subject to the April 30 Presidential Proclamation or may otherwise qualify for a national interest exception from these travel restrictions. 

Visa Fees Validity Extension

Many visa applicants have paid the visa application processing fee but have yet to book a visa appointment, according to the US Embassy and Consulates in India. The Embassy is working hard to get all normal visa procedures back up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, rest assured that the U.S. Mission will extend the validity of your payment (known as the MRV fee) until September 30, 2022, to allow all applicants who were unable to schedule a visa appointment as a result of the suspension of routine consular operations an opportunity to schedule and/or attend a visa appointment with the already paid fee. 

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The Best Universities in Nottingham 2021

Humans are complicated beings. Why? Let me give you a couple of examples. Humans will spend around £2,50,000 on a Rolex while a Seiko watch that costs £70 will tell you the same time. People purchase £1m LaFerrari’s to commute, when a £16,645 Ford Fiesta can do the same job. Similarly, international students will spend a fortune on mainstream study abroad destinations like London or Edinburgh and completely overlook cities that offer the same experience. One such UK city that gets overlooked is Nottingham. Nottingham is a lively city with rich history and culture. The vibrant student crowd keeps this city buzzing and there are lots of restaurants, clubs, pubs, bars and shopping centres to cater to them. Today, I will prove that Nottingham should be a serious study option for you by highlighting the best universities in Nottingham. So, let’s get started! 

If you are serious about studying in Nottingham then you must read: Study In Nottingham: A Complete Guide

Nottingham is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant cities in the UK thanks to its thriving student population. While in Nottingham, students can visit museums, theatres, art galleries, multiplex and arthouse cinemas, literature events, music festivals and venues. There’s also dining options to suit everyone’s taste and budget. The shopping scene in Nottingham is rich too, from clothes to comics and vintage to vinyl. There are many small independents and retro shops nestle alongside big high street names to earn Nottingham a reputation as one of the country’s top shopping cities. Add ‘best universities in Nottingham’ to this list and you’ve got yourself a perfect student-friendly city.

Here is a quick snapshot of the city of Nottingham as per TopUniversities.  

Number of universities ranked by QS2
Highest-ranked institutionUniversity of Nottingham (99th)
Average international fees (at ranked unis)US$19,700
Desirability rank65th
Employer Activity rank76th
Affordability rank87th
Student View rank30th

The University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is a renowned public research university based in the East Midlands in England, UK. It was founded in 1881 and enjoys a stellar reputation in the subjects of Pharmacy and pharmacology (6th in the QS World University Rankings by Subject), Education and training (22nd), Veterinary sciences (29th), Geography (46th) and English language and literature (49th). The international appeal of this university is unparalleled as many famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Einstein, and HG Wells were once guest lecturers here.


University of Nottingham University Park Campus, Nottingham NG7 2RD, United Kingdom

Established –


No of Student – 

  • 33,540 domestic (2018/19)
  • 43,893 worldwide

Most Popular Courses At The University of Nottingham – 

Master of Business Administration MBA

Duration – 1 Year

Fees – INR 25.3 Lakh

Exams – IELTS : 7, PTE : 67

Fancy your chances of doing an MBA in the UK, read: Cost Of The Best MBA Courses In The UK

MSc Computer Science

Duration – 1 Year

Fees – INR 24.7 Lakh

Exams – IELTS : 6.5, PTE : 62

BArch Bachelor of Architecture

Duration – 3 Years

Fees – INR 24.1 Lakh

Exams – IELTS : 6.5, PTE : 62

Student Review – 

“My overall experience at the University of Nottingham has been great. The teaching has been excellent and I have enjoyed the experience so far. The facilities could be slightly improved to match up with other universities however I understand Covid may have delayed this progression. One thing that amazed me was the number of cheap accommodation available in Nottingham. I am glad to be a part of one of the best universities in Nottingham”. 

-A student enrolled in Architecture Design MArch at the University of Nottingham. 

Nottingham Trent University | Top Universities In Nottingham 

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is one of the best universities in Nottingham that has four world-class campuses across Nottingham in England. This university offers undergraduate and postgraduate students a number of specialized courses in the fields of law, sciences, social science, journalism, nursing, business and education to name a few. Nottingham Trent University has over 70 research centers and groups, and has one of the highest placement statistics among universities in Nottingham.


50 Shakespeare St, Nottingham NG1 4FQ, United Kingdom

Established –


No of Students – 

33,255 (2018/19)

Source: Nottingham Trent University

Most Popular Courses At Nottingham Trent University – 

MSc Computer Science

Duration –  1 Year

Fees – INR 15.7 Lakh

Exams – IELTS : 6.5, PTE : 62

MSc Finance and Accounting

Duration – 1 to 2 Years 

Fees – INR 17.5 Lakh

Exams – IELTS : 6.5, PTE : 62

BSc (Hons) in Chemistry

Duration – 3 to 4 Years

Fees – INR 13.1 Lakh

Exams – IELTS : 6, PTE : 62

Still unsure about studying in the UK, this blog might help clear your doubts: Why Study In The UK?

Student Review – 

“I am very happy with choosing STEM @ NTU. Most lecturers (95%) go above and beyond to help students with any questions/problems, if you ask, you most likely will get. They really do show great knowledge and flexibility to teaching. As any person who teaches, you will find that they have their own style and will probably want things done one way or another; and that requires flexibility from the student to adapt to teaching styles. The Student Support Services are outstanding and they helped me on many occasions. I am thrilled to be a part of one of the most famous universities in Nottingham.

-A student enrolled in Biochemistry BSc (Hons) at Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

Some FAQs By Students 

Which university is Nottingham better?

There are two world-class universities in Nottingham, namely the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Both universities fare well in terms of overall ranking but the University of Nottingham fares a little better. On the other hand, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) offers students a wider variety of specialized courses. 

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Is Nottingham a good place to study?

Planning to decide where to study can be a challenging task. Nottingham is an amazing place to study, as it has plenty of things going on. The well-connected public transport system, the best clubs and student nights in town, well-designed system of student accommodation and of course the best university in Nottingham, make Nottingham a great place to study.

Is Nottingham safe for students?

As you know by now Nottingham has a huge student population, making it one of the most vibrant cities in the UK. The two best universities in Nottingham have amazing campuses and their surrounding areas are generally very safe. So, whether this is your first time living independently or you’ve been in Nottingham for a while, you will feel completely safe here.

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If you’re someone who wants to share your valuable experiences through a blog, we’re more than happy to collaborate. Write to us at contact@unicreds.com to know more about our guest-post submission process. If you need any assistance with student accommodation or scholarships, head over to UniAcco and UniScholarz respectively.