29 Cheapest But Useful Things You Can Gift Your Parents From Your First Paycheque

A simple text – “Your salary has been credited”, is going to bring you the unimaginable and never-experienced-before happiness. At this moment, you will be on top of the world, on cloud nine, thrilled and overwhelmed (insert dozens of more idioms and synonyms here) for sure. That feeling when your first paycheque gets credited in your bank account can never be precisely put into words and only experienced. This exciting life-changing moment is the sign of you becoming independent. Welcome to the salaried gang bud!

Now there are hundreds of things you could do with your first salary. You have the option to invest them, spend lavishly on things you have always wanted, go on a trip, etc. However, these can be done at a later stage, right? The perfect way to spend the first salary would be by buying gifts for your lifelines. That’s right, your parents. They are the ones who prioritized your needs, cut short on their expenditures just so you could live a good life. They invested in your education and not in their needs so that you could reach this present stage. Parents are the true heroes of every individual’s life and hence gifting them an incredible gift from your first salary would be a wise decision. Above all, the immense joy on their faces when you give them something from your first salary is worth everything. Remember, humble beginnings have the happiest ends. 

To help you in choosing the right gift for your parents, I have curated a list of the best options. It was around a year ago when I was in this exact situation and couldn’t figure out what to give my parents. It was then when I decided I’ll create an exhaustive list that will help everyone else explore the best options. Are you curious to know what I gave my parents as a gift? Read on till the end to know that secret. 

Best Part – The best part of this entire blog is that none of the ideas below promote any particular brand or website. So you can be assured that the entire list is genuine and curated with utmost effort just to help you. 

 29 Things To Gift Your Parents From Your First Paycheque

Here is the exhaustive list I have been talking about for so long. Excited to know the options? So am I to tell you. Let’s get started with the list of cheapest but useful things you can gift your parents from your first paycheque. 

1. Jewelry For Mom

The first paycheque definitely calls for spoiling your mom. Gift her some classic minimalistic jewellery and make her feel like the queen that she is! Jewellery and glitters are undoubtedly women’s favourite things. This gift from your first salary is the best way to honour her incredible support, unconditional love and unparalleled care for you in the last 15-20 years. You can never reciprocate her unending effort but you can give her the joy of jewels.

You can go with a necklace, earrings, or bracelets depending on what you want to get. Remember to consult another woman (maybe your sister or a friend) while choosing the gift or simply take your mom to the store and let her choose. 

2. Watch 

This is a classic gift for your dad and he is definitely going to love it. The idea of putting on the watch and keeping it with him for as long as he wants is worthwhile. Whenever he looks at the watch, it is going to fill him up with pride. The same goes for your mother as you can get a pair of watches for them.

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3. Wallet For Dad

Another awesome thing that dads love apart from watches is their wallets. So, opting for a wallet as a gift for him would also be a great idea. Dads generally pretend to be this tough-hearted person who doesn’t express much. But the moment he receives these gifts from you, he will be overwhelmed with joy. 

4. Purse for Mom

If you are choosing a wallet for your dad, you’ll have to give your mom a purse because you don’t want them to quarrel about who got a better gift, right? There’s a range of things women love and fortunately purse is one of them. 

5. Cookware

If your mom is a lovely chef or the queen of her own bakery, this gift idea is made for her! Your mom has fed you with delicious food all your life. While appreciating the food is a must, appreciating the art is also much needed! Gift her some of the best aesthetic cookware to make her day! This way she will spend the majority of her time using things that you give her from your first salary. 

6. Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you have officially entered your adult life, you must know how difficult cooking and cleaning are! You finally understand the effort your mom took to clean the house and keep everything tidy. If you are looking for something to help your mom in her daily chores then an automatic vacuum cleaner would be a great option. This is a life-saver when no one in the house has the time to vacuum the house. 

7. Dream Vanity Set for Mom

While taking care of you and your siblings, your mom must have lost her sense of desire. She must have been submerged in your upbringing and now is a good time you try to help her realise her likes. Gift her a dream vanity set to remind her how beautiful she is. She can finally have a moment to herself and indulge in the best of self-care.

8. Family Vacation

I am sure as you grew up, more and more family trips might have been cancelled because of your classes, exams or assignments. Now that you are free from those barriers, it is time to take a break and enjoy family time. Make it a point to spend maximum quality time with your parents. After all, your love and time are all that they desire. You could go to a hill station or a beach depending on your parent’s likes and dislikes. 

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9. A Spa Session

Relaxation is the ultimate gift of God and your parents certainly don’t get enough of that. Of all the things you can possibly give your parents with your first salary, you should give them a day full of relaxation and rest. A couple’s spa date is a wonderful way to express your gratitude to them. It will help them feel rejuvenated like never before.

10. Personalised Mug

Personalised gifts are amazing options at present. Get a picture of your parents printed on a mug and give them this customised memorable gift. Don’t forget to attach a heartfelt thank you card that will make them feel even more special. Personalised gifts are one of the useful things you can gift your parents from your first paycheque.

11. Invest In Your Parents’ Future

I shouldn’t be saying this here but it is true that gifts are small-term pleasures. If you really want to make a difference in their lives, investing in their future is the best way to do so. Use your first paycheque to set up a retirement fund for them and invest in it diligently. Let them know that you are there for them and they have nothing to worry about.

12. A Pair of Couple T-shirts

Your parents definitely are a great couple. They must be your inspiration and I know you have always secretly wanted your love life to be exactly the same. As a token of love, you could give them a pair of couple t-shirts and let them know how much you adore them. 

13. Dinner

This glorious day can be celebrated not just by gifting but as an event as well. Taking your parents out on an elegant dinner date would be terrific. 

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14. New Spectacle Frame

Spectacles are the companions everyone has after the age of 40. Hypermetropia is commonly seen in aged people and hence you could give them an expensive branded spectacle. 

15. A New Dress For Mom

Clothes are such good options for gifts (provided you know the person’s choices). Giving your mom a nice outfit would be fantastic. If you are an Indian, you must give your mom a saree. Trust me every Indian mother just can’t get enough sarees in their wardrobes. 

16. Formal Suit For Dad

If you are considering gifting clothes to your parents, you must give a thought to a formal suit for your dad. This way when he puts that suit on and goes to a party, he can proudly say that you gifted this with your first paycheque. 

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17. Night Lamp

Night lamps make a good gift for parents. These lamps will provide that sense of sleeping under the stars in the great outdoors.

18. Yoga Mat or Yoga Wheel

Health starts taking centre stage as we grow old. Your parents must be definitely practicing Yoga or meditation to ensure they stay fit and healthy. A yoga mat or a yoga wheel could serve as a superb gift. 

19. Netflix Subscription

We all know that Netflix is turning into a necessity with every passing day. I bet even your parents have moved on from television to mobile streaming. You can give them a Netflix subscription which they can enjoy together while you are at work earning your next paycheque. 

Depending on your parents’ likes, you could consider choosing between Amazon Prime or Netflix.

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20. Bluetooth Speakers

Most parents enjoy listening to songs of their adulthood or like radio. You can give them a Bluetooth speaker to ensure they have the best experience while they are listening to anything and everything.  

21. Coffee Machine

If your parents are coffee lovers and just can’t start their days without some good old coffee, you must give them a coffee machine with your first salary!

22. Family Name Sign

Getting a lovely name-plate designed to hang in front of your house would serve as a splendid souvenir of your contribution to this family. 

23. Wine Cooler

If your dad is a wine lover, he would simply love this gift. A beverage cooler that will chill his favourite wines to perfection without breaking the bank will definitely be amazing. 

24. Electronic Gadget

In case any of the electronic gadgets (for example washing machine, oven or AC) in your house stopped working recently then you could replace that.

25. Matching Fit Bits

Another great alternative for couple-gift would be matching fit-bits. Like I already mentioned, health must be your parents’ priority and they will be glad to have a gift that is of huge help to them. 

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26. Theatre Tickets

Talking about events to celebrate this great moment, going out to watch a movie together would be a good way to spend quality time. You could club a movie and dinner to make the evening absolutely memorable.

27. Engraved Necklace

Your parents’ hearts will ache the minute you pull out of the driveway to head back to work or walk into the airport. Remind them a piece of your heart is always home. An engraved necklace would be a good choice in this case.

28. Dining Set

A beautiful dining set would remind the entire family of your contribution to the family while you all sit down at the dining table every day. 

29. Mobile Phone

Last but not least, why not give them a mobile phone? Today everyone carries a mobile phone around. If your parents are carrying an old phone with dozens of issues related to storage, picture quality or touch; you must get them a new one. Moreover, today phones become obsolete within 3-4 months of their launch and that’s how dynamic this space is. So, think about it and if it seems good to you, give them a phone. Finally, yes this was the option I chose. The happiness on their faces when they received it was out of the world. 

Last Words

Your parents took care of you for decades. They saved on their basics, so they could buy your luxuries. They toiled hard so you could reap the benefits. While no amount of money can repay your parents’ efforts for you, buying a gift from your first paycheque will serve as a meaningful gesture and a thoughtful gift that will surely bring a smile to their faces. 

When it comes to the first salary, it’s family first. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog! 

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How To Nail A High Paying Internship, These 13 Secrets Are Key

If you are a college student then you must have heard of this term called ‘Internship’. Internships are like pseudo-jobs that help you gain industry experience without actually becoming an employee. They are win-win situations for both parties, you and the company. Neither do you have to commit to a company for the long-term nor does the company have to take care of your medical benefits and provident funds. In today’s world, internships have become a mandate. Most companies would like you to have some internship experiences before offering you your first job. This makes an internship a differentiating factor that sets you apart from the crowd. Now, the question is – How to get an excellent internship?

Source: Opportunity Hotspot

I was in the same situation back a few years back. Fortunately, I got an incredible internship towards the end of my studies. That’s when I thought I must pen down my experience and share the secrets to nail a high-paying internship. So, here I am. Stick till the end of the article and you’ll know everything about how to crack a brilliant internship. Let’s get started. 

13 Secrets To Nail A High-Paying Internship

The following tips start right from how you should analyse yourself and prepare your resume to how you can ace the interview. Read and absorb all the information provided below and don’t forget to thank me later. 

1. Assess Your Strengths

While looking for an internship, you must first know your strengths, weaknesses and interests. An important point that most students often forget is that a high-paying internship can be cracked only when you are passionate about the domain and when you possess expertise in the same field. For example, if you believe you are good at writing then scouting for internships in the domain of content writing would fetch you the best deal. 

2. Consider Your Experience

Another point that goes hand-in-hand with the strengths is the experience. An interesting part about the work experience is that it has compounding power. You start with very little to negligible professional experience but with every step, your skill sets and expertise improve which prepares you better for the next stage. If you have 3 months of experience in the field of, let’s say, designing creative social media posts then considering the same domain while targeting your next internship would be a wise choice. 

3. Prepare A Strong Resume And Triple-Check It

If there’s anything that will matter the most in an internship/job experience then it has to be your resume. This is the deciding factor. Resumes are brief documents that showcase your skills, education and professional background. Typically, resumes will contain your name and contact info, education, professional summary, work experience, skills and additional experience.


Make sure you highlight all the important aspects and the order of various information is correct. A person going through your resume may scan it for around 10-30 seconds but nothing more than that. So, you have to craft your resume in a manner that seems appealing and relevant at the first glance. Don’t forget to proofread your resume at least thrice. You don’t want the interviewer to find mistakes in the very first communication itself. 

Bonus Tip: Tailor your resume for each and every application. 

4. Know Where To Look

Now when you are sure about your skills and the domain; plus you have your resume created, the next step is to know where to apply. There are hundreds of job portals on the internet but I’d recommend you apply only on the 4-5 popular ones. Internshala is one such great platform where all college students can find a wide range of internships easily. 

5. Apply Early

Applying as early as possible improves your chances of getting selected. The more time you take to apply, the more likely it is that the position will be filled. High-paying internships are in high demand (obviously!) and you don’t want to miss the opportunity just because you were late. 

6. Be Specific While Answering Miscellaneous Questions

The application process of companies would most likely include some miscellaneous questions. Some may test your personality while others may test your general aptitude. If you are asked generic questions to test your personality, make it a point to back your answers with relevant instances from the past. It has a profound effect on the reader and this increases your chances of getting selected. 

7. Highlight Overlapping Points

While answering the questions in the application form, highlight the aspects that are common between you and the role or between your core values and the company’s mission. This will portray how you are a better fit for the particular role.


8. Proofread Your Application

Again, there is no room for any error in the application form. All your answers need to be grammatically correct and factually strong. Place yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and critically analyse your application. This will help you spot the smallest error and you can rectify it while you have the provision. 

9. Do Your Research

Once you have applied for a role and you are waiting for the interview call, try knowing as much as you can about the company and the job role. Having insights related to the company’s vision, business model and culture is bound to impress any interviewer. Do your homework well and you’ll rock ahead.

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10. Ace That Interview

It should also go without saying that you need to be presentable—which generally means conservatively dressed—and on time for your interview. One thing that I can vouch for is – you master the interview experience only by facing a lot of them. So try your best to appear for as many interviews as possible which will prepare you better for the actual interview. 

Bonus Tip: Ask thoughtful questions towards the end of the interview (or when the interviewer gives you the opportunity). You could, for example, ask about the company’s strategy, what the employer expects from the intern, or about some of its products or services. Asking intelligent questions during an interview conveys the message that you are a thinker and are truly interested in the position and the organisation. 

11. Demonstrate Flexibility

Interns may have set monotonous duties. That is, your task might be simply to enter data into spreadsheets all day or to make cold calls. However, if you make it clear that you are willing to do grunt work and can be flexible based upon the organisation’s needs, then that could be an outstanding factor in your candidacy. 

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12. Emphasize On Learning 

We all are students for life and learning is a permanent process. One who stops learning becomes obsolete for the world. Ensure that you mention you are a keen learner in your interview. Obviously, you should mean that as well. Learning about various other domains will only help you become a better professional. Combine flexibility and learning attitude together and you will become the best candidate for any role. Hence, emphasizing learning is an important secret regarding how to nail a high paying internship.

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13. Be Yourself

Last but not the least, if you are faking your abilities, personality, or experience, it will show quite clearly. Know that you do not need to be an expert at everything. Internships are meant for young people to get experience. It is an investment in your potential and your future.

That’s it for this blog. Hope you enjoyed reading these secrets on how to nail a high-paying internship. Good luck!

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30-Day Productivity Challenge That Will Make You A Champion

Have you always wanted to live that perfect life with maximum productivity, the highest efficiency and negligible distractions? Most of us always dream of having that ideal life but very few actually inculcate the required values and ethics in our everyday lives. Want to know the reason? The answer is the process. Working on daily habits and taking efforts consistently for a few months is seemingly difficult for all of us at the beginning. Hence, not many make it to the other side of the bridge. However, I wish to help you out here in the best possible manner. Achieving maximum productivity is possible if you streamline your daily routine with this 30-day productivity challenge. Yes, you read that right. Just 30 days.  

Source: Venngage

Most Effective 30-Day Productivity Challenge

Whether you want to improve your time management skills or prioritizing skills, the following 30-day plan will definitely help. Remember, the entire schedule is a cumulative one. Meaning, every day you have to start with something new and continue doing it for the rest of the month. You will have a new challenge to deal with every day on top of previous challenges. You guessed it right, on the 30th day you’ll have 30 productive habits inculcated in your lifestyle if you follow them. 

Day 1: Create A To-Do List 

At the end of your work-day or in the evening, plan your tasks for tomorrow and prepare a to-do list. Preparing the day before will give you time tomorrow morning to mentally prepare for your day rather than plan the day. Don’t write your to-do list first thing in the morning because that will cut into your morning routine when you are most alert. Instead, give yourself time in the morning to begin herculean tasks.

Day 2: Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

The most successful people wake up early. When you get up early your mind is more alert because it is refreshed. You can also get a jump start on knocking important tasks off your list. The early hours can also be used to exercise, meditate, or start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Day 3: Put Your Phone on Silent Mode While You Work

While working through your tasks, put your phone on silent or turn off your phone. This way you’ll stay away from social media notifications. Also, you will minimise the distractions and tempts to check the alerts. Do not check your phone while you are working. Checking your phone in between snatches away the quality of your work, and tasks will take twice as long to accomplish.

Day 4: Clean Your Workspace

Cluttered workspaces lead to stress because it’s harder to find the documents you need. Take some time today to clean up your desk space. This will lift your mood and definitely increase your efficiency. Hence, cleaning is an integral part of this productivity challenge.

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Day 5: Drink A Glass of Water 8 Times Today

Often we get engrossed in our tasks and forget to take care of basic needs. Don’t forget to drink water throughout the day! Drinking water will improve your quality of work. Start by drinking at least one glass of water when you first wake up. 

Day 6: Set Deadlines For Your Tasks

Deadlines will give you a framework of when your task should be achieved. Set realistic deadlines for your task based on your past experiences. I hope you know about Parkinson’s law. 

Day 7: Create Goals/Targets For This Week And This Month

Goals are relatively easier to achieve when they’re broken up into steps. Look at your big goal of the year and break it down into monthly bite-size goals. Write down the goals for each month in your planner. 

Day 8: Focus on One Task At A Time

Focusing on one task will reduce the amount of time it will take to finish your tasks. It will also eliminate distractions to a good extent. 

Day 9: Prioritise Completion of Important Tasks Before Working On The Easier Tasks

The biggest tasks of the day can seem daunting, so try and knock these tasks out first while you’re alert in the morning. By knocking out these big tasks you will get that sense of accomplishment and motivation to deal with the rest of your tasks done on your list. This is an important part of the productivity challenge.

Day 10: Work In Time Intervals

Figure out a productivity time schedule that works best for you and plan breaks in between each bout of work. If you don’t know where to start just try 50 minutes of work with a 10-minute break. You can, later on, adjust the time interval that works best for you.  This is one of the best action plans to increase productivity!

Day 11: Schedule Long Breaks In Your Work Day

To avoid getting burnt out on tasks, plan a break period in intervals throughout the day. You can take an hour-long break after practicing 4 sessions of 50 minutes work and 10 minutes break.  The most important part of an uninterrupted break is to give yourself some time to rest your eyes and your brain.

Day 12: Check Your Email Less Frequently

Constantly checking emails will eat up a lot of your work time throughout the day. Take the time today to unsubscribe from unwanted emails. This is an easy action plan to improve productivity at work!

Day 13: Download An App To Improve Efficiency

There are many apps available for improving productivity. Popular productivity apps include meeting schedulers, planners and productivity software. All of these business tools can save you time in the day. Try using one of them today.


Day 14: Schedule 30 Minutes of Exercise

It’s unnecessary to spend hours at the gym to see benefits, you can start by walking or jogging for 30 minutes each day. Studies show that by adding a daily exercise routine your mind becomes more alert and you are able to boost productivity. 

Day 15: Get More Sleep

Sleep deficit can hinder productivity by limiting concentration and slowing down decision-making. Sleep allows the brain to reset itself which will lead to processing information more efficiently. Aim to achieve 8 hours of sleep, starting tonight!

Day 16: Choose One Good Habit You Want To Develop And Commit To Doing It

Plan a habit you would like to gain for a short-term period. Next, revise your habit so that it is specific and realistic. Use a short-term time frame to prove to yourself that you’re capable of committing to this habit for the long term.

Day 17: Choose One Bad Habit You Want To Develop And Commit To Losing It

Similar to creating a habit, choose a specific and realistic habit that you can eliminate. The goal is to create more time in your day.

Day 18: Strike Out Tasks That Consume A Lot of Time

Identify the top five tasks last week that produced 80% of your results. Then identify the other tasks that were part of your day. Did you see any results from the other tasks that produced only 20% of your results? If not, consider cutting these out of your weekly routine. This is an important part of the productivity challenge.

Day 19: Learn Something New From A Book Or From A TED Talk

At the end of your day today, choose one resource whether it be a chapter in a book, a podcast, or a TED talk that focuses on productivity. This will serve as daily motivation for you starting today.  

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Day 20: Revise And Improve Your Tasks

From time to time it’s good to revise what you have accomplished. Review what you have done well and what you can improve upon. This is an important part of the productivity challenge.

Day 21: Turn Off The TV

Instead of watching TV, spend the end of your day today reading a chapter in a book or meditating. You can also use this time to brainstorm new projects! Of course, it’s important to wind down, but don’t fall victim to binge-watching your favorite show.

Day 22: Finish A Long Undone Task Or Solve A Problem

We all have that one task that keeps getting thrown to the next week, never to get done. Stop procrastinating. Use this day to get this task knocked off of your list once and for all. 

Day 23: Reevaluate Your Goals

Evaluate your weekly tasks and daily tasks for the last 3 weeks. Are you feeling burnt out? Were you able to finish all of your tasks? Use this time to add and or eliminate any tasks in your routine that are unrealistic. You will make your day more efficient and get more results with attainable daily and weekly goals.

Day 24: Find Your Motivation

Even with our passion projects, we get burnt out, especially as we start seeing the end of the project. Take this day to analyse what may be making you feel uninspired or stuck. If you feel unproductive, here are ideas you can brainstorm: What is the cost of not achieving your tasks? What are the benefits of achieving your tasks? You can also make a public commitment that you will achieve your goal. Find your motivation today that will drive you ahead. 

Day 25: Fill Your Workspace With Motivational Quotes

You can place motivational quotes in the background on your computer, the background of your cell phone or you can print out quotes for your office space. Have motivational quotes surround you to give you that extra push for productivity. 

Day 26: Say No When You Have Too Much On Your Platter

Don’t be afraid to say no when your plate is full. Saying no will help declutter your planner and de-stress your life. 

Day 27: Reduce Meeting And Call Times

Cut down on any unproductive time before or after a call or a meeting. You can also let people know delegated times that are best to call you. 

Day 28: Keep A Notepad Handy For Ideas

As you work throughout the day, you may come up with innovative and creative ideas. To avoid distracting yourself from the task at hand, keep a pad of paper handy to jot down your ideas. At the end of the week, you can take the notepad out and see if any of these tasks are worth adding to your plan for next week or down the road.

Day 29: Reward Yourself

Whether you improved your productivity or kicked a bad habit, make sure you reward yourself. By adding positive reinforcement you will continue to want to be productive with your tasks. Ensure your reward is healthy and meaningful.

Day 30: Review The Entire Month of Productivity

How did your 30 days of productivity go? Take the time to reflect if you were able to accomplish more tasks. Were there any tips that dramatically improved productivity? Were there any productivity tips that didn’t work for you? Continue to regularly implement the productivity tips that worked for you. Always aim to streamline your daily routine!

That’s it for this blog. Hope you enjoyed reading the 30-day productivity challenge! Cheers!

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Important Tips On Outstanding Scholarship Application Writing

The application process for scholarships is very similar to the application process for a college. Both of them involve filling out initial forms, gathering letters of recommendation and writing one or more essays. However, in the case of scholarships, your goal is to win and secure one and not just get accepted into a college like hundreds of other students, so your approach here should differ. In this article, I’ll help you with all the important pointers you need for outstanding scholarship application writing.

Writing An Outstanding Scholarship Application

Following are the crucial aspects you need to take care of while writing an application in order to maximise your chances of grabbing a scholarship.

1. Stitch An Exceptional Essay | Writing A Winning Scholarship Essay

The majority of scholarship organisations ask you to submit an essay about yourself and your career plans. This is your chance to communicate directly with the scholarship committee and present yourself in the best light. 

The essay is essentially the heart of outstanding scholarship application writing, hence you need to write an essay that moves the judges/readers. You can start by narrating a story or painting a picture that captures the attention of the readers. After you are done with this intense moment of your story or the main plot, rewind if you need to give some backstory. Also, do mention the core values that are important for you so that the reader readily establishes who you are and what matters to you. Relating these values in your essays and providing instances acts as icing on the cake. 

While you are trying your best to express yourself, don’t forget to bind in the core values of the scholarship organisation as well. It demonstrates that you have done your homework regarding the background and mission statement of the organisation. If there’s one thing that attracts a judge/recruiter the most then it is your sound knowledge of the institution’s background. So make sure you score well in this aspect. 

By following these scholarship essay tips, as well as tailoring your essay for each application, you can boost your chances of winning a scholarship. If you want to read in-depth about this topic then consider reading: Top 10 Tips For Writing A Winning Scholarship Essay.

If you are wondering how to write a scholarship application cover letter, then here’s the answer. Your cover letter should: 

  • Highlight your strengths: Why do your strengths make you a good match for the scholarship? 
  • Express what your plans are for the future: How will this particular scholarship help get you there? 
  • Convey a clear structure: Your cover letter should flow in a clear and concise manner. 

2. Collect Impressive And Impactful Letters of Recommendation

Just like a college application, you will be asked to submit more than one letter of recommendation for scholarships as well. LORs are an integral part of outstanding scholarship application writing. You can source these LORs from a teacher, an advisor, a principal or a supervisor. You need to strategically consider the right people whose LOR will have the maximum impact. For example, if you are applying for a STEM scholarship, you should ask your higher-level math teacher to write a letter of recommendation and mention your strong math skills.

Also, do hand over your recent resume or activity list when you request them to write a LOR. It will help them accurately craft the letter to suit your purpose. Taking care of the above pointers will help you get a more personalised and detailed letter that will provide insights into who you are as an individual. 

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3. Cautiously Fill Out The Application Form | Outstanding Scholarship Application Writing

The first step of all scholarship applications would be filling out various forms with your personal information. Although this is fairly straightforward, it’s important to look it over closely. Ensure your information is accurate and up to date. Read all the instructions carefully because you don’t want to get rejected on a technicality. 

Proofread all the information you provide and also have a fresh set of eyes scan the application – preferably parents. Check that the application form is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

4. Request Your Transcripts Early

If the scholarship you are applying for takes academic merit into consideration, you will need to send your transcripts. In such a scenario it is essential that you request your transcripts early. 

Your school counselor will be most likely helping hundreds of students, all of whom will be juggling their own scholarship and college admissions deadlines. Hence, let your counselor know about your deadlines at least a few weeks in advance and follow up with them to ensure everything gets there in time. Transcripts are a critical part of outstanding scholarship application writing.

Are you worried about your student loans? If you are looking for student loans and end up struggling to find the perfect one for yourself then all you need to do is fill the form in this blog. A professional team from UniCreds will get in touch with you to ensure you get the best student loan for yourself.

5. Put Together A Strong Resume | Outstanding Scholarship Application Writing

Irrespective of whether the scholarship application requires a resume, it might be helpful to create one. Your resume could highlight any awards, internships, leadership positions, or other experiences and accomplishments that you want to draw attention to.

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There are two benefits of submitting a resume when the committee allows you to submit additional documents of your choice. First, it acts as a piece of great supplemental information. Second, it is highly likely that your resume will impress the committee as it shows you are committed to going the extra mile.

6. Collect Your Financial Aid Information Ahead of Time

Finally, many organisations take financial needs into account when awarding scholarship money. As a result, it will be helpful for you to collect your family’s financial information or submit a copy of your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)/Student Aid Index

Lastly, if the scholarship is primarily awarded based on need, remember to highlight how this award money would help ease the financial pressure and help you achieve your goals in the application.

These were some of the crucial tips on outstanding scholarship application writing. Alternatively, you can also search for scholarships on UniScholarz. Visit: Study Abroad Scholarships UniScholarz, and choose from a gamut of over 1,000+ scholarships.

Good luck and may you grab the best scholarship for yourself!

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How To Earn College Credits: Secrets Revealed

Did you know that you could actually reduce the duration of your college and spend less on education if you started early? I’ll explain what ‘starting early’ means. Usually, an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree lasts for 2 to 4 years. However, if you are able to earn college credits, you will be able to finish your degree sooner than your peers. Sounds amazing? It sure is. Too many talented students pass up this opportunity to earn college credits during their high school years every year. I hope you found this page on time (while you are in high school) and you won’t regret missing this out later on. I am sure you must be wondering how you can gain this treasure, right? Don’t worry. In this article, I’ll help you figure out several ways on how to earn college credits. 

What Are College Credits? 

First, let’s understand what exactly these ‘college credits’ mean. An academic credit system or a college credit system is a standard used by universities to measure and assess students’ work and effort during their tertiary education. It’s essential to understand how the credit system works and how you can use your credit points from one academic system towards your degree. Sometimes students are required to take preparation courses such as accelerated courses, and subject courses in order to meet starting credit requirements needed for university admission. 

Depending on your past experiences and current knowledge, you can earn college credits even in a single day. If you earn college credits for things you already know, you can skip certain courses and get your degree faster. You can also cut down your college costs, as proving your prior experience is quite cheaper than taking the whole course. If you have huge gaps in your learning then taking the course again might be a good idea. Now let’s explore ways on how to earn college credits. 

How To Earn College Credits And Make The Most Of It? 

There are a few basic ways in which you can earn college credits. The path you take to get college credits will depend on a number of factors, including your academic abilities, work experience, your areas of interest, your economic situation, your career aspirations, your geographical location, etc. Whether you’re looking to get an early jump on your advancement through college or you’re looking to skip the end of high school altogether, there is a corresponding programme for your needs. You can access these programmes and whether or not it meets your needs are different matters altogether. 

Here are some ways on how to get college credits fast: 

Knowledge Proficiency Exams | How To Earn College Credits

Getting credit for classes that you did not attend may sound like cheating, but this method is completely legitimate. Challenge exams have been developed to test what older students already know about college-level subjects ranging from accounting to foreign languages to nursing. The fees for these exams are minimal. Exams such as the College Level Exam Program (CLEP) are accepted in more than 2500 universities around the world. CLEP assesses you on 34 single-subject college exams and five general exams. The cost for each CLEP is $89—a fraction of the cost of tuition for a single college course. For military students, spouses, and some civilian employees of the military, the CLEP tests are free.

If you are looking forward to becoming an international student and need assistance with student loans, all you have to do is fill the form on this page. 

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Accelerated Online Courses | How To Earn College Credits

As I mentioned above, the average time for completing a college degree is 2 to 4 years. However, you can speed up this process by pursuing an accelerated degree. Accelerated classes online are the best ways regarding how to earn college credits online. These are short online courses that may last for anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks. You may choose to complete the course at your pace just like distance learning programmes. Accelerated courses are offered by many universities across the globe such as Capella University, Columbia College, Southern New Hampshire University and many more. 

This is the best way to help you complete your course earlier than you anticipated. You may think that condensed courses such as this one may not prepare you for real-world challenges. However, accelerated courses are a great way to gain confidence in the subjects that come naturally to you. For example, you may have enrolled for an MSc in Business Analytics which consists of subjects like economics, statistics and data analysis. If you think you do not require a lot of help studying data analysis, you can choose an accelerated course in data analytics and finish your MSc, 3 to 4 months before the actual date. 

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DSST Standardized Subject Tests | How To Earn College Credits

DSST originally began as DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-traditional Educational Support) and is a 37 subject-specific exam covering business, social science, humanities, math, the physical sciences and technology. The cost of the exam is $85 per exam plus administrative fees at the testing site. For military members, the cost is covered for the first time you take an exam; however, you will have to pay your own examination fees the next time you take it. This test covers the following topics: 

  • Business & Composition, Literature 
  • Foreign Languages
  • History & Social Sciences
  • Science & Mathematics 

DSST provides upfront funding of CLEP test fees, for the first attempt on all exam titles, for eligible military members. Military members who retest should use the civilian test registration procedures to pay for test costs.

Take AP Courses and Exams | How To Earn College Credits

The Advanced Placement Programmes (AP) offers college-level study in a wide range of subjects and allows you to earn college credit if you score high enough on AP Exams. AP courses stress deep learning, critical thinking and the application of knowledge. 

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Hope you are aware of all the options available on how to get college credits in high school. Good luck. 

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New Stimulus Package Update – 2021

President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan on March 11, enacting a nearly $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package with benefits including another round of stimulus payments, an extension of unemployment benefits and generous tax breaks to low- and moderate-income people. I have gone through the bill and the new stimulus package update to help you understand the assistance it offers. In this article, we will understand everything related to this stimulus package. The entire blog consists of questions and answers so it will be easy for you to jump to the most relevant part according to you. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

New Stimulus Package Update: When Will The Stimulus Check Arrive?

The stimulus money promised under the American Rescue Plan began to hit the bank accounts of many Americans on March 17, 2021 — the first official payment date. Treasury and Internal Revenue Service officials have guaranteed that the relief packages will soon reach all eligible citizens. The payments will be released in batches over several weeks, with some coming in the mail in the form of checks or debit cards. The Treasury Department has been working with financial institutions to try to ensure that payments arrive more quickly this time around than they did last year.

How Can You Check The Status of Your Stimulus Payment?

The new stimulus package update makes it possible for you to track the status of your payment via the I.R.S.’s Get My Payment tool. Do note that the volume of users sometimes overwhelms the site so you might use some patience here. 

How Big Are The Stimulus Payments And Who Is Eligible?

The stimulus payments will be $1,400 for most recipients. Those who are eligible will also receive an identical payment for each of their children. 

To qualify for the full $1,400, a single person must have an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or below. For heads of household, adjusted gross income must be $112,500 or below, and for married couples filing jointly that number has to be $150,000 or below. To be eligible for a payment, a person must have a Social Security number.

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New Stimulus Package Update: Do College Students Count As Eligible Dependents?

The latest stimulus news declared college students whom qualifying taxpayers claim as dependents are eligible. Note that they weren’t eligible for past payments. The payment goes to the parent taxpayer, not the child.

How Does The Stimulus Package Affect Unemployment Payments?

If you’re already receiving unemployment benefits, payments will generally be extended for another 25 weeks. The weekly supplemental benefit, which is provided on top of your regular benefit, will remain $300. Although unemployment benefits are taxable, the new law made the first $10,200 of benefits tax-free for people with incomes of less than $150,000.

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What Student Loan Changes Are Included In The Latest Stimulus Package?

There is a big change for people who already have debt. You wouldn’t have to pay income taxes on forgiven debt if you qualify for loan forgiveness or cancellation — for example, if you’ve been in an income-driven repayment plan for the requisite number of years, if your school defrauded you or if Congress or the president wipes away $10,000 of debt for large numbers of people. This will be the case for debt forgiven between Jan. 1, 2021, and the end of 2025.

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If you are looking forward to becoming an international student and need assistance with student loans, all you have to do is fill the form in this blog.

New Stimulus Package Update: Miscellaneous Changes

Following are a few more changes introduced in the stimulus check update. 

  • For the purpose of calculating the credit in the 2021 tax year, taxpayers could choose to use their 2019 income if it was higher than 2021, according to a Senate aide.
  • People who otherwise would be eligible but whose children do not have Social Security numbers will be permitted to claim the version of the credit available to childless households. This change is permanent.
  • Stimulus’ news update also mentions that taxpayers won’t be disqualified for the credit in 2021 until they have an investment income of $10,000, up from $3,650. This change will be permanent, with the $10,000 threshold indexed to inflation.

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How To Get Unemployment Benefits: A Detailed Guide

Has the COVID-19 pandemic severely affected you as well? Have you lost your job? If your answer is yes then you may be eligible to collect unemployment benefits while living in the US. In this article, we will discuss how to get unemployment benefits in detail. 

Unemployment benefits are available to employees in every state of the US who are out of work through no fault of their own. In most states, workers are eligible for unemployment benefits if their earnings meet certain minimum thresholds in terms of hours or wages; and if they were laid off, quit for good cause, or were fired for anything other than misconduct. We will have a closer look at these eligibility criteria below. These unemployment benefits are typically paid on a weekly basis, at a certain percentage of your past earnings, for a set period of time (usually up to 26 weeks).

Source: uschamber.com

In April 2020 alone, almost 20.5 million people lost their jobs (as shown above). Hence, reading this article carefully is even more important now. 

Guidelines For Qualifying For Unemployment Benefits

The question you must be having by now is – How will you know if you’re eligible to receive unemployment benefits? Each state sets guidelines that determine whether an individual will be eligible for unemployment benefits, and how much compensation they will receive.

Eligibility for unemployment insurance, the amount of unemployment compensation you will receive, and the length of time in which you will enjoy benefits are variable and determined by state law. Each state has its unemployment agency dedicated to overseeing employment and unemployment-based matters.

There are eligibility requirements to qualify for unemployment benefits, including having worked a certain number of weeks for a certain number of hours each week. Those guidelines also determine how many weeks of benefits an unemployed worker can collect.

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You’ll find detailed information regarding eligibility criteria on your state unemployment website. In most states, you will need to have worked for a certain period of time, met minimum earnings requirements, and have lost your job through no fault of your own. 

Requirements For Qualifying | How To Get Unemployment Benefits

Eligibility requirements to qualify for unemployment benefits vary from state to state. However, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are two main criteria that must be met in order to qualify:

1. You must be unemployed through no fault of your own. 

2. You must meet your state’s requirements for time worked or wages earned during a set period of time. 

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Eligibility Requirements

Following are the detailed eligibility requirements on how to get unemployment benefits.

Earnings Requirements: To receive unemployment benefits, you as a worker must meet the unemployment eligibility requirements for wages earned or time worked during an established (mostly one year) period of time. 

Eligibility Based on Type of Job Loss: You are eligible for unemployment benefits if you are unemployed for reasons other than your own fault, such as a layoff. If you quit or are fired for some form of misconduct, you are unlikely to be eligible for unemployment compensation. However, if you were wrongly terminated from your position, or forced to quit, you may qualify for unemployment. It will depend on the circumstances of your termination of employment.

Hours Worked Requirements: Additionally, most jurisdictions require you to meet your resident state’s weekly requirement for hours worked or compensation earned for a specified period of time before being eligible to collect unemployment benefits. It can be hard to determine exactly what each state’s rules are, but most people that lose stable, long-term employment through no fault of their own, will meet their state’s minimum criteria for eligibility.

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Claiming Compensation

In most states, you will be able to open a claim and file for weekly benefits online. Unemployment compensation is typically paid on a debit card or directly deposited to your checking account.

If you need assistance with student loans, all you have to do is fill the form in this blog. 

Unemployment Benefits Finder

Following are two trusted websites that can help you find unemployment benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Unemployment Benefits (FAQs)

Here are the FAQs on this topic.

How much sum will I receive after claiming unemployment benefits?

There are minimum and maximum levels of unemployment compensation. You will be notified about your benefits when your claim is approved.

What if my claim for unemployment benefits is denied?

If your claim for benefits isn’t approved, you can file an appeal. 

What are the weekly benefit claim requirements?

Registering with the state job service and actively seeking work is a requirement while collecting unemployment in some locations. You must be ready, willing, available, and able to work. The job service may require job seekers to apply for jobs, submit resumes, and not turn down a position if it meets certain standards.

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8 Coding Boot Camps That Defer Tuition

Every person is heading towards a digital world, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Software professionals play a key role in helping us transition into this digital world. If you are looking to help the world by becoming one such software professional, you would need a strong coding background. Fret not if you don’t have a degree in Computer Science or a course in Information Technology. There are several coding boot camps out there that can help you acquire all the programming skills necessary in the current job market. However, they are a little expensive, and paying the upfront sum of $12,000+ might seem daunting to most students. But hey, even that cannot stop you from pursuing your dream. The solution is – Coding Boot Camps That Defer Tuition. 

Yes, you read that right. A few boot camps have stepped forward to eradicate the financial barrier of students interested in learning how to code. They function based on online coding boot camp deferred tuition and ISA (Income Share Agreement). Here’s a guide covering everything you need to know about these two terms and a list of such educational and coding boot camps to consider. 

Understanding The Concept of Deferred Tuition Coding Boot Camps And ISAs

Deferred tuition coding boot camps are a method of education financing where, instead of paying upfront, you’ll pay for your education once you graduate and find a job. Once you find a job, you’ll pay a fixed amount of tuition in a series of instalments. Some coding boot camps that defer tuition take a small upfront fee, but most defer all tuition until you graduate and find a job.

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) allow you to pay for your education in exchange for a percentage of your future income. Instead of paying upfront, you’ll only pay once you graduate and find a job that pays you over a certain set limit of money.

ISAs typically last between one and four years, during which time you’ll pay a certain percentage of your income to the school. In Intending to reduce instalments and make a payment, you need to earn over a predetermined threshold. If you don’t earn over a certain amount after finding a job, you will not be required to make payments toward an ISA.

Note: Although this entire deal may sound like a win-win situation, there are certain things you need to understand here. First, do read the income share agreements thoroughly and understand their clauses well. The boot camps will not like to incur losses and they will have strict policies to ensure that. Second, even after your tuition is taken care of, you will have to pay for your living expenses. The best option here is to grab a private student loan. If you wish to save a ton of effort in scouring the internet for the best student loan then just fill the form in this blog. A professional team from UniCreds will reach out to you to assist you. 

List of Online Coding Boot Camp Deferred Tuition

Coding boot camps that defer tuition generally come in the following three categories:

  • Short-term
  • Medium-term 
  • Long-term

Following is the list of best coding boot camps that defer tuition in each of these categories. 

Short-Term Coding Boot Camps With Deferred Tuition

Short-term classes last for a few months and you have to dedicate yourself entirely during this training period. 

1. App Academy

App Academy is a great deferred payment coding boot camp. It was the first to base students’ tuition cost on their first salaries after graduation, rewriting the script of student loans. App Academy offers 16-week programmes in New York and San Francisco. You’ll focus on Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and React and you’ll pay only when you get hired as a developer. 

ISA: Up to 28% of your first year’s salary or as much as 23% if you make an upfront, partial tuition payment.

Deposit: $3,000 (refundable)

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2. The Grace Hopper Programme (Full Stack Academy) 

Tech’s gender gap, The Grace Hopper Programme is a subset of Fullstack Academy for students who identify as female, transgender or nonbinary. The programme, which focuses on full-stack JavaScript, consists of a four-week remote class followed by 13 weeks of in-person training in New York City.

ISA: $16,910, paid in nine monthly installments after finding a full-time developer job.

Deposit: $3,000 (refundable)

Medium-Term Coding Boot Camps That Defer Tuition

Longer than a short-term boot camp, but much shorter than a traditional university, here are three innovative medium-term options. Learn to code at these free coding boot camps and give your career the wings it needs to fly high. 

3. Lambda School

The online-only Lambda programme lasts just six months. You have the option to specialise in data science or full-stack web development. The school stands out, in part, for its support. You’ll be flanked by instructors, student success advisors, career coaches and mentors — and you’ll join a study group of six to eight students that will meet daily.

ISA: Share 17% of your income for two years (or until you pay $30,000), once you start making $50,000 per year.

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4. Ada Developers Academy

Created for women and nonbinary people, Seattle’s Ada Developers Academy is technically not tuition-deferred; it’s tuition-free. Its full-time classroom training focuses on full-stack web development and is followed by a five-month paid internship. You can also apply for a low-interest loan to help with living expenses. People’s favourite deferred payment coding boot camp! 

ISA: $0

5. Pursuit

Pursuit wants to bring more diversity to the field of programming. Its Access Code programme lasts 10 to 12 months and offers a full-stack web track. To apply and attend, you must be a resident of the New York metropolitan area and earn no more than $45,000 per year. Women, underrepresented minorities and those without a college degree are encouraged to apply.

ISA: 5 to 15% of your salary for three years, once you find a tech job that pays at least $50,000 annually.

Long-Term Coding Boot Camps That Defer Tuition

More like alternatives to actual universities, the coding boot camps below last for two years. 

6. Holberton School

The Holberton School curriculum consists of nine months of on-site training, following a variety of speciality tracks, from machine learning to full-stack web development. You have the option to opt-out of specialisation and enter the workforce early.

ISA: 17% of your salary for up to 42 months, depending on income.

7. Make School

At Make School’s “Product College” in San Francisco, you can receive a bachelor’s degree in applied computer science in 2 ½ years. You won’t need to pay anything until you land a paid internship, followed by a job.

Make School stands out because for a reason beyond its bachelor’s degree: It has shifted from relying on ISAs to connecting students with federal financial aid, including loans, and even private loans before ISAs. Also thanks to its “Extended Income-Based Repayment plan,” Make School students who borrow still won’t have to make payments on the federal or private loans until they find work. Hence, it is one of the best coding boot camps that defer tuition. 

Repayment protection: No payments until you earn $20,000 or more income.

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8. CODE University

CODE is an alternative bachelor’s degree programme in Berlin that offers three different tracks: software engineering, interaction design and product management. You graduate when you’ve achieved proficiency, typically after six semesters.

Although no deposit is required, non-EU residents will have to show hefty savings account to obtain a student visa. If you have some financial flexibility, you’re not locked into signing an ISA: You also could pay monthly tuition of €910 (about $1,105) for 36 months.

ISA: 13.5% of relevant income over €27,000 (about $32,790) for eight years

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Hope you found this blog useful. Happy coding!

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6 Mentoring Programmes For Women In Business

Having a mentor serves as the missing piece of the entrepreneurial success puzzle. This helps leaps and bounds in the case of female founders who face unique challenges (especially when trying to break into male-dominated industries). Mentors can make connections, introduce you to trustworthy legal and financial advisors, and point you in the direction of affordable resources and financing. In a nutshell, they can help you fine-tune your revolutionary business idea and advise you on what not to do. To help you with this exact thing, we have curated a list of top mentoring programmes for women in business. 

Top 6 Mentoring Programmes For Women In Business

Scaling your business from a rough blueprint to a multi-billion dollar company will take unimaginable effort, time, hard work, patience, money and hundreds of other things. One important thing that deserves a special mention here is – guidance. This priceless aspect is what you gain from mentors and programmes. Thus, some leading entrepreneur mentor programmes are listed below. 

1. 37 Angels

37 Angels is a community of women angel investors. As angel investors, they focus on providing startups with the funds they need to grow and expand. Business owners can receive up to $150,000 for things like product development, inventory or process improvement.

This community offers more than just money. It also connects women entrepreneurs with seasoned mentors to help them with issues in everything from funding to marketing. Turning to an organisation like 37 Angels can also help you widen your professional network.

2. Astia | Mentoring Programmes For Women In Business

Astia is a nonprofit organisation in Silicon Valley that’s entirely dedicated to identifying and promoting female entrepreneurs.

Through the Astia entrepreneur mentor program, you as a business owner get access to expert advisors and peers to share ideas. You also get feedback from experts to perfect your business plan and maximise your chances of success. You can even receive the funding needed to build your businesses.

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3. National Association of Women Business Owners

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) is a gigantic network of more than 10 million women-owned businesses. NAWBO is a membership-based organisation with varying fees depending on your membership level. Members of this association have access to events, seminars, leadership development courses and business classes. It has been mentoring women in business for almost a decade now. 

Additionally, the organisation offers discounts to partner companies, such as UPS and Southwest. These discounts help reduce your costs so you can produce more revenue and expand your business. 

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4. Office of Women’s Business Ownership (Mentoring – Women’s Business Development Centre)

The Small Business Administration’s Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO) can help turn your dreams into reality. At its centres, women entrepreneurs can get access to credit lines and receive training in finance, business and marketing.

The Small Business Administration also has loan programmes for business owners. According to OWBO, startup owners who work with the business centres have a higher survival rate than other small businesses.

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5. The Women’s Venture Fund | Mentoring Programmes For Women In Business

This is a nonprofit organisation that helps women build successful businesses in urban communities. Offering mentors for female entrepreneurs and small business loans, the Women’s Venture Fund steeply accelerates the growth of startups.

The Women’s Venture Fund offers one-on-one sessions with an advisor. You can meet with the advisor to discuss roadblocks, create a business plan, develop a customer relations plan or review your business’s finances. It also offers in-person training seminars that cover topics such as how to apply for a business loan and how to get free publicity for your company.

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6. Women Who Startup | Mentoring Resources For Women Small Business

Women Who Startup is a global network of female entrepreneurs. It connects you with professionals to collaborate on ideas and projects to build your company. It also offers workshops and training programs. The Women Who Startup podcast celebrates women in technology and female entrepreneurs. It profiles successful businesswomen and offers advice on managing and growing your business.

If you are also searching for loans for your dream business, all you have to do is fill this form in the blog. A professional team from UniCreds will then contact you to discuss your vision and accordingly find the best loan. 

Bottom Line | Mentoring Programmes For Women In Business

Aside from the resources above, don’t forget to tap into your personal network. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter can be a great resource for connecting with potential mentors. It might also be worth it to consider due-based professional and trade associations which can help provide access to seminars and leadership development courses.

Because mentors can help advise you in everything from scaling to inventing to branding to growing your customer base, having one (or many!) can change the playing field for your business.

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For women business owners fighting the many barriers ahead, having a mentor is key to business growth, development and survival. 

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Best 5 Ways To Pay For Law School

Getting a law degree can easily cost you a six-figure sum. This makes law schools particularly very expensive. I do agree that once you have this prestigious degree, your earnings will be pretty rewarding but before that, you will have to figure out how to pay for law school. Fortunately, there are a few ways on how to pay for law school (or at least help pay for it). Here is some detailed information answering your question on “How can I pay for law school?”

How Can I Pay For Law School?

Ways To Pay For Law School Guide

Following is a list of all the smart ways to pay for law school. 

1. Law School Grants

The best part about grants is that you don’t have to pay them back. Many law schools offer generous grants, typically based on students’ financial needs or merit. Hence, ensure that you check with your school’s financial aid office to learn about the available options and the procedure to apply.

Do note that not all grants can be used for law school. For example, federal Pell Grants cannot be used for law school —  they’re majorly reserved for undergraduate students. Yet, grants are the best ways to pay for law school. 

Resume Building Tips

2. Scholarships For Law School

A great alternative to grants is scholarships. They are even more common than law school grants. You don’t have to repay scholarships and grants, thus making them the best option to pay for law school — if you qualify. Most law school scholarships come from the law schools themselves, so here too, check with your school’s financial aid office for details if you are wondering “How do I pay for law school?”

You should also search for scholarships from other organisations. Here are a few examples.

  • American Bar Association Legal Opportunity Scholarship: The ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship awards $15,000 over three years to law students from diverse backgrounds.
  • NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF): Each year, the LDF offers the Earl Warren Scholarship to first- and second-year law students. This scholarship provides $10,000 for up to three years as well as the chance for an internship, externship, or research project, along with an invitation to the Civil Rights Training Institute. You must remain in good standing for all years you have the scholarship.
  • Federal Circuit Bar Association: Scholarships range from $5,000 – $10,000. The association classifies its law scholarships into two types: judicial and association.
  • Attorney Ken Nugent Legal Scholarship: Awards $5,000 to an annual winner. To be eligible, applicants must have a 3.0 GPA and write a 500-word essay.
  • BARBRI Law Preview One Lawyer Can Change the World Scholarship: Awards $10,000 to one first-place winner, $5,000 to one second-place winner and $1,000 to eight runners up each year. Applicants must be incoming first-year law students.
  • Minority Corporate Counsel Association LMJ Scholarship: Awards $10,000 for “women and diverse” first-year law students who have an interest in corporate law, as well as diversity, inclusion and equity.

If you need more resources on scholarships available in the US, head straight to: Scholarships To Study In The USA.

Again this is one of the most effective ways amongst all the easy ways to pay for law school. 

3. How Do I Pay For Law School? Student Loans.

There are two main categories of law school student loans: Federal and Private.

Federal student loans are accessed by filling out a FAFSA for law school financial aid (which is also how you get federal grants and work-study). These loans are generally the best option because they’re eligible for government repayment perks like income-driven repayment plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Further, there are two types of federal student loans for law students:

Direct Unsubsidized Loans: Here you are allowed to borrow up to $20,500 per year. The total amount you can borrow over the course of your education is capped at $138,500. For the 2019-2020 school year, the interest rate for direct unsubsidized loans was 6.08%. There’s also a one-time fee, which is fixed at 1.059% of the loan amount for funds borrowed after Oct. 1, 2019.

Don’t forget to read: Subsidized Loan Vs An Unsubsidized Loan: Which Is Better And Why

Direct PLUS Loans: PLUS loans tend to be relatively more expensive than direct unsubsidized loans, so it’s better to turn to them only after you exhaust the balance for the latter. For the 2019-2020 school year, the interest rate for Direct PLUS loans was 7.08%. The one-time loan fee was 4.236% for loans disbursed after Oct. 1, 2019. There’s no set cap to PLUS loan borrowing — you can take out an amount up to your school’s cost of attendance, minus other financial aid you receive.

If you have good credit, private student loans may be a wise choice. Here you may be able to qualify for a lower interest rate than what federal loan programmes offer. UniCreds is the best place to get the lowest interest rates on private loans. If you are sincerely considering student loans then all you need to do is fill the form in the blog. A professional team from UniCreds will get in touch with you to ensure you get the best loan.

Now’s the right time to secure a safe education loan! Fill the form in this blog TODAY!

4. Work Part-Time | Ways To Pay For Law School

 Law students can earn federal work-study funds by working part-time. However, not all law schools participate in these work-study programmes. Also, you must know that since being a full-time law student is demanding, some schools don’t allow work-study for first-year law students, or they limit work-study hours during the first year of study. 

Do note that since you must earn work-study funds, you can’t use this money for upfront tuition costs. But a work-study job could help pay for living expenses without going into debt — if you can balance your job and studies. If you’re attending law school part-time while working, see if your employer offers any tuition assistance programmes to help with the cost of your education.

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Do you see? Paying for law school isn’t very difficult. 

5. Law School Loan Forgiveness | Ways To Pay For Law School

If you’re pursuing a career in government or public interest law, or if you end up in a relatively low-paying job, law school loan forgiveness may be a good option.

Two common ways for law school graduates to get student loan forgiveness are:

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF): This government programme can clear your remaining federal loan balance after you make 120 on-time monthly payments while working for the government or a qualifying non-profit employer. However, note that the requirements for this programme can be quite complicated so I suggest that you read this blog carefully: Public Service Loan Forgiveness – All You Need To Know!

Income-Driven Repayment Plans: There are four income-driven plans that cap your monthly federal loan payments at 10% to 20% of your gross income. All four plans also forgive your remaining loan balance after you make payments for 20 or 25 years, depending on the plan, though you may need to pay income tax on the forgiven amount.

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